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Boehringer Ingelheim Launches its First-in-Class Broad-Spectrum Topical Parasite Treatment for Cats

Boehringer Ingelheim

Manila, Philippines – Boehringer Ingelheim, a global leader in animal health, has launched the parasite treatment, NexGard® COMBO for cats. With nearly 20 years of expertise in preventing parasites such as fleas, ticks, Lyme disease and more in dogs, NexGard® now adds a feline-specific product to the NexGard® family. The new treatment is designed to safeguard cats from a wider range of parasites than any other product on the market, covering both external parasites and internal parasites such as fleas, ticks, ear mites, face mange, hookworm, roundworm, vesical worm, lungworm, heartworm prevention, as well as tapeworm infections that affect their health and quality of life. 

Parasite infections are common in cats and prevalent across Asia. According to an epidemiological study of over 1,000 cats in eastern and Southeast Asia, 43% of pet cats suffer from external parasites such as fleas, ticks and mites and 14% harbour deadly internal parasites such as hookworm, heartworm and roundworm.

“Boehringer Ingelheim has always been on the cutting edge of research and development in the parasiticide space. Trusted by pet owners and veterinarians alike, our NexGard® family of products is currently ranked top in pet parasiticide sales worldwide. In Asia where over 26% of pet owners have cats, we are thrilled to expand our feline parasite prevention line-up, which includes Broadline® and FRONTLINE PLUS® Cat, with NexGard® COMBO for cats. It is an innovative one-and-done formula with esafoxolaner, the first isoxazoline parasiticide formulated for cats plus eprinomectin and praziquantel for the broadest external and internal parasite coverage to date,” said Sukje Sung, Head of Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Philippines, Inc.

Common misconceptions about parasites in cats

Parasite infections are often disregarded as trivial issues but can cause serious health complications in cats such as bloody diarrhoea, dehydration, skin inflammation and anaemia. Ear mites are common causes of feline ear infections which are often picked up when roaming outdoors and can cause itchiness, inflammation and swelling of the ear canal.3 Additionally, some internal parasites such as hookworms can attach themselves to the intestines and to feed on the blood of cats. Left untreated, hookworm infections can result in potentially life-threatening blood loss, weakness, and malnutrition.4 

Despite the high prevalence of parasite infections, many pet owners remain unaware of how common they are. In fact, according to veterinary specialist Dr. Ross Antonio Banayo, Technical Manager for the Companion Animal Business Segment of Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Philippines, Inc. pet owners remain misinformed about how these parasites are transmitted and impact their cats. These common misconceptions include: 

  • Cats that are kept indoors are not susceptible to parasite infections and do not require regular veterinary visits.

  • Cats only require treatment when they are infected with parasites. Preventive treatment is not necessary.

  • Parasite infections are self-limiting and do not cause serious health issues.

  • Removal of ticks and fleas can be effectively managed with parasite prevention shampoos alone.

According to Dr. Ross Antonio Banayo, Technical Manager for the Companion Animal Business Segment of Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Philippines, Inc. “Parasite infections can be particularly dangerous for cats. Common feline behaviours like grooming and roaming outdoors put them at a higher risk of contracting a variety of parasites. Often, cats only present with symptoms much later into the infection, resulting in worse complications. This highlights the need for us to change perceptions and move towards a preventive approach to parasite infections to safeguard their health.”

Parasites can be transmitted and affect human health too

Parasite infections not only impact the health of cats but can be transmitted to humans to cause complications such as skin infections, anaemia, gastrointestinal disturbances and more. Fortunately, transmission can be effectively prevented by administering regular parasiticide treatment for cats and adhering to regular follow-ups with a veterinarian. 

“The lives of pets and humans are so deeply interconnected that their health issues can impact our own. Just as we are shifting towards a preventive approach to human health, NexGard® COMBO is our preventive solution to preserve the health of cats. It represents the next step that we are taking to improve the health of animals across the region and drive a positive impact on our own health into the future,” said Sung.

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The monthly treatment protects pet cats and their households from the deadly, debilitating, and transmittable internal and external parasites.

Important Safety Information 

NexGard® COMBO is for topical use only in cats. The most frequently reported adverse reactions include vomiting, application site reactions, and anorexia. If ingested, hypersalivation may occur.

Avoid direct contact with application site for 4 hours or until visibly dry.

Esafoxolaner is a member of the isoxazoline class. This class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions including tremors, ataxia, and seizures in cats with or without a history of seizures. 

Use with caution in cats with a history of seizures or neurologic disorders.

The safety of NexGard® COMBO has been tested and is approved in breeding, pregnant, or lactating queen (cats) in the Philippines. The safety of the product has not been established in breeding male cats. 

NexGard® COMBO is for use in cats 8 weeks of age and older, weighing 0.8 kg or more.

For more information, click here for full prescribing information.


About NexGard® COMBO

NexGard® COMBO offers the broadest spectrum protection for kittens from eight weeks age and adult cats against external and internal parasites including adult fleas, flea eggs, ticks, ear mites, face mange, heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, lungworms, vesical worms, and tapeworms. 

It eliminates ear mites, face mange, fleas and ticks, prevents heartworm disease, and treats hookworm, roundworm, vesical worm, lungworm, as well as tapeworm infections. Active ingredients are esafoxolaner (the new generation of afoxolaner), eprinomectin, and praziquantel.

Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health 

Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health is working on first-in-class innovation for the prediction, prevention, and treatment of diseases in animals. For veterinarians, pet owners, farmers, and governments in more than 150 countries, we offer a large and innovative portfolio of products and services to improve the health and well-being of companion animals and livestock. As a global leader in the animal health industry and as part of family-owned Boehringer Ingelheim, we take a long-term perspective. The lives of animals and humans are interconnected in deep and complex ways. We know that when animals are healthy, humans are healthier too. By using the synergies between our Animal Health and Human Pharma businesses and by delivering value through innovation, we enhance the health and well-being of both. For more information visit

Get your HONOR Magic5 Pro via GPlan 2499 with 25GB Data, Unli All-net Call & Text, and Freebies!


Manila, Philippines, June 30, 2023 – HONOR Philippines has just announced the availability of its newest flagship HONOR Magic5 Pro via Globe Postpaid Plans. You can now avail it through GPlan 2499 with one-time cash-out of Php 17,400 to enjoy 25GB Data, Unli All-Net Call & Text and Landline calls!

“We are very excited to make our powerful flagship HONOR Magic5 Pro more accessible to our HONOR fans nationwide. The availability of HONOR Magic5 Pro in both offline and online Globe stores will give more options to Filipinos to get a hand of our industry-leading offer,” said HONOR Philippines Vice President Stephen Cheng.


HONOR Magic5 Pro boasts a Triple Main Camera combination alongside the AI-powered upgraded HONOR Image Engine, the HONOR Magic5 Pro has achieved the #1 position in the DXOMARK Smartphone Camera ranking for the first quarter of 2023. 

Delivering an exceptional photography experience, the HONOR Magic5 Pro debuts an all-new Millisecond Falcon Capture feature, enabling users to capture complex scenes with remarkable ease and clarity. The camera also boasts a breakthrough AI Motion Sensing Capture, enabling users to shoot their best moments, every time. 

The HONOR Magic5 Pro is equipped with IMAX Enhanced Movie Master to produce cinematic-style videos, bringing also an exceptional videography experience to smartphone users. On top of that, HONOR Magic5 Pro also guarantees an immersive viewing experience whether you are browsing, gaming, or reading with its 6.81-inch1 LTPO Quad-Curved Floating Display with a Novel Display Luminance Enhancement Technology.


Available at select Globe stores nationwide and online (, you can now take home HONOR Magic5 Pro in stunning Emerald Green or Midnight Black with one-time cash-out of Php 17,400 via GPlan 2499 that comes with Unli All-Net Calls & Text, Landline Calls, and 25GB Data. But wait, there’s more! When you renew or apply NOW, you will get a FREE HONOR Band 6 smartwatch and HONOR X3 Lite Earbuds both worth Php 6,000!

You can also get other HONOR smartphones via Globe Postpaid Plans; HONOR X6 with one-time cash-out of Php2,000 via GPlan 799, HONOR 70 5G with Zero Cash-out via GPlan 1999, and the viral HONOR X9a 5G with zero Cash-out starting with GPlan 1799!

For more information and announcements, you may visit HONOR’s website or social media platforms: Facebook (, Instagram ( and TikTok: ( To check out HONOR’s complete list of retail stores, go to

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Gear Up for the Best School Year yet with ASUS and ROG Cool for School 2023 Promo

ASUS and ROG Cool for School 2023 Promo

Pasig City, Philippines, June 29, 2023 — ASUS and Republic of Gamers (ROG) have teamed up again this year to offer the best school must-haves with their Cool for School 2023 promo. Score up to PHP 44,000 plus worth of bundled products and ace the next academic year with the latest participating ASUS and ROG laptops and ROG smartphones. The promo starts on July 1 until August 31, 2023, and Filipinos can get their hands on an ROG Phone 6, ROG Azoth Wireless, ROG Delta 5 Wireless, ROG Claymore II, Canon PIXMA printer, Genius SoundBar, ASUS Washable Paper Bag, and ASUS and ROG merch for free upon purchase of participating products. As ASUS continues to provide solutions to the technology needs of Filipinos, this promo also makes it accessible to more students. To view the full promo mechanics, visit this link

Welcome to the world of OLED

ASUS and ROG Cool for School 2023 Promo

Now is the best time to get on the vibrant and mesmerizing OLED train and get up to PHP 6,700 worth of freebies in select ASUS Zenbook and Vivobook laptops.

Ideal for students and young professionals who are always on the road and want a laptop that's easy to bring from one station to the next yet also features a sleek style that screams premium, the Zenbook S 13 OLED (UX5304) and Zenbook 14 Flip OLED (UP3404) are the best bets. These laptops are incredibly thin and light but pack the latest 13th Gen Intel Core processors to perform any task – even those extracurricular activities. The Zenbook S 13 OLED is only 1cm. thin, 1kg. light, made of eco-friendly materials, including its pioneering plasma ceramic aluminum lid, eco-conscious packaging, and certified power efficiency. As the most eco-friendly Zenbook yet, Zenbook S 13 OLED is best for earth warriors who practice conscious living. On the flip side is the Zenbook 14 Flip OLED that carries multiple hats perfect for multitaskers – a student by day, org president in the afternoon, and a hobbyist by night. With four different modes to choose from – laptop, tent, stand, or tablet – one can easily tick off every box in that to-do list. This 360-degree ultra-thin perfection features an ErgoLift Hinge that also comes with an ASUS Pen 2.0 that can be used for notetaking or quick doodle sessions, perfect for the versatile student who can do it all. The ASUS Lumina OLED display on both laptops lets users experience a more accurate, more adaptive, and more reliable viewing experience like no other. ASUS Zenbook laptops start at PHP 59,995.00, and Filipinos can have the chance to get up to PHP 5,100 worth of freebies that include a Canon PIXMA printer and ASUS Washable Paper Bag or an ASUS tumbler in a reusable Cool for School eco-friendly packaging, among others.

For the creatives of the bunch, ASUS developed the most advanced creator tools that will make their creative workflow more seamless, customizable, and streamlined. Create like a pro while still chasing that diploma with ASUS Creator Series. Discover new ways to create with ASUS DialPad – an intuitive rotary controller that lets users adjust the brush size or exposure with simple precision found on the Zenbook Pro 16X OLED (UX7602). Get the best of both worlds with the Zenbook Pro 14/15 Duo OLED (UX8402UX582) and their next-generation ScreenPad Plus secondary touchscreen. This full-width secondary touchscreen supports the latest high-precision styluses and allows efficient and more comfortable workflow for nitty-gritty operations, such as image touch-ups, animation, and graphic design. Achieve enhanced multidimensional entertainment while maximizing the laptop's performance with MUX Switch in the Vivobook Pro 15/16 OLED (K6502K6602). All those exclusive innovations, high-performing Intel Core processors, and creator-grade NVIDIA GeForce with NVIDIA Studio drivers make the ASUS Creator Series a need for every creative. ASUS Creator laptops start at PHP 44,995.00, and Filipinos can have the chance to score as much as PHP 6,700 worth of freebies, such as a Canon PIXMA printer, Genius SoundBar, and a Zenbook Tote Bag.

Sporting a youthful design and performing like a daily driver, the ASUS Vivobook series has plenty to offer to those who always see the fun in learning. Feel the power and style in the Vivobook S Series (K3402K3502) with a long-lasting 70wh battery complemented with Intel Evo benefits – instant wake-up, a faster WiFi connection, and high battery efficiency to keep you productive without any limits. Pulling an all-nighter is a no-brainer with these laptops as they come with the latest Intel Core Processors. Made to perform and entertain, the Vivobook 15X OLED (K3504M3504) features the latest AMD and Intel Core Processors under its hood and ASUS Antimicrobial Guard on its surface to keep frequently touched areas hygienic at all times. Lastly, for OLED newbies, they can get their hands on Vivobook Go 15 OLED (E1504) – an everyday workhorse laptop that has a 15-inch FHD OLED display that emits 70% less harmful blue light, ideal for both kids and adults, the latest AMD 7000 series mobile processor, and a 180-degree hinge. ASUS Vivobook laptops start at PHP 14,995.00, and buyers can receive up to PHP 3,500 worth of bundles for free, including an ASUS tumbler, Genius Earbuds, and a 64GB flash drive.

All participating Zenbook and Vivobook laptops have a free lifetime Office Home & Student license. Purchased an ASUS laptop and love it? Share a review and get rewarded through the Your Voice Matters Campaign to receive up to 200 Gcash Credits.

Non-Stop Gaming with the Republic

ASUS and ROG Non Stop Gaming

Gaming never stops with ROG. And this season, ROG will amplify it even further with its latest back-to-school promotions!

Combining performance and portability has been what the ROG Flow series is known for. The newest Flow Z13 sports a retro-futurism design while offering the best experience in tablet and laptop gaming. It features up to Intel Core i9 CPU while being able to fit a discrete NVIDIA RTX 40 series GPU. Its smooth 165hz refresh rate ensures gamers and creators enjoy the powerful device. Individuals that are interested in getting the Flow Z13 are in luck as they can enjoy incredible bundles, with up to PHP 13,049 worth, ranging from ROG Cetra True Wireless plus PHP 1,000 Steam Credits, ROG Strix Arion S500 Portable SSD plus ROG Hoodie., or an ROG Delta S Wireless plus ROG Hoodie.

The Zephyrus line-up offers exceptional performance while keeping its thin-and-light form factor DNA. The sleek Zephyrus M16 offers up to Intel Core i9 CPUs paired with powerful NVIDIA RTX 30 or 40 series GPU for an unhindered gaming adventure! It can also come with the ROG Nebula HDR™ Mini LED display offering up to 240Hz refresh rate, 1100 nits peak brightness, DisplayHDR1000, and Pantone validated for immersive and true-to-life experience when gaming or content creation. Participating Zephyrus M16 models can enjoy perks in this back-to-school promotion ranging from ROG Delta S Wireless plus ROG Hoodie, ROG Claymore II (RX Blue) plus ROG Hoodie, ROG Azoth (NX Blue) plus ROG Delta S Wireless, or an ROG Phone 6.

The Strix series has always been the go-to machine for competitive Esports players. The Strix SCAR 17 is unique as it offers the option of a top-performing Intel CPU or ultra-fast AMD CPU to be paired with the latest NVIDIA RTX GPU with MUX switch, achieving the highest framerates possible. Its fast 240Hz display ensures gamers enjoy all fast-paced action without missing a hit on their targets. Purchasing selected Strix SCAR laptops this back-to-school season can enjoy ranging from an ROG Delta S Wireless plus ROG Hoodie, ROG Claymore II (RX Blue) plus ROG Hoodie, ROG Azoth (NX Blue) plus ROG Delta S Wireless, or an ROG Phone 6.

TUF laptops are known for their durability and excellent price-to-performance value. The ASUS TUF Dash F15 is a perfect example, as this powerful gaming beast features up to 12th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series laptop GPU for a butter-smooth gameplay experience without breaking the bank. ASUS TUF Dash F15 also passes the MIL-STD-810H military grade standard, withstanding accidental bumps and drops. Participating TUF laptops, including the TUF Dash F15TUF Gaming A15/F15 and A17/F17, and TUF Gaming A16 Advantage Edition, can receive additional items ranging from PHP 1,000 Steam credits, ROG Cetra True Wireless plus PHP 1,000 Steam credits, or an ROG Strix Arion S500 Portable SSD plus ROG Hoodie.

Hailed before for its innovative dual-screen design and its ultimate gaming performance, even winning the 2022 CES Innovation Award, the ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 offers gamers incredible in-game framerates with up to AMD Ryzen 9 and NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU. Its ROG Screenpad Plus offers users extra space for multitasking, whether for gaming, content creation, and more. And to keep its thin-and-light form factor, the Zephyrus Duo 16 features ROG Intelligent Cooling System reducing noise without sacrificing temperature and gaming performance. Participating notebooks, including specific models for Zephyrus Duo 16Zephyrus M16, and Strix SCAR 18, will get a brand-new ROG Phone 6 (12GB/256GB), worth PHP 44,495, on top of their purchase. Now one can play in the comfort of their house or bring it outside!

And finally, for mobile gamers out there, ROG has a special offer for its ROG Phone 6 series. Choose from an all-powerful Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform or ultra-fast Mediatek Dimensity 9000+, up to 18GB of LPDDR5X, and massive storage with up to 512GB of internal storage. This ultimate device can withstand long gaming sessions with its monstrous 6000 mAh battery. And to level up gaming with the King of gaming smartphones, ROG will slash its price up to PHP 6,000 this back-to-school season and throw in an ROG Cetra II Core, worth PHP 3,750, for the most immersive mobile gaming experience ever!

For the full list of participating ASUS and ROG products, visit

Warranty and where to buy

ASUS and ROG laptops are tested with the world's most stringent MIL-STD-810H durability test regime and have two years ASUS International Warranty with Platinum Protection Warranty for the first year.

Users can also extend their warranty coverage with ASUS Premium Care and feel secured with ASUS’ nine-steps exclusive preventive maintenance program. Decided on which laptop to get? Visit to know the nearest ASUS Concept Stores and authorized resellers.



About ASUS

ASUS is a global technology leader that provides the world's most innovative and intuitive devices, components and solutions to deliver incredible experiences that enhance the lives of people everywhere. It is also the number one OLED[i] and Creator[ii] laptop brand in the Philippines and worldwide. With its team of 5,000 in-house R&D experts, ASUS is world-renowned for continuously reimagining today's technologies for tomorrow, garners more than 11 awards every day for quality, innovation and design, and is ranked among Fortune's World's Most Admired Companies.


World Social Media Day: How Threat Actors are Weaponizing Social Media, from Phishing to AI-Powered Deepfakes


The Philippines is one of the most active social media communities worldwide, according to the Digital 2023 report. With 72.5% of the population on social media, Filipinos spend an average of 3 hours and 43 minutes on these channels to keep in touch with family and friends, read news stories, and find content.  As social media continues to exert its influence on everyday lives, it becomes increasingly crucial for Filipinos to remain vigilant regarding the evolving dangers associated with its usage. Recent technological advancements, particularly in the realm of artificial intelligence, have further exacerbated these risks, necessitating heightened awareness and precautionary measures.

With World Social Media Day around the corner, here are three ways social media is putting individuals and organizations at risk.

Social media preys on psychological weakness
Hackers consistently rely on user behavior to provide the openings they need to penetrate network defenses. While some look to exploit unpatched vulnerabilities in a system or network, often the most efficient way to target a business is through social engineering methods that manipulate users into breaching security policies and giving away information that can be used to steal data or launch an attack. 

According to Palo Alto Networks Unit 42’s 2022 Incident Response Report, attackers used phishing, a form of social engineering, 40% of the time to gain initial access to a system. By studying an employee’s social media profile, cybercriminals are able to develop a comprehensive profile of their victim, which they can then use to launch a targeted attack. These attacks appeal to emotions such as fear, curiosity, urgency, and greed and beckon unsuspecting employees to click on a link or attachment, ignoring basic cybersecurity hygiene. And with the Unit 42 Network Threat Trends Research Report finding that 66% of malware is delivered through PDFs, just one erroneous click of the button can lead to disastrous consequences, enabling malicious macros to infiltrate the system.

From catfishing to AI-cultivated deepfakes

Another risk associated with social media is that it involves people establishing connections without necessarily needing to establish authenticity. This requires a leap of faith, which can easily be exploited by threat actors. From identity theft to catfishing, cybercriminals use social media to capture information and content from unsuspecting victims, assume their identities, and commit fraudulent activity. 

But the breadth of ways impersonations or fake identities are being used in the security space is growing. As technological advancements improve the quality, customisability, and accessibility of artificial intelligence-enabled content creation, malicious actors are using this technology to exploit images and videos—often taken from social media platforms—and manipulate them into content that can be used for extortion, harassment, misinformation, and reputational damage. 

When disseminated through social media, convincing fake content—deepfakes—can instantly reach millions. A video altered to make it appear as if a CEO was announcing that profits were down could impact a company’s stock price; similarly, a presidential candidate appearing to confess complicity in a crime could lead to the disruption of an election. Although impersonators don’t necessarily need to be using techniques as advanced as deepfakes to cause havoc, such as the case of a fake account for a US pharma company announced it would be distributing free insulin, causing the company’s stock to plummet.

Malware and ransomware infiltrate the social web

Alongside using social media for intelligence gathering and dissemination, cybercriminals also share malicious links on social media directly. These links, harboring anything from viruses, trojans, spyware, and ransomware, help hackers access devices and networks to steal data and take control of systems. 

Of these formats, ransomware is seeing alarming growth. Philippine organizations were found by Unit 42’s Ransomware and Extortion Report to be severely affected by ransomware, with attacks surging to around 60% in 2022.

As public interest in generative AI grows, malicious actors also use this to their advantage, with ChatGPT-themed lures increasingly being used to spread malware across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Earlier this year, Meta’s security teams uncovered 10 malware families using ChatGPT (and similar themes) to deliver malicious software to users’ devices. In one instance, cybercriminals created malicious browser extensions available in official web stores that claim to offer ChatGPT-based tools, which were then promoted on social media and through sponsored search results to trick people into downloading malware. 

Tackling social media-powered cybercrime 

The above are just a few tools among a wide-ranging toolkit that cybercriminals are using to weaponize social media. And with the number of social media users worldwide predicted to grow to close to 6 billion by 2027, the risk that these platforms pose is unlikely to go away.

So what can organizations do to protect their employees? First and foremost, embedding cybersecurity education within the workplace curriculum and regularly testing the effectiveness of that training is crucial. Many companies incorporate measures like rewarding employees that spot phishing attempts and report them to the security operations team, and they see the value these practices can have for promoting cybersafety. 

On a company level, organizations should prioritize embedding a safety-first culture with a plan in place to manage the inevitability of a cyber incident. Business leaders should constantly be identifying, measuring, and evaluating risks and, where possible, limit access to sensitive information to need-to-know employees. Alongside building a robust defense plan, organizations should also establish a social media policy that sets standards around the organization’s online interactions, imposes consequences for misuse of social media, and mandates cyber awareness training for those directly involved with content publishing. 

Sean Duca, Vice President and Regional Chief Security Officer, Japan & Asia Pacific, said, “Ultimately, everyone has the right to feel safe online. And with the threat of a cyberattack ever-present in our personal and professional spaces, education is key to ensuring our digital identities and our business assets remain protected.”


About Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is the world’s cybersecurity leader. We innovate to outpace cyber threats, so organisations can embrace technology with confidence. We provide next-gen cybersecurity to thousands of customers globally, across all sectors. Our best-in-class cybersecurity platforms and services are backed by industry-leading threat intelligence and strengthened by state-of-the-art automation. Whether deploying our products to enable the Zero Trust Enterprise, responding to a security incident, or partnering to deliver better security outcomes through a world-class partner ecosystem, we’re committed to helping ensure each day is safer than the one before. It’s what makes us the cybersecurity partner of choice.

At Palo Alto Networks, we’re committed to bringing together the very best people in service of our mission, so we’re also proud to be the cybersecurity workplace of choice, recognized among Newsweek’s Most Loved Workplaces (2021), Comparably Best Companies for Diversity (2021), and HRC Best Places for LGBTQ Equality (2022). For more information, visit

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