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Jollibee Group Cited Anew in ASEAN Corporate Governance Awards

MANILA, Philippines. – The Jollibee Group has once again been awarded with a 1-Golden Arrow Recognition from the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard (ACGS) Golden Arrow Awards, acknowledging the company’s success in responsible and transparent business practices.

Organized by the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD), the award recognizes the top Philippine publicly listed companies in corporate governance based on the ACGS.

“Getting cited again by the ASEAN ACGS validates our dedication to integrity, accountability, and transparency, ensuring that we conduct business ethically as an organization,” said Ernesto Tanmantiong, Jollibee Group President and CEO. “This is also consistent with our commitment to strong ESG practices that are aligned with our Joy for Tomorrow Global Sustainability Agenda, in which our business success is closely linked with our ability to create a beneficial influence on both society and the planet.”

According to ICD, the Golden Arrow is awarded to companies that achieved a score of at least eighty points in the ACGS Assessment, which means the company has exhibited observable conformance with the Philippine Code of Corporate Governance and internationally recommended corporate governance practices as espoused by the ACGS.

It measures the performance of companies in the areas of facilitating the rights and the equitable treatment of shareholders, how they relate to their different stakeholders, ensuring transparency and accountability thru timely disclosure of material information, and how the board guides the company strategically, monitors the management, and ensures the board’s accountability to the company and the shareholders.

The scorecard is composed of 184 questions based on publicly available disclosures on the companies’ websites. It aims to raise the corporate governance standards and practices of the country and to make well-governed Philippine publicly listed companies attractive to investors.

Redeem Premium Benefits with MyOPPO App's Exclusive Treats for Find N3 Flip Owners

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Web3 Gaming: Building the Future of the Philippines with Local and International Support

TAGUIG, Philippines (November 29, 2023) — There are six sectors that are driving the digital economy in the Philippines, according to Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Undersecretary Jocelle Batapa-Sigue at the recently concluded YGG Web3 Games Summit. "The second sector after transport is gaming, and it means that we really have a very robust and vibrant gaming industry," she noted.

The first-ever YGG Web3 Games Summit, organized by Yield Guild Games, was held in Bonifacio Global City from November 18 to 25 with the support of Hyperplay, Aura, Globe, and others. The summit brought together over 90 local and international Web3 game developers, content creators, esports athletes, Web3 VCs and various government officials for a week-long celebration of Web3 gaming and showcased the community committed to securing the Philippines’ role as the home of Web3 gaming adoption.

YGG Pilipinas Country Lead Mench Dizon described the summit as “the Web3 games event to watch out for,” with the summit being the equivalent of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco but for Web3 games. 

We need to design for the future that we want, starting with Web3

It was perhaps Batapa-Sigue who left the audience with the strongest rallying cry to the future of Web3 gaming in the Philippines: “We need to create the future that we want.”

“I am challenging this generation, this innovative start-up generation. Let’s move from 0 to 1, let’s create and start things, and the government is here to help you experiment. Make sure if you fail, you fail wisely and you pivot immediately because that is what we need. We need to be creative, we need to design for the future that we want, starting with Web3,” she said.

“We take a look at the community and we search for champions, and so I am happy that I am now in the midst of them, you have Atty. Nathan Marasigan, founding trustee of Web3 Association Philippines, and of course Mr. Gabby Dizon here of Yield Guild Games and all of the other Web3 founders. And we are happy that we have this thriving community of champions and founders,” continued Batapa-Sigue, closing “What we do is we empower and equip these champions, we catalyze them, we look for platforms and ways to put the blessings of the government towards you coming together and creating your own ecosystems.”

The Philippines remains the beating heart of Web3 gaming

In a strong assertion of the Philippines’ dominance in the global Web3 gaming ecosystem, Sky Mavis co-founder Jeffrey “Jihoz” Zirlin took the stage to announce the return of Axie Classic and acknowledged the pivotal role Filipinos have played in the success of Axie Infinity and also the Ronin blockchain which has third party games being built on it, such as the current hit Web3 game Pixels. 

“In the last day, 82,000 Filipinos have played Pixels, and I am looking directly at the Google Analytics data. These are real people, these are Filipinos. Ronin is back. The Philippines is back. It is clear, as we enter a new cycle, that the Philippines remains the beating heart of Web3 gaming,” he said.

It is not just Sky Mavis looking to the Philippines for Web3 adoption since the local community is far ahead of the adoption curve. “Asian countries are markets that really understand Web3, blockchain, and user-generated content and how they can engage into it and leverage it, not only from the brand perspective but also from the creators’ and player’s perspectives,” stated Sebastien Borget, The Sandbox Co-Founder. 

Other global developers took this opportunity to test and launch a slew of new Web3 games in the Philippines via the YGG Web3 Games Summit. Among them were Ragnarok Landverse, a free-to-play Web3 game that serves as the follow-up to Ragnarok Online, the MMORPG much loved by by Filipino gamers for almost two decades, PROJECT XENO, Parallel, Star Atlas, Nine Chronicles M, MetaCene, Riftstorm, Cryptopia, Mighty Action Heroes and more.

With the global appetite for Web3 and cryptocurrency dulled by regulatory uncertainty in many parts of the world, the national government’s presence coupled with the impressive list of international Web3 game developers present, signaled an exciting shift in sentiment.

“For the next two years at least, all of these games will first launch in Southeast Asia. When it comes to Southeast Asia, the country that leads in terms of Web3 gaming adoption is the Philippines,” Dizon said.

Bringing global opportunities to Filipino Web3 gamers

Serving as the heart of the country’s vibrant Web3 gaming community are the local guilds who continued to play Web3 games throughout different market conditions. For Dizon, the summit could not have been more timely, with such an impressive roster of hot Web3 games launching at the summit, gaming guilds are back stronger than ever. With these new Web3 games being launched, many on par with the quality of traditional games, he foresees that Filipino gamers more accustomed to mobile and console gaming will explore the benefits of Web3 gaming.

“For all of us here, we want millions of people to come in. We want the games to be fun and be accessible to all types of gamers and we want to introduce them to Web3 elements when they delve deeper,” he said. Dizon also explained that some Web3 games are free to play, with gamers given the chance to own a part of the virtual economy by purchasing in-game non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


Adding to that local appeal with free-to-play elements, are games like Anito Legends, a strategic auto-battler inspired by Filipino mythology and developed by Filipinos but with global appeal. Anito Legends co-founder and CMO Jayvee Fernandez emphasized the need to introduce a truly Pinoy game to which Filipinos can relate and connect. 

“We’re making use of Filipino folklore, tikbalang the saranay, the alan, all of these mythical creatures put together,” he said.

To ensure that Filipinos are able to take full advantage of this global opportunity, YGG has a variety of structured programs to build up skills and reward the community through education and achievement initiatives like the Guild Advancement Program (GAP) and Superquests, and as well as events like the YGG Web3 Games Summit and the various community events they host year round. The summit proved a valuable opportunity to reinforce the viability of pursuing a career in Web3, through the live learning sessions by YGG’s Web3 Metaversity program which was open to all attendees during the web3 gaming expo.

For those taking their Web3 gaming more seriously, the summit also included cosplay competitions and esports tournaments. Supporting all those who chose to get competitive in their Web3 gaming, legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao was on hand to award a total of $100,000 cash prizes to the winners of the PROJECT XENO Pro Tour Manila esports tournament held as part of the YGG Web3 Games Summit.

The celebrity support for Web3 gaming didn’t end there. Barangay Ginebra San Miguel players Jared Dillinger and Tony Bishop, meanwhile, delighted the conference delegates earlier in the week with a game showcase of the co-op top-down action shooter Riftstorm live on stage.

“I've been lucky enough to build a career doing what I love, playing basketball, but not every Filipino gets to do that. I see Web3, especially Web3 gaming, as a chance for every Filipino to learn about technology and build a better future for themselves doing what they love, playing games.” said Dillinger. “As we saw the YGG Web3 Games Summit, Filipinos dominate Web3 gaming today and the whole world knows it, but if we double down now on education for players and support for the industry, there will be no stopping us in the future.”

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Virtuous Innovation Goes on Full Display at the 2023 OPPO Inspiration Challenge Global Final Demo Event

Virtuous Innovation Goes on Full Display at the 2023 OPPO Inspiration Challenge Global Final Demo Event
The five winning teams of the 2023 OPPO Inspiration Challenge

OPPO announced the five winning proposals of 2023 OPPO Inspiration Challenge following the completion of the Global Final Demo Event in Singapore. Initiated by the OPPO Research Institute and supported by Qualcomm, GSMA 5G IN, Amazon Web Services and LinkedIn, this year’s Inspiration Challenge saw entrants submit proposals in the two categories of “Inspiration for People” and “Inspiration for the Planet”, each aimed at identifying powerful solutions that support OPPO’s belief in “Virtuous Innovation”. Following three regional challenges and an acceleration camp, five winning proposals were selected from among 687 proposals submitted by teams based in 66 countries and regions worldwide. These teams will go on to engage in further collaboration with OPPO and its partners to bring their ideas to life.

“We are extremely grateful for the collaborative support of our partners and to all the technology professionals and entrepreneurs who have taken part in this year’s OPPO Inspiration Challenge, especially the top five teams who truly demonstrated the incredible potential of innovative technology,” said Jason Liao, President of the OPPO Research Institute. “Following five months of extensive evaluation, we have seen many innovative and cutting-edge solutions to a number of critical but overlooked social issues raised by start-ups from around the world. Together, through the Inspiration Challenge, we look forward to working with these teams to bring the power of virtuous innovation to all corners of the world.”

President of the OPPO Research Institute, Jasion Liao, delivers the opening remark at the Global Final Demo Event

During the Global Final Demo Event, OPPO collaborated with 6 startup teams from both this and last year to showcase their cutting-edge products and prototypes. Among them, Bluepha Co., Ltd. has teamed up with OPPO to create environmentally friendly packaging for mobile phones, as well as art installations made from biodegradable materials that showcase both the lightness and flexibility of OPPO’s foldable smartphones and OPPO’s commitment to the environment. Woola, another sustainability-focused startup, demonstrated its packaging for the OPPO Watch made from recycled wool. One of the winners of last year’s Inspiration Challenge, TangTang Quan, returned to the stage this year to demonstrate the results of its collaboration with OPPO promoting a blood glucose monitoring function for the OPPO Watch 4 Pro that enables diabetes patients to monitor their blood glucose levels in real time using a customized smart watch interface. 

The onsite demo area at the Global Final Demo Event

This year, OPPO also teamed up with Deloitte China for the first time to launch an Acceleration Camp prior to the Global Final Demo Event. During the camp, experts from the OPPO Research Institute joined members of OPPO’s software, hardware, investment, universities and research, IoT departments, and industry experts from Deloitte to engage in discussions with the top 15 teams and provide advice on technology, industry trends, and the business prospects of their proposals. 

Acceleration Camp of 2023 OPPO Inspiration Challenge

At the end of the event, five winning proposals were ultimately selected from among fifteen finalists by a panel of judges comprising members of the OPPO Research Institute, OPPO’s investment department and experts from Temasek International, GSMA, Fidelity International and XNode. The judges assessed the proposals against the four criteria of Feasibility, Innovation and Originality, Long-term Potential, and Social Values, with winning teams each receiving a grant of USD $50,000 plus opportunities to further develop their ideas in collaboration with OPPO and its partners. Further to this, “3D interactive platform” and “Flint Paper Battery” were awarded the People’s Choice awards in the “Inspiration for People” and “Inspiration for the Planet” categories, and “Impulse (Non Surgical Hearing Aid)” and “Flint Paper Battery” received the Media Choice awards.

The Winners of the 2023 OPPO Inspiration Challenge

OPPO will continue to bring together technology professionals, entrepreneurs, and startup teams through the Inspiration Challenge to develop and implement innovative solutions that enable more people to benefit from the power of technology. 

To learn more about the OPPO Inspiration Challenge and the winning proposals from this year’s competition, please visit the official website at

Enjoy an Immersive Viewing Experience with the OPPO Pad Air

We live in a world where media and content consumption continues to change. Gone are the days where we could only watch movies in the cinemas or had to follow the program schedule of our favorite TV show. Now, we are able to watch anywhere and anytime as we please, all with a few swipes of our fingertips.

But while being able to enjoy content at any given time and place is one thing, how you experience viewing it is another. Enter the OPPO Pad Air, a stylish yet practical tablet that not only gives one access to their preferred content but also provides a truly immersive viewing experience. 

Bigger and Brighter device with a stylish design 

The OPPO Pad Air features ultra-narrow bezels and an 83.5% screen-to-body ratio which is perfect whether you are binging on your favorite series or streaming your go-to feel-good movie. It also has a Dolby Atmos quad-speaker system that presents true symmetrical stereo sound. 

The OPPO Pad Air boasts of a 2K HD eye care display ​​making the screen brightness softer at night to lessen dizziness when you spend hours on screen. It also has dual eye comfort certification that protects your eyes from harmful blue light emissions, plus reduces eye strain caused by prolonged usage. 

OPPO Pad Air’s superb features are packaged in an aesthetically slim and lightweight design of  6.94mm in thickness and weighing just 440g. This makes it easy to bring it anywhere you want. Its ergonomic design offers unparalleled user experience through comfort and portability. 

Massive Battery and  Fast Charging Feature

The OPPO Pad Air has a massive  7,100 mAh battery that allows you to be powered the whole day. Even when you do run out of battery, the 18W battery is designed for high-speed charging ensures you stay powered up without long waits.

Seamless performance for your entertainment fix

The OPPO Pad Air is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon® 680 Chipset which delivers long-lasting and seamless interactions. With 8 CPU cores, and AI System Booster 2.1, the OPPO Pad Air allows you to switch apps in social media, play mobile games, and view photos or videos with ease. The OPPO Pad Air is also capable of External Memory Support MicroSD of up to 512GB. 

Part of OPPO Pad Air’s seamless performance is its ColorOS 13.1 Android system that lets you effortlessly cast your phone screen to the tablet for an immersive viewing experience and productivity across devices. There’s also a file drag and drop function by simply touching and holding a file, letting it float, and effortlessly drag it to another app for seamless processing. This can be best paired with the OPPO Reno 10 Pro + 5G. 

Stream, browse with ease and comfort anywhere you go with the OPPO Pad Air. The OPPO Pad Air is priced at PHP 11,999 and is available in the Fog Gray colorway. 

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Get Amazing Deals and Save Up to Php 6,000 on HONOR gadgets this Payday Sale!

Get Amazing Deals and Save Up to Php 6,000 on HONOR gadgets this Payday Sale!

Manila, Philippines, November 29, 2023 – Treating yourself doesn’t have to be expensive! Get up to Php 6,000 off on select devices including HONOR 70 5G, HONOR X6, HONOR X7, HONOR X8, and HONOR X9 this Payday Sale from November 28 to December 2, 2023 via Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok Shop.

“I am encouraging everyone to treat yourselves once in a while especially after almost a year of hardwork! Excited for people to enjoy these exclusive discounts now that the Holidays is fast-approaching,” said Stephen Cheng, HONOR Philippines Vice President.

Feel the Holiday breeze on your payday with HONOR 70 5G. Recognized for delivering exceptional photographic quality, this smartphone has been acknowledged as the best buy for 2022-2023. From its original price of Php 26,990, you can avail HONOR 70 at Php 20,990 with FREE Honor Gift Set worth Php 2,499. 

For a limited stock, HONOR X8 is up for dibs with Php 6,500 off from its original price of Php 12,990 down to Php 6,490 that comes with a FREE Earbuds Pro upon purchase. 

HONOR fans may also enjoy a Php 4,500 discount from standard retail price of Php 14,990 down to Php 10,490 with FREE Earbuds Pro for every purchase of HONOR X9.

Following the HONOR X series sale, HONOR X7 is also available at a lower price on Payday for only Php 6,990 from its original price of Php 9,990. It can be enjoyed with a FREE Earbuds Pro as well. On the other hand, champion for its affordability is HONOR X6 with a Php 1,000 discount from Php 6,990 to Php 5,990. 

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Jollibee Group Wins Multiple Citations at the 13th Institutional Investor Corporate Awards

MANILA, Philippines.– The Jollibee Group won multiple citations, including the Most Improved Investor Relations (IR) among Philippine companies, at the Alpha Southeast Asia’s 13th Institutional Investor Corporate Awards 2023.

The Jollibee Group was among the eight (8) best-managed companies in the Philippines. It was also cited in three of the five main categories, including ‘Most Organized Investor Relations,’ ‘Best Senior Management IR Support,’ and ‘Most Consistent Dividend Policy.’

Investor choices for the categories mentioned were narrowed down to the top five. The Jollibee Group ranked fourth in the ‘Most Organized Investor Relations,’ second in the ‘Best Senior Management IR Support,’ and fourth in the ‘Most Consistent Dividend Policy.’

“We are honored to have been given these recognitions, which validate our collective efforts in the company to drive excellence, consistency, and innovation in what we do,” said Richard Shin, Jollibee Group Chief Financial Officer. “This award comes at an opportune time as we are celebrating our 45 years in business, and so we share this recognition with our investors, whose trust and confidence in the Jollibee Group inspire us to continue delivering value and our mission of serving great-tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone.”

Thirty-eight (38) publicly listed companies from Southeast Asia were ranked in this year’s poll. The winners were determined by the Corporate Institutional Investor Poll, which is the first and only Southeast Asian focused poll and the leading perceptions-based poll that gauges performance in financial management, adherence to corporate governance, integrated reporting, corporate social responsibility, and investor relations.

The Alpha Southeast Asia team successfully collected votes from more than 586 participants across the region, as well as the US and Europe. The participants included fund managers with investment interests in Southeast Asia, large institutional investors, insurance companies, pension funds, funds of hedge funds, private banks, equity and fixed income brokers, and buy and sell-side analysts.

Established in 2007, Alpha Southeast Asia is the first and only institutional investment magazine focused on Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam).

Store-Specific Planogram: AI-Driven Trend that Changes Retail Space Planning

In the retail industry, customer expectations are straightforward: they want to easily find the products they need and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience. If a store falls short in these aspects, it risks losing its place as a preferred shopping destination for customers. That is precisely why the foundation of a great customer experience lies in effective space planning.

Commonly referred to as a planogram, space planning involves optimizing a store's layout and product placement to enhance customer experiences and increase sales. Effective strategies include positioning high-demand and seasonal items near the entrance, ensuring accessibility and visibility in key areas, and adapting layouts based on sales data and customer feedback.

In the Philippines, planogram preparation is mainly a manual process, although retailers use digital tools for sales data analysis. However, for larger retailers dealing with extensive data and numerous products, manual adjustments can become overwhelming. 

Through advanced tech, retail space planning driven by artificial intelligence is now possible. This is in the form of store-specific planograms. RELEX Solutions, a leading supply chain and retail solutions provider, shares its insights on this emerging trend.

“A store-specific or local planogram is one designed for a particular store or location.  Unlike a standardized planogram that may be used for multiple stores, a local planogram takes into account the unique characteristics of a specific store, such as its layout, customer demographics, and sales data,” said Donald “DJ” Felbaum, Head of Sales for the Philippines at RELEX Solutions. “It is tailored to the individual needs and conditions of that particular location to optimize product placement and merchandising to drive sales and improve customer service.”

However, it is often seen as challenging and time-consuming due to the anticipation of lengthy, costly, and uncertain implementation projects. For instance, imagine a retailer with 1,000 stores, each needing weekly updates to five planograms. If one planner creates ten planograms daily, it would require an impractical workforce of 100 planners, along with ongoing training. But the integration of AI and machine learning automation can address these challenges. AI-powered automation can help users configure parameters and apply them across thousands of planograms, saving costs and avoiding additional expenses related to inventory adjustments for layout and local consumer preferences.

The benefits of AI-generated local planogram optimization also include precise store shelf configuration and a one-touch replenishment model. This approach, which enables immediate stacking of incoming stock onto display units, facilitates one-way inventory that results in cost reduction by eliminating the need for staff to transport excess stock to back rooms, enhancing the efficient use of available storage space, and reducing restock frequency of fast-selling products. 

Furthermore, AI and machine learning automation usher in interactive, standardized merchandising reports. These insights unveil concealed issues and provide both macro and micro data perspectives, empowering retailers to proactively optimize product placement, fine-tune pricing, and enhance inventory management. 

Store-specific planograms epitomize the future of space retail planning, optimizing product placement, and enhancing customer satisfaction. Harnessing advanced technology in retail, this tailored approach allows retailers to adapt swiftly to market changes, leading to elevated customer experience, improved profitability, and fostering brand loyalty.

HUAWEI Brings Great Gifts For You and Your Loved Ones this Season!

Christmas in the Philippines is a culture known globally so what better way to slay the holiday season than by ticking off everyone’s wish list and getting those HUAWEI gadgets to delight you and your loved ones. Nobody enjoys festivities with a Grinch-like atmosphere, so ensure your merry presence at family reunions, office parties, and friend group gatherings by playing the role of Santa.

There is something exciting for everyone and every budget so be sure to check out and grab these gifts from HUAWEI with discounts and freebies until December 31, 2023 available in all HUAWEI Experience Store, HUAWEI online store, Shopee, Lazada and authorized retail outlets near you. 





Celebrate the holidays in style with the HUAWEI WATCH GT 4, a sophisticated blend of contemporary design and wellness-focused functionalities. This intelligent timepiece showcases a chic geometric aesthetic, premium materials, and a vibrant AMOLED screen, making it a fashionable accessory for all your festive gatherings. The HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 stands out as a versatile and elegant companion for a more intelligent and health-conscious lifestyle. Prices for this stylish holiday accessory start at Php 12,999 to Php 18,999 with a free coffee tumbler and watch strap worth Php 5,998. Trade-in is also available for both Huawei and non-Huawei products and get a Php3,000 add-on voucher to be assessed in the store. 


FreeBuds Pro 3

Celebrate the season with the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 3, a harmonious fusion of style and cutting-edge audio technology. These flagship earbuds showcase Ultra-Hearing Dual Drivers, delivering high-resolution audio spanning from 14 Hz to 48 kHz. The FreeBuds Pro 3 guarantees a complete and immersive audio experience. Choose from three nature-inspired colors, enjoy up to 31 hours of listening time, and embrace the festive spirit with these exceptional earbuds priced at Php 10,999 with a free coffee tumbler worth Php 999. 


MatePad 11 PaperMatte Edition

Perfect for hardworking students and life-long learners loved ones, the HUAWEI MatePad 11" PaperMatte Edition is a transformative ally, addressing the multifaceted challenges of learning. Featuring a certified anti-glare screen, this tablet minimizes eye strain during prolonged study sessions and offers a comfortable viewing experience. Priced at Php 29,999, you’ll surely feel the Christmas vibe as it comes with a total freebie value of Php 19,896 such as the 2nd Generation HUAWEI M-pencil, magnetic keyboard, PC-level WPS and mouse. You can also avail the Php 3,000 trade in token in select stores this season!


MateBook D16

The HUAWEI MateBook D16 is crafted to enchant your holiday tech adventures with its extraordinary features. The 16-inch bezel-less screen, certified for eye comfort, creates a captivating viewing experience, perfect for cozy Christmas movie marathons. Powered by a 12th Gen Intel Core™ Standard Pressure Processor with Intel Iris Xe graphics, the MateBook D16 offers seamless integration with HUAWEI smartphones, tablets, monitors, and smart screens through Super Device technology, enhancing collaboration in an AI-enhanced Smart Office workflow. Get all these amazing features plus the most unbelievable price drop from Php 51,999 to Php 45,999 with a free backpack and gift box worth Php 3,889 only this Christmas season.


P60 Pro

'Tis the season of joy, and the Huawei P60 Pro brings holiday cheer with groundbreaking photography innovations that meet the evolving needs of smartphone users today. Unwrapping the camera features reveals a 48MP primary camera with variable aperture and stabilization, a 48MP telephoto with 3.5x optical zoom and telemacro enhancements, and a 13MP autofocus ultrawide lens for capturing holiday moments. The front camera joins the celebration, maintaining the festive consistency found in recent high-end Huawei phones, showcasing a 13MP sensor with an 18mm wide-angle lens. Grab this delight starting at Php 58,999 up to Php 69,999 with a free GT3 SE and FreeBuds Pro 2 worth Php 18,998. You can also get additional Php 13,000 add-on vouchers when you trade-in Huawei smartphones in select stores. 

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