Saturday, March 10, 2018

Ready, Set, Blog 2.0

courtesy of klikd2

Ready, Set, Blog 2.0, I'm certainly honored and greatful to be part of this awesome collaboration and workshop for bloggers, first of all it is because among the thousands of bloggers here in the Metro I was one of the chosen 30 to be a in it.

I had a great time from the venue, the bloggers that I most of the time work with as well as the new faces that I got to met.

courtesy of klikd2

I'm not a Pro in blogging although I've been doing this for quite some time but I always would like to learn more especially from my colleages on how they do things from our world of blogging, yes we may be working together oftena and covering events but I also would like to know the things that they would like to share to the group that for sure will improve the way of how we do things.

My special thanks to Anne Purificacion and Maiko Dungo for considering me on this momentus event. I'm really proud of these guys of the achievements that they have been getting all throughout their blogging careers (aside from they most of the time win on contests and raffles often).

At the end of the program each of the attendees including me got our certificate for attending the event. Something that we can treasure that we became a part of and will resonate in our memories.

My gratitude also goes to the sponsors of the event that made everything fun and exciting for all of us:

Selah Garden Hotel
Olive Nail and Body Spa
Bravo Food Supplement for Men
Estiara Philippines
Hyds Customized Cake and Catering
Music Museum Philippines
Romulo Cafe Philippines
The Thinking Cap Marketing
Jrams Coffee Bistro and Pastries
Gangnam Wings Philippines
Jung Monis Salon
Hop Inn Philippines
Social Media Intelligence and Publications
Allianz PNB Life Insurance
Herbalife Philippines
Gaius Pension Inn
The Selah Garden Hotel

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