Friday, April 9, 2021

5 Great Perks of Working from Home


It has been a year since most of the companies in the country shifted to a work-from-home (WFH) setup, and despite being the best alternative to stay safe while working, not everybody thinks it makes the best employment arrangement.

There are a lot of things and activities that are terribly missed when working in a physical office, but working at home has great perks as well. Carousell Philippines, the country’s leading online classified platform, created this video of its employees, showing how they have been thriving while working from home for the past year.

1. You can spruce up your workstation any way you want

In a WFH setup, you are your own boss -- in designing your home office, at least -- as you can arrange your workstation to your preferred style. Shares Rapha Lomotan, brand/social strategist, “I set up my home office with my BTS collection in the backdrop, which really inspires me every day because I get to see my idols whenever I work.”

2. You get to adopt a new hobby or just do more of what you really love

You can use the extra hours to do your favorite activities that you would only have time for during weekends. “Now I can easily get my neighbors to play with my board games. That actually saves time, since we can really play right away,” explains Joans Mateo, auto leads.

With your free time, you can also discover new hobbies and activities that you didn’t get the chance to do pre-pandemic. “I now utilize the hours I used to spend for commuting to get more rest and to learn a new hobby to improve myself,” narrates Audrey Martinez, regional marketing associate.

3. You get to bond more with your family

Probably the best benefit to working from home is being closer to your family and having more time to bond with them. Says Karl Magsuci, head of autos, “With a WFH setup, I get to see my son every day and spend time with him as I work.”

4. You no longer get stuck in horrible traffic

Employees who transitioned to working from home get a break from Manila’s daily traffic congestion. Relates Marita Galvez, fashion lead, “I just realized how stressful it is to go to work and begin the day already tired or in a bad mood because of the traffic.Today my commute is super light -- I just wake up, get ready, and just walk three steps to my home office.”

5. You can be more focused at your job within the safety of home

A WFH setup allows you to do your work tasks with more concentration, safely. Carousell Philippines general manager Raffy Montemayor says this is the most important pro when they decided to shift to this work arrangement.

“It is our mission to make buying and selling online more accessible for every Filipino, and do it safely not only for our customers but also for our employees who serve them. Carousell Philippines is continuing its100% work from home setup the entire 2021 and will extend this to 2021 if needed, to continue providing for our customers’ needs while keeping in mind the safety of our employees,” explains Montemayor.

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught Filipino employees, it is making everything work despite the limitations they face and continue doing their jobs the best way they can. Along the way, they are able to discover new ways to effectively serve others and even better ways to improve themselves as individuals.

Carousell WFH

Carousell work from home

Carousell is now hiring! For more information about jobs in Carousell, visit here.


About Carousell

Carousell is a classifieds marketplace that makes selling as easy as taking a photo, buying as simple as chatting. Launched in August 2012, Carousell began in Singapore and is now one of the world's largest and fastest growing marketplaces in eight markets across Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Carousell is backed by Telenor Group, Rakuten Ventures, Naver, Sequoia Capital India, and Naspers. In the Philippines, OLX joins Carousell to bring consumers a diverse range of products across a variety of categories, including autos, property, lifestyle, gadgets and fashion accessories. Download the app for iOS or Android, and visit for more information.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

GCash Launches over 30 Lifestyle Brands on GLife


This current generation is all about doing more with less stress as much as possible, which is why getting easy access to practically everything they need – whether it’s for work or play – has now become more of a necessity than a choice.

For these dynamic individuals who want a more hustle, less hassle life, GCash has launched GLife, which caters to all things food, fashion, beauty, technology, and practically everything essential in everyone’s daily life! GLife can be your personal shopper, food delivery driver, errand saver, and service provider all rolled into one.

“GLife is designed to be a ‘one-stop shop’ virtual platform that meets customers’ lifestyle needs. You can get everything you need – from food to beauty essentials, to groceries and movie tickets – with just a tap on your smartphone. This means a more convenient way to live your daily life, especially if you’re always hustling from one activity to the next,” explains Martha Sazon, President and CEO of GCash.

Here’s what’s on GLife and everything you need to know to enjoy great deals from the brands you love and experience secure transactions all within GCash:

GLife makes GCash your new super life app!

GLife is a new app feature that’s conveniently located inside your GCash dashboard. What the app does is it integrates all other apps and curates your favorite brands, shops, restaurants, and services all in one platform, so you can easily access them and pay conveniently using your GCash.

With GLife, you don’t need to install extra apps on your smartphone just to access on-demand products and services. With one tap, you can easily browse for entertainment, health, shopping, tech, essential services, and other lifestyle needs, and pay for them effortlessly through fast and secure online transactions.

On top of providing all your lifestyle must-haves, GLife is your go-to hub for the latest promos from your favorite brands. This means getting first dibs on the hottest deals that only GCash subscribers will be able to enjoy.

Access your favorite brands and merchants with just a tap

GLife has partnered with a multitude of top brands and partner merchants that are practically everyone’s favorite when craving for good food, shopping for the latest beauty and fashion must-haves, ordering for groceries, and much more.

The best part? GCash subscribers can look forward to exclusive deals from these brands and merchants when accessing their apps via GLife.

Never go “hangry” again when you can order your favorites easily from McDonald’s, KFC, Tapa King, Gong Cha, Kraver’s, Canteen, Peri-Peri, Classic Savory, Bo’s Coffee, Goldilocks, Kitchen City, or FoodPanda with just a few clicks. Add to cart your fashion or beauty finds and other items sweat-free from Lazada and Bench, get instant shop cashback from Findshare, or get your groceries delivered with no fuss from Puregold.

In the mood for gaming? Try Goama Games and win GCash credit vouchers. Need a new gadget? Access the Cherry Shop to get the latest device or DataBlitz to shop for tech finds. You can even manage your Globe at Home account or track or Globe numbers in just a snap when you access the GlobeOne and Globe at Home apps on GLife.

Among the other brands and partner merchants that have tied up with GLife are, GOMO, Gawin, GMovies, AIDE, Mr. Speedy, Generika Drugstore and HairMNL. There are many more to come, as GLIfe is continuously expanding its list of merchants to ensure that all the lifestyle needs of today’s customers are catered to.

GLife mo na ‘yan! and download the GCash app today at to enjoy a good balance of work and play. With this all-in-one super life app, switching from pay time to playtime is easier, faster, and of course, much safer. Watch this video to see the all-in-one super life app in action.

Visual Communications Platform Canva Announces USD 15 Billion Valuation; Launches Suite of Presentations Products for the Workplace


MANILA, PHILIPPINES, 7 April 2021Canva, the global visual communications platform, today announced an updated valuation of USD 15 billion following a USD 71 million investment. This latest valuation affirms Canva as one of the fastest-growing software companies in history, surpassing $500 million annualized revenue this year. The company also formally announced a suite of new features for its flagship workplace product, Canva Presentations, which empowers teams around the world to design with ease and collaborate at scale.

“Now more than ever, teams and workplaces around the world need scalable, collaborative and easy-to-use visual communication products to empower them to achieve their goals,” explained Canva co-founder and CEO, Melanie Perkins. “The launch of Presentations gives workplaces of all sizes a unique, flexible collaboration product that makes work feel like play. I’m incredibly proud of our rapidly growing global team as we work together to empower the world to design.”

Canva Emerges as one of the World’s Fastest-Growing Software Companies 

Canva’s surge in valuation is a direct result of the rapidly growing adoption from teams and workplaces across the globe as the company surpasses more than 55 million monthly active users and achieves a 130% year-over-year increase in annualized revenue while remaining profitable.

Canva has rapidly become the collaboration platform of choice for millions of teams and workplaces in more than 190 countries. Presentations have become the company’s fastest-growing use case, with more than 250 million created to date and 85% of Fortune 500 companies embracing Canva, the company is well poised to replace expensive and complex legacy alternatives.

As the world moves towards an increasingly visual and distributed environment, so does the demand for collaborative platforms that enable everyone to embrace visual communication. Canva’s exponential surge in valuation and increased demand from investors is attributed to the company’s enormous and underserved addressable market, in tandem with the company’s unwavering momentum as the workplace creativity tool of the future. 

“We are pleased to support Canva in its mission to help teams around the world to democratize visual communication,” said Alan Tu, Portfolio Manager of T. Rowe Price Global Technology Fund. “The company’s strong customer loyalty and consistent innovation has led to healthy growth, and we believe that they have the leadership team in place to continue on their path to becoming a much larger company in the future.”

“Canva's growth is a testament to the company’s deep insight into the creative and communication needs of an ever-evolving workplace and its outstanding execution in delivering tools that help teams collaborate and present more effectively,” said Christian Jensen, Partner at Dragoneer. “It’s incredible to see what this nimble and passionate company from Sydney’s emerging tech hub has been able to achieve in such a short period of time. We believe that there are only a small handful of truly special companies being built at any given moment— and Canva is one of them. We are thrilled to be working with Canva as they enter their next phase of growth.”

Canva Launches Suite of Presentation Products for the Modern Workplace

Today, Canva is the only platform that brings the entire design process together, empowering teams and workplaces of any size across every industry to easily achieve their goals while bolstering productivity and staying on brand. As the number of teams embracing Canva continues to surge, the company is investing heavily in its Presentations product for workplaces across the globe, announcing a suite of features designed to support an increasingly digital world as teams and workplaces adapt to a new hybrid model of work.

  • Workplace Templates allow you to start inspired. From business plans, to pitch decks, training manuals, and status trackers, anyone can create a polished presentation.

  • Talking Presentations empowers remote-friendly presentations. Now teams can record a presenter video that accompanies each slide and helps land every point, every time.

  • Canva Live makes engaging presentations effortless. Now you can engage the audience anywhere in the world with live Q&A displayed on the screen during the session. 

  • Mobile-First Presentations bring the power of Canva Presentations on-the-go. Teams can create a deck, share it, comment and review from anywhere.

  • Magic Shortcuts surprise and delight the audience. From “C” for streaming confetti to “D” for a live drumroll, presentations just got a whole lot more interesting.

  • Charts and Infographics simplify data storytelling. Visualize complex information with beautifully crafted infographics and animated charts; live data integrations coming soon.

The work suite of features is backed by Canva’s powerful collaboration tools as well as the platform’s rapidly growing content library of more than 9,000 professionally designed Presentation templates and over 100 million ingredients for design including photos, videos, audio tracks, and illustrations to help start any project inspired.

With more than 600 presentations created per minute, Canva is bolstering productivity and collaboration across leading brands including American Airlines, Live Nation, Kimberly Clark, McKinsey, and Salesforce. For more information on how you can embrace the future of visual communication, visit 

Downloadable Assets

Click here

About Canva

Launched in 2013, Canva is a free online visual communications platform with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design. Featuring a simple drag-and-drop user interface and a vast range of templates ranging from presentations, social media graphics, posters, apparel to videos, plus a huge library of fonts, stock photography, illustrations, video footage, and audio clips, anyone can take an idea and create something beautiful. Canva is available on desktop, web, iOS, and Android.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Don’t let the Pandemic Stop you from Achieving your Life Goals!

AXA Life Goals

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought important realizations about the lives we lead. For many, it is a wake-up call to always be prepared and to continue working on their life goals.

Whether it’s your child’s education, starting your own business, or planning for your dream retirement, let time work to your advantage with AXA Target Date Fund, a Philippine peso-dominated fund that helps manage and grow your investment so you can achieve your long-term goals.

“Even when faced with many uncertainties right now, we must remain committed to our goals because they give our life purpose and direction, and in many cases, allow us to help our loved ones. And AXA is here as your partner to help fulfill those goals with the Target Date Fund,” says Rahul Hora, AXA Philippines chief executive officer and president.

The Target Date Fund diversifies a customer’s investment across a mix of fixed income instruments and stocks. To effectively ride out market volatility and help a client reach his goal, the investment is distributed into different asset classes which are reassessed over time as the client’s target date approaches.

This investment product lets policyholders enjoy AXA’s unique strategy that maximizes growth at the onset and then moves to preserve the investment as one moves closer to the target date of the goal. This is made possible as AXA’s fund managers will prioritize growth-oriented assets, such as equities, at the start. Then, the managers automatically move it for you to conserve assets in order to protect your gains by your target date.

Customers also have the flexibility to choose the date of their desired investment goal completion (2030, 2035, 2040, and 2045). Customers can opt to remain invested in the fund even after reaching their target date as the fund may still offer capital growth given its remaining allocation growth assets.

For new customers, the fund is a built-in feature of AXA insurance products like Asset Master. For existing customers of Ambition X, it is an additional investment option. With the Target Date Fund as part of the single-pay insurance plan, policyholders may have life insurance coverage of at least 125% of their initial investment. No matter what happens, clients can have peace of mind knowing that their investment can help achieve their life goals and that of their loved ones.

Life goals take time, and if you get started on them now, you can make time work to your advantage. For more information on Target Date Fund via AXA Asset Master and other products, visit

Sign to Domino - Full Catalogue Available Digitally for the First Time Ever


Domino are immensely proud to announce the signing of my bloody valentine, with the band’s seminal catalogue being made available digitally in full for the first time ever as of today. New physical editions for each release will follow on 21st May 2021 and are available to pre-order now.

Isn’t Anything and loveless have been mastered fully from analog for deluxe LPs and also mastered from new hi-res uncompressed digital sources for standard LPs, with each being made available widely for the first time ever. Fully analog cuts of m b v will also be available on deluxe and standard LPs globally for the first time.


my bloody valentine, the quartet of Bilinda Butcher, Kevin Shields, Deb Googe and Colm Ó Cíosóig, are widely revered as one of the most ground-breaking and influential groups of the past forty years. During an era in which guitar bands denoted, at best, a retro-classicism, not only did my bloody valentine sound unlike any of their contemporaries, the band achieved the rare feat of sounding like the future.

With their debut album, Isn’t Anything (originally released in 1988), my bloody valentine revolutionised alternative music and heralded a new approach to guitar music for generations to come. The album birthed a sound which became a template for thousands of new subgenres, heralding a new approach to guitar music and studio production. Not only was it a new type of music, it paved the way for a new type of journalism; inciting comparisons to elemental phenomenon, tapping into how the music affected the psyche. Shields and Butcher frequently sang in a similar vocal range that allowed their voices to blend together. This had the effect of making their gender indistinguishable, to the point where their voices could be used as another melodic layer to complement the vertigo-inducing sounds made by Shields’ guitars.

The second my bloody valentine album, loveless, was released in 1991. Musically, it took an unexpected leap forwards, standing ahead of anything released at the time. Shields and the band moved further towards a music of pure sensation, creating textures and tones that could be felt as much as heard; with loveless the band created an album that overwhelmed the senses. loveless is widely considered a flawless whole and rightly regarded as a masterpiece; a 1990s equivalent to Pet Sounds, In A Silent Way or Innervisions, a record constructed by exploring the edges of what a recording studio is capable of. It is a record best experienced as a whole, in one sitting - a listening experience like no other and unmatchable in its sonic brevity.

ep’s 1988-1991 and rare tracks compiles the group’s four EPs, wherein many of their devoted fans’ favourite music lies. You Made Me Realise and Feed Me With Your Kiss both preceded the band’s debut album in 1988 in quick succession. In the gap between Isn’t Anything and loveless, the band released two further EPs; Glider (1990) and Tremolo (1991).

Finally re-emerging in 2013 after two full decades in relative hiding, their third album m b v is by turns their most experimental record but also their most melodic and immediate; proof real of their unerring desire for re-invention. Continuing to push boundaries of both music and genre, m b v is an album of astonishing music, some of which could lay claim to being of a type never been made before. Otherworldly, intimate and a visceral listen, m b v is a startling and beautiful metamorphosis of what was known of the my bloody valentine sound, pushing the boundaries of genre unlike any other band. The album’s closer, “Wonder 2” is an example of this, seeing Shields meld hypnotic guitar with drum’n’bass to astonishing result.

Isn’t Anything (REWIG158), loveless (REWIG159), ep’s 1988-1991 and rare tracks (REWIG162) and m b v (REWIG160) are available to pre-order in limited edition bundles via the mbv store HERE and Domino Mart HERE.

Monday, April 5, 2021

TESDA, Private Sector to Continue Empowering Filipinos amid Pandemic


Taguig City — The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and the private sector vowed to continue the reskilling and upskilling of Filipinos amid the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic.

TESDA, last March 26, forged Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Pilmico Foods Corporation (PILMICO), and Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. (PSFI) to provide skills training to Filipinos.

TESDA Secretary Secretary Isidro Lapeña and PILMICO President and CEO Tristan Roberto Aboitiz signed a MOA which aims to establish partnership between the two partiesto conduct series of live webinars related to baking and cooking programs.

TESDA likewise partnered with Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. (PSFI) through a MOA signed by Lapeña and PSFI Executive Director Sebastian Quiniones, Jr. The partnership aims to improve human capital through industry-based learning and skills development.

Meanwhile, Lapeña also led the virtual signing of the Right of Usufruct with the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA). The arrangement allows TESDA to use LLDA’s 2-hectare lot on which TESDA-LLDA Provincial Training Center (PTC) now stands.

It will also be the site of the TESDA Region 4-A Office which will provide training and livelihood opportunities for the fisherfolk and other stakeholders in the region.

In his speech, Lapeña assured that TESDA is doing its best to adjust its programs and services to adapt to the challenges brought by Covid-19 pandemic.

He likewise expressed his gratitude to PILMICO, PSFI, and LLDA saying that these partnerships are align with TESDA’s guiding principle, “TESDA, Abot Lahat.”

“Through proactive participation of several industries, socio-civic organizations and other government sectors, we stronglybelieve that we will be able to hurdle these obstacles,” he said.

Deputy Director General for TESD Operations Lina Sarmiento and Deputy Director General for Partnerships and Linkages AnicetoBertiz III witnessed the signing.

Since the onset of the pandemic, TESDA has been active in providing training for Filipinos especially Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who were affected by the pandemic.

TESDA has launched several initiatives such as developing and offering a contacttracing training program, enhanced TESDAOnline Program (TOP),and establishment of OFW desks in every TESDA Provincial and Regional Office among others.

Another Blowout treat for Mang Inasal Chicken and Palabok fans

Mang Inasal Chicken

As a special Blowout treat this summer, Mang Inasal is giving two free solo servings of Palabok for every order of Mang Inasal Chicken Inasal Large Family Size.

The must-catch Summer Edition of Mang Inasal’s Takeout and Delivery Blowout runs from April 9 to 23, 2021.

The Summer Blowout allows families to enjoy scrumptious Mang Inasal Palabok—be it for lunch, merienda, or dinner — together with their fave Chicken Inasal!

Customers enjoy Mang Inasal Palabok’s delectable sauces and scrumptious pork chunks, sautéed with the right amount of spices, topped with smokey tinapa bits, crunchy chicharon, slices of hard-boiled egg, and chopped spring onions.

Give in to your food cravings! Order Mang Inasal Chicken Inasal Large Family Size – alongside your other all-time Mang Inasal favorites – via GrabFood, foodpanda, Mang Inasal Delivery Service or through Mang Inasal’s Facebook Messenger.

For a complete listing of the branches that offer takeout and delivery services, visit Interested parties can likewise join the Mang Inasal Viber Community group to keep track of the latest promos and product offers nationwide.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

“MMA’s League Is Back” as Professional Fighters League Launches 2021 Season Campaign


NEW YORK (April 1, 2021): The Professional Fighters League (PFL), the fastest growing and most innovative sports league, today launched the 2021 season kickoff campaign “MMA’s League is Back,” narrated by pro football Hall of Famer and Athlete Advisory Board member, Ray Lewis.

Ahead of the season debut on April 23, PFL Studios created the 60-second spot to rally the 550 million MMA fans around the world as they await the return of the first and only the league to present the sport in a true season format. The promo is part of a larger campaign, “More Than A Fight,” which will be unveiled throughout the season.

The campaign embodies the ethos of PFL and its unique format, as the league’s world-class athletes journey through the regular season and playoffs, each aiming to earn a shot in the championship bout. Every time a fighter steps inside the PFL cage, it’s “More Than A Fight,” as it represents an opportunity for glory, a world championship, and the $1 million prize. The campaign is being distributed across digital, social, and linear platforms, with each video containing the voice of Lewis, who’s intensity and determination resonates throughout the creative.

“PFL’s season format is a game-changer in MMA,” said Lewis. “Every fight means something, and it accelerates the level of intense competition. April 23 – it’s on!”

Last week, Lewis was appointed to the newly formed PFL Athlete Advisory Board, which will be responsible for advancing the sport of MMA globally, identifying and recruiting new talent as well as further evolving the PFL’s fighter-first culture and mission. MMA legend and PFL broadcast team member Randy Couture joins him on the board, with their combined experience and unmatched expertise accelerating the league forward.

“The “MMA’s League Is Back” creative embodies the PFL brand, previewing the star-studded roster and what fans around the globe can expect this year,” said PFL CEO, Peter Murray. “This will undoubtedly be our biggest season yet, as we have elite fighters from more than 25 countries around the world, the best broadcast team in the sport, and a primetime platform when we return to action April 23 on ESPN.”

The creative for the campaign was developed by PFL Studios, led by Chief Digital Officer, Dan Ghosh-Roy, conceptualized by Global Marketing Manager, Goldyn Belgarde, and designed by Art Director, Juliana Barcia. The promo was produced by the agency, Mr. Wonderful.

The upcoming season of the PFL is shaping up to be the league’s most exciting yet, with some of the biggest names in MMA set to make their highly anticipated debuts. Former world champions such as Fabricio Werdum, Anthony Pettis and Claressa Shields will all step into the PFL cage for the first time this season, in addition to returning champions Kayla Harrison, Lance Palmer and Natan Schulte looking to defend their crowns.

In addition to the league’s world-class roster of fighters, the PFL is also set to introduce even more innovations to the sport of MMA via the SmartCage, which gives fans access to real-time statistics known as Cagenomics.

With the addition of world-class talent – from elite fighters to established business executives – and partnering with industry-leading brands such as Anheuser-Busch InBev, GEICO, and Socios, the PFL continues to accelerate its global expansion. Sports fans across more than 160 countries around world will be able to tune in to the league’s highly anticipated return on April 23 in Atlantic City, NJ.


Professional Fighters League (PFL) is the first and only to present MMA in the sports-season format where individual fighters compete in Regular Season, Playoffs, and Championship. PFL is the innovation leader with the PFL SmartCage delivering viewers on-screen fight analytics and real-time prop bets. PFL Roster is second to none with 25% of its fighters ranked in the top 25 in their weight-class. All PFL 2021 Season events are live primetime on ESPN2/ESPN+ in the U.S. and available on leading broadcast and streaming outlets in 160 countries worldwide.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Stay Home and Stock Up on Your Essentials at the Shopee 4.4 Mega Shopping Sale

Shopee Sale

MANILA, MARCH 31, 2021 - During these times when we should limit non-essential trips outside our homes, we need to turn to more convenient ways to stock up on everything we need. Online shopping, which is safer and easier, can help us keep our trips to a minimum and avoid the long queues and waiting times at supermarkets and drugstores.

Nowadays, you can quickly find everything you need online. At Shopee, for instance, you can buy a wide range of necessities and tick all items off your shopping list, including food and groceries, home care products, and work-from-home essentials.

Aside from the variety of products and risk-free shopping, you can also enjoy lots of perks when you shop for your essentials on Shopee. Shopee’s 4.4 Mega Shopping Sale offers discounts up to 90% off, free shipping, and cashback deals. 

Shop these essentials for yourself and your loved ones this April 4: 

Stay virus-free with hygiene must-haves

Always keep a supply of masks, disinfectants, and antibacterial products at home to ensure you and your loved ones are protected from the recent surge in COVID19 cases. Wear a Cleanwell KF94 Mask every time you go out. It features a high-efficiency ultra-static HEFA filter and a comfy, breathable structure. Upon getting home, immediately take a shower using Safeguard Body Wash, which removes 99.9% of germs and slows down their regrowth. Don’t forget to disinfect your car as well. Lysol Disinfecting Spray kills over 100 illness-causing germs, including cold and flu viruses.

Keep your kitchen well-stocked with your staples

Make sure your home is well-stocked with canned goods and other pantry essentials in case of emergencies. Get the day off to a great start with Milo Choco Malt’s yummy combo of malt, cocoa, and milk. Each glass provides essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium. For an easy but nourishing meal, stock up on the preservative- and cholesterol-free Century Tuna Flakes in Oil which contains Omega 3 DHA to boost heart and brain health.

Have all your basic baby care needs on hand

If you’re a new parent, ensure that you have all the products that support your child’s health and comfort. Try incorporating J&J Milk Bath Oats into your baby’s bath routine. This body wash is formulated with milk proteins and oat extracts to gently cleanse, soothe, and moisturize your child’s skin.  Keep your newborn dry and comfy throughout the day with Huggies Dry Diapers, which rapidly absorbs wetness and provides gentle protection for delicate skin.

Boost your productivity with work-from-home essentials

Upgrading your work-from-home setup? Enjoy lag-free video calls and uninterrupted work with Globe at Home Prepaid Wifi, which also comes with free 10GB worth of data. Accessorize your rig with Logitech Wireless Keyboard & Mouse. With this combo, you can finally ditch tangled cords and work wherever you want. For your charging needs, invest in a Xiaomi Power Strip. Aside from organizing cables, it also protects your gadgets by automatically cutting off the power supply once the electric current exceeds the limit of 10A max. 

Shop for your essentials safely from your home while enjoying big discounts at the Shopee 4.4 Mega Shopping Sale. Don’t forget to tune in to All out Sundays on GMA 7 and Shopee Live on April 4, 1:00 PM for a chance to win ₱200,000. For more information, visit

Want more? Top up at least ₱300 on ShopeePay this April 3 for a chance to win ₱20,000. For more information, visit

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.


About Shopee

Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia & Taiwan. Shopee connects shoppers, brands, and sellers across Asia and other fast-growing markets, empowering anyone to buy and sell anywhere and at any time. 

Shopee offers an easy, secure, and engaging experience that is enjoyed by millions of people daily. It offers a wide product assortment, supported by integrated payments and logistics, as well as popular entertainment features tailored for each market. Shopee is also a key contributor to the region’s digital economy with a firm commitment to helping brands and entrepreneurs succeed in e-commerce.

Shopee is a part of Sea Limited (NYSE:SE), a leading global consumer internet company. In addition to Shopee, Sea’s other core businesses include its digital entertainment arm, Garena, and digital financial services arm, SeaMoney. Sea’s mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology.

About ShopeePay

ShopeePay is an integrated mobile wallet that offers users easy access to digital payment services. Launched in the Philippines in 2019, ShopeePay enables a seamless shopping experience by allowing users to make online payments on Shopee, top-up their wallets, and transfer and withdraw funds.

ShopeePay makes it easier to shop and do business. It provides users with a convenient, secure, and rewarding payment option; it empowers businesses and helps them capture new opportunities. 

ShopeePay is part of SeaMoney, the digital financial services arm of Sea Group. A leading digital payments and financial services provider in Southeast Asia, SeaMoney’s mission is to better the lives of individuals and businesses in the region with financial services through technology.