Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Concepcion Carrier delivers Fast, Simple and Easy with the revolutionary Smart+Cool

Today’s consumers have been exposed to a wide range of cutting-edge technology that eventually becomes mainstream. These innovations end up being part of their daily lives, thus shaping both their behaviour and their expectations for life in general. 

After much research, Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company (CCAC) found that many consumers want experiences that revolve around three aspects: Fast, Simple and Easy. In response, it is now making efforts to deliver these in the air conditioning category.

The company’s goal is to provide end-to-end solutions for customers that make their cooling experiences the best they could possibly be with less fuss and in less time, with the ability to be customized to their specific needs and wants.

Making this happen requires a combination of cutting-edge technology, excellent products and reliable after-sales service, something which the company has steadily been preparing for.

Because of this, CCAC recently unveiled the Carrier Smart+Cool System at the Maybank Theater in BGC. This revolution in the Philippine cooling industry will bring the practical benefits of smart aircons to the mainstream market, making life easier faster and simpler for its customers.

Together with its companion app, the Carrier Smart+Cool System can help you manage your monthly budget. It allows you to monitor and track how much energy, in peso amounts, your aircon has consumed in real time, and even alert you before you go past your electrical consumption limit. The system informs you when your aircon is no longer working efficiently and making you use more power. No more bill shock!

With the new Carrier Smart+Cool System, you can have cooling just the way you like it. You can turn on your aircon from wherever you are. You could be a few feet away, or stuck in traffic on the way home and still look forward to a cool welcome when you arrive.

Want your aircon to turn on and off at different times on different days? You can do that too, and even change the temperature. These controls are simple to use but give a much more complete experience.

The Carrier Smart+Cool System also makes cooling more relaxing and easier for you. It warns you when your aircon needs to be cleaned, and makes getting service easy with a customer service chat function. You will even have updates on the status of the service personnel during cleaning, and you can even pay for it online. Much easier for you than ever before!

The company plans to make the experience of its Filipino customers very painless and stress-free by providing information on DIY repairs, giving them complete knowledge on their warranties with notifications on when they will expire, and offering rewards such as special gifts or discounts for being loyal customers.

At the event, CCAC also launched innovative products for Filipino consumers. Among these was the Klarwind Duo 2 In1 Bundle, a first in the retail market that combines a slimpac and a high-wall aircon with one multi-split outdoor unit. It gives you triple savings on acquisition, installation and maintenance costs, and is inexpensive to run with a high energy efficiency rating of 19 combined performance.

The company’s plans for 2018 show how it is changing along with the evolving needs of the aircon market. Making things fast, simple and easy is the right way to delight and satisfy its customers, whom it always puts at the heart of its business. This is what drives the company to deliver the unique Carrier experience.

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