Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Vitorrio's Steakhouse - New House of Steaks in QC

Only more than a couple of months old this amazing steakhouse is already attracting more clients in the area where the restaurant is situated.

We got a chance to visit this restaurant to try out the menu that they have and to know a little background of the restaurant as well which is owned by Chef Victor Daluz backed with years of experience as Ship Chef and Chef for their family owned restaurant in the US. The restaurant is actually just below a recording studio and naturally when you dine in this restaurant you'll most likely see some of the known figures in the Philippines and can see them in Vittorio's Steakhouse Facebook Page.

To start with, let me show you how the restaurant looks like.

The space is okey and can accommodate approximately 90-100 people. Another interesting fact about the restaurant are the paintings hanging on the walls of the dining area up to the walls of the lavatories which were fantastic works of the students of Dolores Quezon. Good thing about it is if you will like the painting you can purchase it as well and proceeds will go back to the students which is a big help in supporting their studies.

After a few minutes of interview with Chef Victor Daluz dishes were served to us and also time for dinner.

First in our menu was the Chopped Noodle Salad. Unfortunately a carnivore like me is not a fan of salads from what I can say, seems that everyone likes it. Followed by Lemon Buttered Fish Fillet made of fried dory with lemon sauce, Salpicao that has tender beef, Garlic Butter Shrimp with an awesome sauce for dipping. You will also love their Thai Chicken Pizza topped with bagnet, laing, spanish sardines and peanut sauce, the second pizza was the Crab Shrimp Pizza if you like the seafood kind of pizza. And of course we were served a series of steak(its a steakhouse in the first place). Australian Rib Eye, Baby Back Ribs, Porterhouse Steak and Pan Seared Hanging Tender Steak all of which are perfectly cooked, juicy and tasty on what a mouth watering steak should taste like. Although most of the ingredients were imported it is still served fresh and all are delicious. You should also try their Fried Rice which for me actually can stand alone just by it because it really taste good.Lastly after all the steak and most of us are full Clam Pasta and Banana Split was served and they both also taste great and a good way to end a perfect meal set.

You can also check : https://www.facebook.com/vittoriossteakhouse

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