Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Forest Crest Nature Hotel and Resort is Proud to Present its enchanting Magical Christmas


 Promising a memorable experience for the entire family. This highly anticipated event, known as the ‘Ultimate Christmas Village in the South,’ kicked off with the illumination of a magnificent Christmas tree at the heart of the village. The sparkling lights and warm ambiance immediately captured the attention and hearts of visitors.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement as the crowd eagerly counted down to the tree lighting. When the lights finally illuminated the tree, cheers erupted, and the village instantly came alive with the spirit of Christmas. Guests of all ages were delighted by the variety of entertainment and delights offered throughout the event.

Talented mascots and performers took to the stage, captiva ting the audience with their lively acts. The entire village was adorned with enchanting decorations, with festive ornaments and twinkling lights adorning every corner. The dedication of the Forest Crest Nature Hotel and Resort team was evident in every aspect of the event.

Situated on the boundary of Tagaytay and Batulao, Forest Crest Nature Hotel and Resort went above and beyond to ensure that guests had an unforgettable experience. Despite the challenges faced by the community, their resilience and spirit shone through as they united to create something truly magical.


Ferdinand Pulia, the general manager of Forest Crest, expressed their commitment to providing a fun and memorable experience for guests. He emphasized that guest satisfaction is their top priority, especially during these challenging times caused by the pandemic. Pulia also expressed his gratitude to customers for their trust and support, acknowledging that their loyalty played a vital role in the success of the event.

Despite the challenges faced by the tourism sector, Forest Crest Nature Hotel and Resort continues to show growth and development through their dedication and the support of their partners. They strive to diversify their offerings and create unique experiences, ensuring that visitors have an unforgettable time.

In conclusion, Forest Crest Nature Hotel and Resort’s ‘Ultimate Christmas Village in the South’ offers a magical experience for the whole family. With its stunning decorations, lively entertainment, and warm festive ambiance, it is a must-visit destination during the holiday season. The dedication and resilience of the team behind the event, along with the support of customers and partners, have made this event a resounding success.

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