Friday, February 26, 2021


Due to the pandemic, the supposed AVP Bloggers Party for 2020 of Anne Purificacion was moved to early this year as a thanksgiving party, especially that face to face events have been limited since  lock-down last year and we have not seen each other in person for quite sometime, a simple gathering like this has been a refreshing day out from all the stress and anxiety that Covid 19 have bought to all of us.

Before I continue, I would like to first give a disclaimer that all throughout the time that we have been there, we all are responsible enough on following the required health protocols including social distancing and wearing of face masks and all the other necessary things that we need to practice to ensure our safety.

Like the AVP Bloggers gatherings in the previous years it has been a fruitful and fun party that Anne did to meet brands and bloggers in one place but this time we include the new normal touch wherein our other blogger friends that wont be able to make it in the place can still join us via zoom meeting/party.

With this year's theme "One in a Melon" it was quite a refreshing but safe party. There were tons of surprises as I have expected and games that even our online colleagues have enjoyed participating. From the yummy food to the partner personal care items and some gift certificates that Anne personally impart to all the participants everything has been enjoyable.

Selah Garden Hotel

This event is powered by #SelahGardenHotel

Here are the brands that made the event possible:

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#PongPongBananaChips #Pongpongph
#PMS #Pmssince1988

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