Friday, May 29, 2020

DTI Guidelines to Follow on Minimum Health Protocols for Barbershops and Salons


The following minimum health standards shall be implemented in all barbershops

and salons:

A. Posting of information at the entrance and other prominent or conspicuous
areas about the following:

• Mandatory wearing of face masks at all times;
• Social distancing protocols of the establishment;
• Regular sanitation schedule and procedures (a 10-minute interval for
sanitation in between clients is required);
• Availability of alternative methods of payment, if applicable;
• Availability of alternative methods of scheduling appointments (e.g.,
online, text-messaging system);
• Client-personnel interaction protocols;
• Policy against the bringing of companions, unless absolutely necessary;
• Enforcement measures for clients who refuse to comply with the protocols
in a manner consistent with the law.

B. Requiring the placing of the following at the entrance:

• Floor mat or foot bath with disinfectant
• Thermal scanner (i.e., for temperature reading)
• Alcohol that can be easily sprayed on the clients’ hands
• Health checklist to be distributed to all clients
• A system where the personal effects of clients, including bags, jackets,
and gadgets, are disinfected and deposited in secured sanitary plastic bags
• Face shields to be distributed to clients if they availed shampoo services

C. Enforcement of the following protocols concerning equipment found in the

• Distancing of chairs to at least one (1) meter apart on all sides;
• Visible floor markings for guidance of clients;
• Proper ventilation;
• Personal effects of personnel should be placed in plastic bags stored in
an are inaccessible to clients;
• Face masks readily available for sale, or otherwise, to clients;
• Sanitizing equipment and tools that are visible to clients;
• Sterilization of workstation before and after each service;
• Pieces of furniture that are made of porous materials must be covered in
plastic for ease of sanitation; and
• Strict use of disposable-only menus, reading materials, and magazines.

D. Enforcement of the following protocols concerning employees in the

• No personnel with COVID-19 symptoms or with exposure to COVID-19 patients
shall be allowed to work;

5/F Industry & Investments Building,
(632) 899-7450 (632) 896.1166

385 Senator Gil J. Puyat Avenue, 1200 Makati City, Philippines

• No wearing of pieces of jewelry (e.g., rings, bracelets, watches,
earrings, exposed body piercings);
• Observance of proper personal hygiene (e.g., clipped fingernails,
observance of company-imposed personal sanitation);
• Mandatory wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) including,
but not limited to:

- Face mask
- Face shield
- Eye glasses
- Gloves
- Hair caps
• Mandatory wearing of closed shoes;
• Observance of the proper disposal of single-use supplies (e.g., cotton
balls, popsicle sticks, tissue);
• Observance and enforcement of the client-personnel interaction protocols;
• Mandatory declaration of health and whereabouts prior to every duty in
case contact tracing becomes necessary; and
• Frequent handwashing/sanitizing.

E. Requiring the following procedures upon exit:

• No physical contact during payment
- Personnel are provided with small trays for accepting cash; and
- Ensure that clients who prefer to use an alternative mode of payment are
able to do so.
• Regular sanitation of high-contact areas and surfaces (e.g., pens used for
filling out forms, door handles, common tables)

NOTE: Barbershops/Salons need to comply before they will be allowed to operate
This will be the new normal. Please wait for further announcements on the date
of reopening.

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