Sunday, February 1, 2015

Yamaha Tricity - Lean to a New Trend

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, January 24-25, 2015 — Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. unveils the latest in transportation ingenuity, the Yamaha Tricity. The SM Mall of Asia Concert grounds became the site of its grand launch where the country would witness and experience the future of personal mobility. A revolutionary design that is meant to create a new standard city commuter, it is equally efficient as it is practical without having to sacrifice the quality of its overall performance. This exclusive feeling is indescribable; the only way to really know how the Tricity will redefine your lifestyle in the city is by riding it.

Built for a unique but natural movement, the core of this new commuter vehicle technology is the Leaning Multi Wheel or LMW. This system allows two front wheels to deal with changes in different road surfaces while keeping both tires in contact with the road as it leans. It provides a unique experience during each ride that is felt in every turn; any angle; surpassing the standards of style, performance, and technological innovation.

Different celebrities and personalities made their presence felt during the 2-day extravaganza to become part of the newest style fad in the motoring world. The stars wouldn’t be the only ones who would take it for a spin; everyone had the chance to feel a unique way to move. The test riding area has been retrofitted to showcase the abilities of the Tricity, the track included speed bumps, wet spots, ramps, and uneven surfaces. Also present were the executives of YMPH. President, Mr. Toru Osugi; Sales and Marketing Director, Mr. Kaoru Ogura; Sales General Manager, Mr. Romeo Tan; and Marketing Section Manager, Mr. Ryan Jude Camus.

Created to fit the urban lifestyle of the city trendsetter, the Yamaha Tricity has finally arrived. The world was set into full rev when it became part of Thailand’s budding metropolis; it hit the streets of Japan where it was received with such curiosity being the first of its kind; then it was a steady leaning takeover in Europe where the locals learned how to move, live, and love. Now in the Philippines, it takes the Filipino lifestyle to a whole new level by teaching the country how to Move Like No Other. Ride it for yourself, visit your nearest Yamaha 3S Shop and be part of a movement that redefines the future of transportation, today.

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