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Tiktok can’t get enough of Jake Miller. The hugely popular pop singer/songwriter/producer who went viral on social media for his hit single “Dazed and Confused” is once again the center of Tiktok attention with the Jake Miller Dance Challenge for his EMPIRE-released single “Leave My Heart Alone”. Tiktok celebrities with millions of followers including the Marie Twins (@sabbyandsophia), Jade Bulambao (@jadebulambao), Yhesha Pega (@yheshapega22), Rex Manalang (@rexmanalang_dump) and Angela (@gela_vrd) are leading the way for the exciting challenge that will award winning entries with personally signed Jake Miller vinyls that will surely become collectors’ items in the near future.



Marie Twins


Even BTS’ Jungkook recently livestreamed himself dancing to Jake Miller’s song “The Girl That’s Underneath”, and as you might expect, the video immediately became viral. Now fans of BTS are clamoring for a collaboration between the two mega artists, and Jake Miller already said he wants to do it.


With music streams in the hundreds of millions, sold-out tours, and millions of followers on social media, critically acclaimed Jake Miller has proven himself as a bonafide music superstar. The chance therefore to win a prized collector’s item personally signed by him has completely taken Tiktok by storm. And in case you’re wondering, yes, there is still time to post your entry and get your chance to win one of those coveted autographed vinyls! All you have to do to join this much-talked-about Tiktok contest is create your own dance choreography for the chorus of “Leave My Heart Alone” (from 1:23 to 1:43 of the track) and put these hashtags: #leavemyheartalone #dancechallenge #jakemiller #foryour #fyp


Winners will be chosen by EMPIRE among the field of entries and will be contacted through their respective Tiktok accounts for their prize. So get your dance shoes on and post your entry if you still haven’t!


“Leave My Heart Alone” comes from Jake Miller’s latest EP—“BASED ON A TRUE STORY II”—a sequel to his widely celebrated 2019 project “BASED ON A TRUE STORY”. The renowned artist himself admits that this particular single is his favorite from his latest EP. And who can blame him? It’s awesome music and a perfect continuation of his TRUE STORY!


About Jake Miller


Beyond posting up streams in the hundreds of millions, selling out tours, attracting millions of followers on social media, and earning critical acclaim, countless fan tattoos speak to the impact of Jake Miller. Fans proudly sport lyrics on their skin from “I’m Alright” and “A Million Lives,” among others. As such, the Florida-raised and Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and producer has quietly emerged as a magnetic pop presence on his own terms uplifted by

world-class showmanship, no holds barred honesty, and dynamic delivery. Miller only strengthens this connection to his devout audience, dubbed “The Millertary,” with each subsequent release. He made waves with 2014’s Dazed and Confused EP, boasting “Dazed and Confused” [feat. Travie McCoy] and “Ghost” [feat. Nikki Flores]. On its heels, Rumors [2015] popped off as the title track “Rumors” gathered tens of millions of streams. He maintained this

momentum with projects such as Overnight EP [2016], 2:00am in LA [2017], and Silver Lining [2018]. Along the way, he shared the stage with the late Mac Miller, Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, and Fifth Harmony in addition to performing on NBC’s Today Show and LIVE with Kelly and Ryan.


2021’s Silver Lining II marked yet another high watermark. People exclusively premiered the album, while it received praise from EUPHORIA., Rif, and The Honey Pop who described it as an “extraordinary experience.” In support of Silver Lining II, he launched the “hi, i missed you” Tour, packing houses across North America. He continues to inspire on a series of 2022 singles and his forthcoming fifth full-length album [EMPIRE].







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