Friday, November 24, 2023

DTI Releases Noche Buena Price Guide; Trade and Industry Chief Urges Consumers to Compare Products and Exercise Right to Choose

MAKATI CITY–On 22 November 2023, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has released this year’s Noche Buena Price Guide for the information and guidance of consumers in light of the upcoming holiday season.   

“One of the Department’s mandates is to promote consumer rights and responsibilities. During this holiday season, we are highlighting consumer’s right to choose, and the responsibility for critical awareness, specifically the responsibility to compare prices. As such, the DTI published the Noche Buena Price Guide, urging consumers to consider all available options for their Noche Buena needs. Through this, we are giving our consumers the options to compare and choose the products that suit their budget and taste,’’ Secretary Fred Pascual said. 

Currently, the price guide has 240 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) from 22 Noche Buena manufacturers. The Noche Buena list consists of 12 categories: Ham, Fruit Cocktail, Cheese, Keso de Bola, Mayonnaise, Sandwich Spread, Pasta/Spaghetti Noodles including, Elbow and Salad Macaroni, Spaghetti and Tomato Sauce, and All-Purpose Cream.  

This year’s Noche Buena Price Guide features tips for consumers and highlights SKUs with no change in or have decreased prices.  A total of 21 SKUs decreased their prices while 34 had no price change.   

For this year, the prices of ham ranges from PHP169.00 to PHP898.50; queso de bola from PHP210.00 to PHP445.00; fruit cocktail from PHP57.72 to PHP293.86; cheese from PHP47.15 to PHP420.00; mayonnaise from PHP24.70 to PHP245.85; all-purpose cream from PHP36.00 to PHP6.00 sandwich spread from PHP27.00 to PHP263.60; pasta/spaghetti from PHP25.50 to PHP113.00 elbow macaroni from PHP23.00 to PHP124.00; tomato sauce from PHP15.50 to PHP92.25; salad macaroni from PHP36.50 to PHP123.00 and spaghetti sauce from PHP23.55 to PHP103.00.  

Based on several meetings of DTI officials with manufacturers, they committed to keeping these prices effective until Media Noche this year. 

Further, consumers are also urged to watch out for discounts, promo deals, and giveaways to get the best value for their money. 

The 2023 Noche Buena Price Guide may be accessed on the DTI website. 

For consumer-related concerns and queries, you may send an email to or reach us through the One-DTI (1-384) Hotline. 

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