Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Michelin Promo

The New Year calls for new tires, and here’s good news! If you buy new Michelin tires, you can earn additional cash vouchers too. Michelin is offering for a purchase of a pair of MICHELIN tires for passenger car or light truck (PCLT) of the same pattern and tire size (size 14-inch and above), entitles you to a Sodexo cash voucher worth PhP 500. The more MICHELIN tires you buy, the bigger the amount of cash vouchers you get.

The vouchers are valid anytime, with no expiry date. The promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other sales activities offered by the dealer. The Michelin Promo is covered by DTI FTEB SPD No. 0264, Series of 2015. For more details about the promo, customers may consult the promo posters, visit participating dealers in their area or log on to


Michelin, the leading tire company, is dedicated to sustainably improving the mobility of goods and people by manufacturing and marketing tires for every type of vehicle, including airplanes, automobiles, bicycles/motorcycles, earthmovers, farm equipment and trucks. It also offers electronic mobility support services on and publishes travel guides, hotel and restaurant guides, maps and road atlases. Headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Michelin is present in more than 170 countries, has 111,200 employees and operates 67 production plants in 17 different countries. The Group has a Technology Center in charge of research and development with operations in Europe, North America and Asia.(

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Angel's Walk for Autism to Break Guinness Book Record

About 12,000 members of the autism community attempted to set a Guinness Book of World Record on the largest crowd wearing wings last Sunday Jan. 25, 2015 at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City.

The event called Angels Walk marks the 19th commemoration of the National Autism Consciousness Week that began in January 1996, after the issuance of Presidential Proclamation No. 711. Similar gatherings was also held at Balyuan Towers in Tacloban City and SM City Cebu. Autism Society of the Philippines chapters, families, friends and advocates are expected to participate.

National Autism Consciousness Week aims to inspire awareness acceptance and inclusion of persons with autism (PWAs) in society. It encourages public and private institutions to spearhead creative activities, events and programs around autism awareness, acceptance, and inclusion.

The Angels Walk for Autism began in 2007 and this event has grown to be the single largest autism advocacy event in the country. It is held every year to ckick off the National Autism Consciousness Week

What do the world’s most powerful people drive?

Carmudi checks out the rides of this planet’s top 5 most influential people!

Power and riches. These are the two words that best described the top 5 most powerful people around the world and their daily drive. Carmudi, the fastest and leading online vehicle platform, take a quick detour about the most influential people (in the field of business, politics, finance, and even religion) and their humble beginnings as well. 

Vladimir Putin “the Gray Cardinal”. Putin has been the President of Russia since 2012. He also served as President from 2000 to 2008 and Prime Minister from 1999 to 2000. His first car was a Zaporozhets, the cheapest car in the market which equivalent to the price of 1000 bottles of Vodka. He got the car when he was in his third year at the University. Like the Volkswagen Beetle, the Zaporozhets becomes the “People’s Car” of the Soviet Union during the sixties era. Putin now owns a fleet of Russian cars such as the Lada Kalina priced between $4,972 to $5,000, the Niva priced at $4,200, and the 1956 ivory-colored Volga GAZ-21 with price ranging from $4,500 up to $10,000. On his stable, Putin collections includes a stretched of armored Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard Pullman priced at $1.62 million and Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen that cost around $434,000.

Barack “No Drama” Obama. Obama is the first African American to be the 44th President of the United States. Prior to becoming the President, Obama owned a luxurious 2005 Chrysler 300C V8 engine that received loads of criticism due to the lack of fuel efficiency. Then, he switched to more environmentally friendly car such as the 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid that was later on auctioned. Obama’s state car, which was nicknamed “The Beast”, is an 8-ton monster with an estimated price of $1.5 million. With doors weighing similar to Boeing 757 jetliner, the car is equipped with night vision, blood bank, and gas tank that won’t explode upon direct hits. The car is also bulletproof and bomb resistant. 

“Daddy” Xi Jinping. Xi is the President of the People’s Republic of China and Chairman of the central military commission. Often referred to as the paramount leader of China, Xi Jinping in a way endorses Hongqi, China’s only domestically manufactured luxury car used as the official government state car (and also open for sale to the people of the Republic).

Hongqi L5 limousine is priced at $800,000 filled with all goodies. The car has been used during his state visit to New Zealand. Weighing around 6950-kg, the Hongqi L5 limousine comes loaded with oriental history visible in its jaded door handles, fine leather interior and hand-carved wood trims. 

“The cold calling” Pope Francis. Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the pope of the Catholic Church in which he serves as Bishop of Rome and sovereign of the Vatican City State. Auctioned his Fiat Panda 4x4 late last year to raise money for the poor, Pope Francis was building bathrooms for the homeless in the shadows of St. Peter’s Basilica. His holiness previous car was auctioned off at a princely sum of $244,000. At present, he rides a 1984 Renault 4 Hatchback as his daily car, which has a mileage of 300,000 kilometers. The Pope was also seen riding a blue-colored Ford Focus second generation at Castel Gandolfo in Rome.

“Mutti” Angela Merkel. Angela Merkel is a German politician and former research scientist who has been the leader of Christian Democratic Union and chancellor of Germany. Known to alternate between brands to use as her state car, Merkel was ranked as the world’s second most powerful person by Forbes magazine in 2013.Her 1990 Volkswagen Golf was auctioned off on Ebay back in 2012, and almost reached a bid of €130,000 where the auction was later dropped as “none of the bidders had serious interest”. However, it finally went to the highest bidder for €10,165. One of her notable moment was when she arrives at the EU summit in Brussels late last year with a ‘007’ number plate on her Audi A8 at a time when speculations were circulating that the US were spying on her.

To know more about this epic “state car”, log on at or simply download the Carmudi app

About Carmudi

Carmudi was founded in 2013 and is currently available in Bangladesh, Cameroon, Congo, Ghana, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, and Zambia. The vehicle marketplace offers buyers, sellers and car dealers the ideal platform to find cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles online.

10-time PBA All-Star returns to Alaska as Basketball Directors

10-time PBA All-Star returns to Alaska as Basketball Director for Alaska Basketball Powercamp, Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA programsAt the 2015 Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA Presented by Alaska Tip-Off, Jan. 24, at the British School Manila, Bonifacio Global City, Philippine Basketball Association All-Star player and coach Jeff Cariaso has announced his return to Alaska to help the next generation of young and aspiring basketball players realize their dreams. The launch was led by Alaska Milk President and CEO Fred Uytengsu, NBA Country Manager for the Philippines Carlo Singson and Alaska Milk VP for Marketing Blen Fernando.

“This feels like a homecoming for me because I’ve always been proud to be part of Alaska. My job right now is to find the best basketball players for boys and girls around the country and help them develop to their full potential not just as players but also as persons and productive members of the community,” said Cariaso.

Cariaso started his 15-year career in PBA after he was drafted sixth overall by Alaska in 1995 where he also took the Rookie of the Year award that year. On his 2nd year in the league, he achieved a rare Grand Slam with the Aces. When Jeff rejoined Alaska Aces in 2004, he was team captain for six years before announcing his retirement in 2010 after playing 15 seasons in the league. From being a 10-time PBA All-Star, 2003 PBA All-Filipino Finals MVP and 2002 PBA All Filipino Best Player of the Conference, Cariaso began his transition to becoming a coach in 2011.

Cariaso returned home to Alaska this year to as Basketball Director for Alaska Basketball Powercamp and Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA under Alaska's NUTRITION. ACTION. CHAMPION. Program to help aspiring young players achieve their full potential. He will travel around the country together with the other coaches to conduct school clinics for coaches and players during the regional selection camps. They will also teach not just the basics of the sport but also STAR values of Sportsmanship, Teamwork, (positive) Attitude, and Respect. These activities will culminate in the National Training Camp at the SM Mall of Asia where the 2015 Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA all-star teams and national coaches are named.

The players and coaches will then have an experience of a lifetime when they go on a trip to watch an NBA game and meet NBA players. Last year, the Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA teams flew to Beijing, China to meet basketball legend Yao Ming and played friendly basketball games with other all-stars teams from Southeast Asia.

Young boys and girls will learn positive values as they as they showcase their basketball skills with athletes of the same age (10 to 14) through the Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA. Alaska promotes a healthy lifestyle, especially among children, through regular sports activities and proper nutrition. According to the 7th National Nutrition Survey of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute and the Department of Health, obesity is increasing with nearly two out 10 children considered as overweight. Under-nutrition is also a public health concern.

Alaska provides proper nutrition through its Alaska Chocolate Powdered Milk Drink, which contains essential nutrients that help children reach their full growth potential.  With Alaska as presenting partner, the Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA program has reached thousands of schools and communities nationwide and benefited thousands of young boys and girls, parents, and coaches through basketball training camps and school clinics.

The Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA program for 2015 will definitely be exciting with Coach Jeff on board in helping our future athletes realize their dreams. Encourage your children to go out and play!  For general information about Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA Philippines please visit; Alaska Milk Corporation visit; Alaska Basketball Power Camp visit and for live Twitter updates follow @ALASKAsportshub #JrNBA #JrWNBA

Monday, January 26, 2015

Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Shaving Challenge

Yesterday, January 25, 2015 – Droves of men from all over the metro dropped by recently on one of the most surprising challenges in the Eastwood City Mall. A lot of them were astonished to find themselves among the men who, according to a global survey, were shaving the wrong way.  Gillette Mach 3 Turbo educated men on the finer points of a close shave, and how they can improve their current regimen.

Studies conducted with 7000 men from all around the world showed how improper shaving with a disposable razor causes redness, and subsequently, reduced confidence. Through the challenge, representatives of Gillette Mach 3 Turbo demonstrated how to best shave their facial hair. This was further reinforced b ythe assistance and antics of Tony Toni, Sam YG, and Slick Rick of Boys Night Out, who showed how a smooth shave can lead to smoother moves and amp up their game. As with the rest of the world, it was found that post shaving redness is also a common problem with Filipinos, who reported satisfaction with their current shaving regimen. Much to their chagrin, men were made to shed their longstanding shaving practice and the misconception that redness is an unavoidable consequence of a close shave. They found that there is an easy solution to redness and irritation that is the Gillette Mach 3 Turbo.

Men who tried the challenge found that their usual regimen, which is to use disposable razors, led to an uncomfortable and rough shaving experience on one side of their face. With hair being pulled instead of being cut properly, this led to the parallel of the shave with uncomfortable and rough skin afterwards. Later, they tried the recommended shaving regimen utilizing the Gillette Mach 3 Turbo on the other side of their face and immediately felt the difference with a smooth, even and close shave. The distinction was also very visible with smoother skin.

The new and improved Gillette Mach 3 Turbo proves to be an antithesis to their old thinking and the perfect solution to their current dilemma. Gillette MACH3 Turbo has advanced triple-blade technology and an enhanced Lubrastrip with Aloe Vera. The Enhanced Lubrastrip has an improved formula that slowly releases lubricants during the shave for a longer lasting glide. The nano thin blades are individually spring-mounted to automatically adjust and respond to the curves of the face and skin; these are also aligned progressively to provide an efficient shave by allowing the blades to shave gradually closer in a single stroke. Expanded Micro fins gently set up the hair so that the three blades can shave more effectively with incredible comfort. The Front Pivoting Head, meanwhile, improves the overall performance, closeness and smoothness of the shave. All these ensure the closest shave possible with lesser chances for irritation and redness

“Filipinos are more aware of design and technology nowadays and how these are vital in their lives, they are also now more conscious about these can play a big part in grooming. Gillette Mach 3 Turbo ensures that Filipinos are more confident about their appearance, so they can look and actually be more confident every day. The new Gillette Mach 3 Turbo delivers an exceptionally closer shave with less irritation, even on the most sensitive areas of the face - including the neck and jaw line and contour of the face. The technology reduces irritation and guarantees up to zero redness, thereby making the Filipino more at ease, and capable to tackle whatever challenge come their way,” says,  P&G Philippines’ Chief Marketing Officer – Mr. Ramachandra Golikere.

Those who tried and tested the new Gillette Mach 3 Turbo during the shaving challenge were awed by the results. They were made aware of the huge difference from their usual shaving regimen, and have since committed themselves to less redness and irritation. Gillette has been at the cutting edge of blade and razor technology for more than 100 years, resulting in a deep understanding of men`s shaving needs, the science behind shaving, and the impact of shaving on men`s skin, Your needs define the design of the new Gillette Mach 3 Turbo, and Gillette makes a big promise on this product, “Zero Redness. Money back guaranteed”. Try the Gillette Mach 3 Turbo for yourself and see a world of difference.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Halik sa Hangin - A Different Kind of Love Story

Star Cinema's first movie of the year is a cast of fresh 1st big-screen team-up of Julia Montes and Gerald Anderson together with JC De Vera. A new flavor of Love story like no other, this movie is not just your ordinary 'Kilig' Movie but something different and the twist is more intense and mysterious. It is so mysterious that even Direk 'Manny' Emmanuel Quido Palo and the rest of the cast can't divulge some of the scenes that can possibly spoil the mysteries or questions that whomever will watch the movie. Julia admitted that even on her role she can't simply just snap back to reality or get out of the personality of her role because up until now that the movie is done shooting, there are still questions that she got in the movie that left her curious.

One of the best things to watch for is how Direk Manny presentend Baguio on a different angle, something that no other movies or teleserye has ever done before. There are not much on the story to tell at this point, but only curiosity that also formed in my mind on seeing this movie. So I guess we'll all just check it out on January 28, 2015 where will be showing nationwide.

AXN Announces “Asia’s Got Talent” Judges: David Foster, Melanie C, Anggun and Van Ness Wu

SINGAPORE (13 January 2015) – It’s a YES! Grammy-award winner David Foster, UK pop sensation and former Spice Girl Melanie C, Indonesian rock icon Anggun and Taiwanese-American pop idol Van Ness Wu have been named as the celebrity judging panel for the season premiere of hit talent search show, “Asia’s Got Talent” on AXN.

Billed as the biggest talent competition in the world, “Asia’s Got Talent” will light up screens across Asia in March on AXN and will feature some of the region’s most incredible performing artists as they compete to take home the coveted winning title. Hui Keng Ang, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia said, “We have put together a superb panel of judges for ‘Asia’s Got Talent’. This is definitely our most ambitious original series to date and is very much in line with the type of smart, high-quality local programming that audiences have come to expect from AXN."Paul O’Hanlon, Managing Director of FremantleMedia Asia said, “We’re proud to say that ‘Asia’s Got Talent’ will be the largest version ever of the Got Talent franchise, and our judges bring a depth and breadth of experience and talent worthy of this show.”

“Asia's Got Talent” is the 63rd version of "Got Talent", which won the Guinness World Records title for being the world's "Most Successful Reality TV Format" in 2014. The hit format is co-owned by FremantleMedia and Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment.

The season premiere of “Asia’s Got Talent” on AXN is proudly presented by Marina Bay Sands, BIG COLA, Pantene, Caltex, Jetstar and Tune Hotels. Marina Bay Sands is the premier sponsor of “Asia's Got Talent.” As Asia's leading entertainment destination and crossroads for global celebrities, Marina Bay Sands provides opportunities for local talent to shine on the world’s stage. BIG COLA is the exclusive beverage partner of “Asia’s Got Talent”. With BIG COLA, ‘if you can dream it, you can do it’. Contestants and fans across Asia will be encouraged to ‘Think BIG’ and ‘Dream Bigger’ in pursuit of their dreams.Pantene, the exclusive haircare partner of “Asia’s Got Talent”, makes hair stronger inside and shinier outside to enable contestants to shine and be the world’s number one talent. 

Caltex is the exclusive petroleum partner of “Asia's Got Talent.” Caltex delivers a hassle-free experience to get people back on their journey quickly, so they can have more time and energy to do whatever matters most to them. By being a part of “Asia's Got Talent,” Caltex wants to celebrate key moments of the contestants’ journey to stardom, providing viewers the opportunity to enjoy the journey with them.Jetstar is proud to be the official airline of the very first edition of “Asia’s Got Talent.” With more than 600 weekly flights to 22 destinations across 13 countries in Asia Pacific, Jetstar enables talent to fly further, connect with families and fulfil dreams. Tune Hotels is an international select-service hotel brand that provides accommodation with high quality essentials in key gateway cities.  Five star beds and power showers help “Asia’s Got Talent” contestants get a good night’s sleep and perform at their best.

AXN is a leader of regionally produced original content in Asia, with notable ratings successes including four seasons of the international Emmy-nominated “The Amazing Race Asia”; the Asian Television Award-winning “Cash Cab Asia”; “The Apprentice Asia”; “Cyril: Rio Magic”; “Cyril’s Family Vacation: Hawaii Edition”; and the Asian Television Award-nominated “Cyril: Simply Magic.”

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Visit Bohol Tourism Campaign for 2015 Launched

The province of Bohol shows how it defiantly rose from the rubble as it introduces "Visit Bohol 2015", a year round tourism campaign that aims to revitalize its image and entice more visitors to come to Bohol.

Launched under the leadership of Gov. Edgar Chatto, "Visit Bohol 2015" seeks to position the province as a top-notch tourist destination with its amazing natural attractions and its friendly and honest people.

The tourism campaign kicked off via a three-day Bohol Fair in Glorietta Activity Center in Makati city. The travel fair gathered all major players in the Bohol tourism sector with a single-minded objective of providing a strong boost to Bohol's tourism industry.

"For years, Bohol has always been in the hearts of every Filipino, not only as an eco-cultural tourism landmark but as a home to a number of our country's pride. As we felt how our kababayans share our grief during the devastating catastrophe that hit our province, we not feel the surge of support as we pave hte road to recovery and come back in the tourism map. With Visit Bohol 2015, expect a much better and bolder Bohol - ready to welcome all of you to our beautiful province. We invite you to visit and be awed not just by the wonderful sites Bohol has to offer, but also by the endearing graciousness hospitality and trusworthiness of Boholanos," says Governor Chatto during the opening ceremonies of the Bohol Travel Fair.

HaRUNa - Your Valentine Fun Run!

HaRUNa(pronuounced as HARANA) a timely fun run right after Feb 14 which is valentines day. Be mesmerized while getting healthy. Check on the details below.

A share from this event will help the projects of TAHANANG WALANG HAGDANAN, a chosen foundation of the Apo Hiking Soceity.

January 8 to February 8 (Thursdays to Sundays, 1-8PM)

Toby's Sports SM Mall of Asia
Vibram Five Fingers SM Megamall
RUNNR Store Trinoma
New Balance Glorietta and Alabang Town Center

3KM  - Php450
5KM  - Php550
10KM - Php650
16KM - Php750

bib number
sponsor freebies
16km finisher shirt

3KM  - 5:25AM
5KM  - 5:20AM
10KM - 5:15AM
16KM - 5:00AM

mobile: 0916-3485232
facebook: /runtarantantan

"Oh My G!" Janella Salvador in her Own Drama Series

Singer-actress Janella Salvador stars in a unique love story that centers on hte journey of an orphaned teenager in ABS-CBN's newest feel-good drama series titled "Oh My G" which will begin aired last Monday.

"Unlike other love stories, 'Oh My G' is not purely about romance. It is about my role Sophie's life as a teenager, her struggles in school, friends, love and her faith," said Janella whose character's perfect life is about to turn around because of hte death of her parents.

Janella considers "Oh My G" close to her heart not only for being her first starring teleserye, but also because of the inspiration, lessons, and values it will impart to viewers especially for teens like her who are too preoccupied with school, family and social media.

Also joining Janella in "Oh My G!" are Marlo Mortel, Manolo Pedrosa, Sunshine Cruz, Dominic Ochoa, John Arcillia, Edgar Allan Guzman and Janice de Belen. Eric Quizon and Maricar Reyes will also appear for special participations. It is under the direction of Roni Velasco.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Grande Island Resort - Vacation Escape From The Metro

I got myself a taste of an early summer escape away from the busy Metro and I must say, 'What a Fun Time It has been!"

Grande Island Resort is a recreational resort facility located in northwest of Manila and south of Zambales Province. A convenient Resort for a weekend getaway and the location is near the business district of Subic Bay Freeport Zone which makes it even better especially if you want to shop in Duty Free.

The stay that we had there was not just for swimming and enjoying the beach alone but we also experience most of the activities that you can experience in the resort .

Lets start with the facilities, which I can say that is pretty good especially if you're in the villa's in front of the shore because the veranda will be facing the beach, and you'll get a very good view of  the beach's scenery  while you're drinking coffee. Off-white sand, Teambuilding facilities, Fitness area by the beach for meditation and yoga, clinic area, jogging trail, organic garden, and marine vessels.

To give you an idea of the land Activities

Land Activities:

Zip Line accross the Lagoon
Spa Services
Beach Volleball
Free Hand Badminton(no courts)
Camping (can set Bon Fire)
Nature trekking around the island with tour guide
Visiting orgtanic farm of the island
Bird watching (seasonal)
Native horse back riding
Billiards and other board games rental

Water Activities:

Swimming Pool
Helmet Diving
Scuba Diving
Towable rides (banana boats, body glove, etc)
Jet skis
Bay Cruise

One of the interesting things about Grande Island is its place in our history, because it played a significant role in the defense of the Philippines since the 16th century. Situated at the mouth of Subic Bay, it divides the entrance in half its fine harbor enticed the Spanish government to develop Olongapo in 1885 and fortify Grande Island as a key defense for Manila.

Over all, I can say that my stay was a fantastic experience. Not very crowded, near Manila, fine climate nice sand and with historical value. Fine way to relax over the weekend and place to spend team buildings and vacation.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Akira the Art of Sushi & Teppanyaki in Ayala Avenue

Japanese food, yeah you've probably heard of too many in almost every part of Metro Manila, but hey! you can also probably check out a fine Japanese Restaurant in Alphaland Makati which is in Ayala Avenue extension in-front of The Columns Condo and Makati Fire Station.

If you're residing near the place or you are working in that area, this is the place where you can satisfy your craving for Japanese food let me show you a series of food pictures to give you an idea on what they serve.

One of the good thing about it is that Akira Alphaland Makati Place offer FREE Delivery Service with Makati City via or dial 87878

You can also check their instagram(@AkiraAMP) and twitter(Akira_AMP)

Nutrilite's Health Run in Manila, CDO and Davao to Cap their 80th Anniversary

To cap of its 80th anniversary celebration, the world's No.1 selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand, Nutrilite will be staging the Philippine leg of the Nutrilite Health Run, a regional initiative that advocates wellness and healthy living. The run, which will be held in three key cities in the Philippines, already covered Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and Singapore.

"Wellness has always been the Nutrilite advocacy since it was first introduced 80 years ago. Through this series of runs, we want to encourage more people to put a premium on their personal wellness. We want more people to eat right, take in the right supplements and exercise," said Leni Olmedo, Country Manager of Amway Philippines.

The Nutrilite Health Run will kick off in manila of February 22, 2015 at the Blue Bay Walk in Pasay City. The second leg will be on March 1 at the Amway Distribution Center(ADC) in Davao. The final leg will be at the Amway Distribution Center in Cagayan de Oro City.

Interested participants can register at all Amway Distribution Centers and via the Colorurlife Facebook fan page from January 5, 2015 onward  The registration fee is P300 for all categories. Assembly time will be 5:00AM for the 3K and 5K categories, and 4:30AM for 8K. Gun time is 5:00AM for 8K, 5:20AM for 5K and 5:30AM for 3K. Nutrilite is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Amway.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week Cycle 6 Spring/Summer 2015 in The Podium

The first major fashion event of 2015 here in the Philippines will be staged this January. Now at its new home and official venue partner, on January 24-25, 2015 Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week (PMFW) will hold its 6th Cycle at 2nd Level Atrium, The Podiom. In this cycle, 21 established and young Filipino designers will showcase their Spring/Summer 2015 collections to be paraded by more than 60 models on the red carpet runways of PMFW. Armed with modern design philisophies and superb technical executions, these designers will give a fresh vibe on the latest menswear trends here in the Philippines. Among the official PMFW Cycle 6 designers are the following:

Nico Agustin Mark Dela Peña
MJ Alminanza Robert Dimacali
Jiro Angelo Roberth Gallardo
Estien Quijano Clint Catalan
Mikee Andrei Adam Balasa
Edmmir Lagui Aaron Dela Cruz
Donn Delantar Yako Reyes
Earl Gariando Levenson Rodriguez
Charles Anito Simon Ariel Vasquez
Donald Green Marlon Tabangcura
Ramon Favilla

PMFW Cycle 6 is presented by The Podium and Nico Agustin Menswear and supported by event partners like 19AD91, Mode Elle, Lumina Events, Fashion Institute of the Philippines, Zen Institute, Freshman Masculine Wash,, design 645 by Kathleen Alba and Yeoh Models. Its major media partner is AMPR Publicity and Communications Inc.

Shows will be directed by Bernard Maybituin of Lumina Events.

Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week is owned and produced by Nico Agustin and MJ Alminanza.

Globe brings heart-pumping music experience to Sinulog and Dinagyang Four of the country's best DJs topbill Globe parties in Cebu and Iloilo with their signature beats

Fresh from the launch of its world-renowned GEN3 Stores that brought the Philippine telco experience to global retail standards, Globe Telecom continues the celebration as it treats revellers in Cebu and Iloilo to great music and entertainment with back-to-back parties for two of the country’s biggest festivals: Sinulog and Dinagyang. Taking centerstage in this month’s festivals are four of the country’s best DJs and GEN3 NEXT 

ACT ambassadors: Mars Miranda, Callum David, Badkiss, and Eric Capili. “At Globe, we always look forward to giving our customers wonderful experiences and many reasons to celebrate. During the unveiling of our newest GEN3 Stores, we told the stories of today’s biggest DJs as part of the new Stores’ concept to highlight individuals with inspiring stories. This time, we are bringing all four DJs again together for a festival experience that partygoers will surely remember. We are inviting locals and tourists to get ready to celebrate all night at the Globe parties in Cebu and Iloilo,” said Joe Caliro, Head of 

Retail Transformation at Globe Telecom. While said to represent the sound of this generation, Badkiss, Callum David, Mars Miranda and Eric Capili each has a unique style and beat capturing crowds of partygoers everywhere.  The combination of their energetic sets will surely rev up the parties and will keep everyone dancing non-stop. Mars Miranda, who has made a name for himself in the club scene at an early age, will surely make it a night to remember for everyone. He only has one thing in mind: to make the night worth it for the crowd. "I just want to see people in front of me with all that energy, and feed off it. They came out to see me and it's my responsibility to show them a good time," said Miranda.

Partygoers in Cebu and Iloilo should expect to find themselves on the dancefloor all night long with Callum David on the deck. David said," I listen to the radio and do a lot of research on my own. My music depends on what mood I'm in, but I like to keep people happy, and keep the crowd dancing." David, who came to the Philippines as a model, will combine his love of music and experience as a DJ abroad to win over his Filipino audience. 

The crowd can expect an eclectic mix of sounds that’s funky, soulful, and reflect the soul of different decades. Christina Bartges, known as Badkiss to her followers, enjoys combining retro sounds with the latest beats in her sets. She shared, “I respect where the music that we listen to today comes from.” Eric Capili, Boracay’s most sought-after DJ, is taking his talent to Cebu and Iloilo to take on the most challenging Sinulog and Dinagyang partygoers. Capili admitted, "I like being challenged to play what the crowd likes. Hinuhuli ko yung kiliti nila. It's like I'm in a relationship with my music—kailangan dalawa kaming magbibigay ng best namin para sa crowd.”Catch these DJs as they share their best music remixes to get the party going in this year’s Sinulog and Dinagyang Festivals. And the celebration gets even more exciting with the colored powder blasts to shower the audience as they party all night long!

Check their schedules at Sinulog Festival from January 15 to 18 and Dinagyang Festivals on January 22 to 25. The DJs will be performing starting at 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. at the Globe Mobility Store on the Go located at One Mango Avenue, Cebu City and Capitol Grounds, Iloilo City. 

Globe Prepaid, Postpaid, TM and Tattoo Broadband have prepared a lot of prizes and surprises for everyone who will visit the Globe Mobility Store including a lot of games, variety shows and exclusive perks and privileges for Globe customers. 

Don’t miss the live band performances in Cebu starting featuring Calla Lily while guests in Iloilo will enjoy watching different variety shows led by the Global Mardigras as well as the famous Kalokalike contest.

To know more about the DJs their special performances, and the rest of Globe activities happening in both festivals, follow @enjoyGLOBE and @ChooseTattoo on Twitter, @enjoyGlobe and @ChooseTattoo on 

Instagram and like Globe on Facebook at and Tattoo at

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Since 1978, Hawk bags have been the embodiment of quality and durability. Building on this legacy, the brand’s business has steadily grown through the years. The brand believes in having a passion for excellence, which is reflected in every single bag. 

“Our present generation is a thinking market. With the growing demand of our patrons, who are very specific with what they want and need, we cannot compromise not to step up and better our game play. We cultivated from offering a durable brand to giving close attention to the bag’s functionality, stylish design with superior features. By persistently adapting to changes, Hawk is increasingly growing in the market,” assures Chester Ching, VKC Incorporated Marketing Director.

At present, VKC Incorporated is the distributor of Hawk products at major malls and department stores all over the Philippines. The bags are available at The SM Store, Landmark, Robinsons Department Store, Metro Gaisano, KCC Mall, Sta. Lucia Mall, Fishermall, Olympic Village and Wellworth.

“Even with the success that Hawk is achieving, we will not be complacent. For 2015, we are targeting to expand more stores nationwide and remain as the prominent provider of quality, innovative and reliable bags in the industry,” Chester Ching says with conviction.

To further adapt to market demands, Hawk is making its digital presence more pronounced. Everyone can buy its wide array of designs with just a click of the mouse at

Lets talk about sexual Intimacy!

Menarini Philippines continues to promote its Community to Control PE

When it comes to sexual intimacy, couples need to be more open with their partners about what satisfies them.

Given that the two of you share a special bond, there's no reason for you to not be comfortable about discussing what you like - and don't like about sex. After all, an activity that is meant pressing issues regarding sexual intimacy - premature ejaculation.

The campaign is meant to make couples more comfortable about discussing their intimacy concerns with each other, without it being a cause of insecurity or dissatisfaction.

This is because premature ejaculation can gravely affect one's relationship when left undiscussed - and untreated.

In relation to this, Menarini Philippines held a talk, aptly called Happy Wife, Happy Life, which was held last January 10 at the Satin Room of Seda Hotel in BGC and was attended by local bloggers. It aimed to shed better insight about what premature ejaculation is all about and that it is not something to be embarrassed about because it can be controlled. The event was hosted by popular celebrity columnist RJ Ledesma and featured a very insightful talk from sex and relationship guru, Dr. Margie Holmes, concerning "the love that last is better". Also present at the event was Dr. Dennis Serrano, who talked about the 'basics' of premature ejaculation to help the guests have a better understanding of this condition.

Menarini Philippines strongly believes in this advocacy which is often left untreated because it is a topic that is usually considered taboo even in these modern times. The pharmaceutical giant hopes to make a stronger impact among Filipino couples on their campaign this year with more events like this.

About Menarini Group

Menarini is the largest Italian multinational biopharmaceutical company with over 16,000 employees worldwide and a presence in more than 100 countries, Menarini;s vision is to be a leading provider of important healthcare brands to improve the lives of people in the region. Menarini Asia-Pacific operates across the entire commercial value cahin, from regulatory approval and product launch to life cycle management with diverse portfolio of proprietary brands in key therapeutic fields, including Dermatology, Primary Care, Allergy/Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Select Specialty Care, Men's Health and Consumer Health.

GetMed: Revolutionizing healthcare in the Philippines

We have all experienced the difficulties of finding a doctor and quickly get an appointment. More importantly, on emergency situations, we might not even have an idea where the nearest hospital is or which doctor to call.
For Arthur John Abarquez, one of the founders of UNA I.T. SOLUTIONS, it was on a Maundy Thursday a few years ago when his wife suffered a serious fall, which resulted to shattered bones in her left forearm and hand that compelled him to recognize this need. “We rushed my wife to the hospital but the ER Doctors couldn’t do anything to relieve her pain. They needed a specialist who, at that time, since it was a holiday, was not available. It took them several hours to locate a doctor who had to travel from Calatagan, Batangas to Manila. It was grueling hours of waiting for my wife and myself. I wanted so much to help her but I was helpless, we were at the mercy of the capabilities and the reaction time of the hospital where we brought her,” he shared.
“Had a medical directory, at the very least, been available then, it would have helped us locate the nearest available doctor, not necessarily from the hospital we brought her to but still within immediate reach,” Arthur added.
UNA I.T. SOLUTIONS, the company behind the Health Lifestyle app called GetMed, envisions the product to revolutionize healthcare in the Philippines. The company was built in collaboration with some of the country’s profile experts in pharma, information technology, and consumer marketing - all coming together for one direction – to develop a product that would give everybody an upperhand in managing their healthcare, emergency or otherwise.
GetMed simplifies patient experience in just one touch of a button. Just as how we use online tools to book a restaurant or request for a cab service, patients will certainly demand the same experience in self-booking a doctor’s appointment.
“You would not even want to entertain the idea of waiting,” says Paolo Castaño, a reputable pharma and marketing expert, “so GetMed capitalizes on convenience. With the app, you can conveniently book appointments with MDs, find out nearest hospitals or clinics. The app can immediately give you a directory of doctors grouped geographically and according to specialization.” It is also linked to Waze so you get to manage traffic as you proceed with your respective appointments.
Unlike the many medical apps which are limited to information base, GetMed is highly interactive. “The app is not just an information base, but engages the doctors, patients, and helps build a better lifestyle on day-to-day basis,” shares Chris Hatton, an I.T. expert who had professional stints with a leading global software company in Europe & the Middle East and specialized in Government contracts
A free download, GetMed Version 1 is available in Android and IOS version. Initially, Version 1 has over 17,000 registered doctors on the database, covering the majority of the country. It also has over 3,000 Hospitals, Clinics & Barangay Health Centres located in Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao. All listings for both doctors and hospitals are 95% accurate.
“A lot of things are coming for the app,” says Chris, “but we do not want to rush things. Importance of the app right now, with Version 1, is the simplicity and usefulness. We just want to make sure we are doing it the correct manner.”

From L-R- Arthur John Abarquez, Paolo Castaño and Chris Hatton
GetMed is aimed at making the Philippines a major player in the app-business, a product that is made in the Philippines that will make us proud. Its mission is to bring healthcare at the touch of a button, manage your healthcare more efficiently, conveniently and more precise.
“We believe in the project. And Philippines is the right place to launch this kind of product and that’s important. We have such great faith in the Philippines. Great technology skills. We’re very Filipino. We have Filipino staff. We use Filipino developers. We are proud that this is a Filipino-made product. It’s the first time that we are consolidating the data of doctors and patients into one big picture. We’re bringing quality life.”

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"FLORDELIZA" Puts Family First, Premieres on January 19

ABS-CBN's newest drama will remind viewers of the crucial role of hte family in molding the hearts and minds of children beginning January 19(Monday).

Featuring the highly anticipated return of the 90's iconic Kapamilya love team of Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin, "Flordeliza" is based on the names of the lead characters, Florida(Jolina) and her daughter Flor(Ashley Sarmiento), and Elizabeth(Desiree del Valle) and her child Liza(Rhed Bustamante).

"Flordeliza" is a tale about two families. It focuses on two loving mothers and their daughters, who will be drawn closer by love but torn apart by one sad truth. It will make viewers realize that the love of our family is what really makes us whole," said Master Storyteller Wenn V. Deramas, who conceptualized the story and will co-direct the series with Tots Sanchez-Mariscal IV.

Also part of the "Flordeliza: cast are Carlo Aquino, Elizabeth Oropesa, Tetchie Agbayani and Juan Rodrigo.

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Zomato's Year End Infograhic

As we all know Zomato has been a part of our online life for finding the best dines or helping us out in our dinning, resto-hunt decisions. And what you can see below is their Year End Infographic that will give you a picture of what our 2014 according to their stats.

You can also check for more information.

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Meet Edsa Woolworth

Star Cinema opens 2015 with Edsa Woolworth - a powerful film produced by the Filipino Channel (TFC0 in line with its 20th anniversary.

Playing the title role of Edsa Woolworth is comedienne Pokwang and the film reunites her with director John-D Lazatin who directed her in 2011 in the Filipino independent film A Mother's Story that was also produced by TFC and was distributed by ABS-CBN International.

Written by seasoned, US-based writer Noel Nuguit, Edsa Woolworth is an endearing and unforgettable movie for the whole family to enjoy. Edsa Woolworth is centered on an unconventional family that is strongly bound by ties that go beyond the boundaries of language, race, culture and even blood. What keeps the woolworths together, despite their many differences wiht each other, are the common stubborn affection and utmost respect that htey have for one another. The Woolworths is an inspiring family composed of people with quirks and different personalities who manage to stick together through thick and thin.

The Woolworths go through a roller coaster of emotions as they collectively and individually encounter life-changing experienc3es that greatly define their decisions and choices. With colliding personalities that lead them to fight and bicker incessantly, the tenderness and love they feel for one another always prevail as it sneaks even in the most mundane moments of their lives.

As Edsa Woolworth, Pokwang delivers a standout performance that no one should ever miss. Edsa is the eldest and only daughter in a family headed by an American father and she is faced with the dilemma on how to reconcile the desires of her heart and the unconditional love she feels for her family.

Edsa Woolworth, which initially had a run in the US and Canada last November 2014 with rave reviews is a must-see film that offers the right blend of drama and comedy. The film highlights universal values that every Filipino can certainly relate with-chief among them are love and compassion among family members.

Other cast members of Edsa Woolworth include an amazing line-up of extremely talented actors such as Lee O'Brian, Stephen Spohn, Ricci Chan, Prince Saruhan, Lee Robin Salazar, and Princess Ryan

Edsa Woolworth hits all cinemas nationwide starting January 14.