Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Recreating Japanese-Inspired Bathroom Rituals


The Japanese have long been known for their unparalleled bathroom technologies that provide ease-of-use, total hygiene, and convenience.

As bathrooms these days are no longer regarded as just simple washrooms for cleaning and bathing, innovative solutions have been developed to recreate the exquisite Japanese bathroom, transforming the space into a sanctuary of hygiene, comfort, and convenience. 

One such product is the SmartLink spalet by INAX who continuously develops new technologies to bring comfort and satisfaction to people’s lives. Inspired by Japanese rituals of water that refresh the body and soul, INAX’s SmartLink spalet strikes the right balance of performance, affordability, and usability with its thoughtful design details that showcase the ease of daily use, maintenance, and lasting comfort. 

The SmartLink spalet highlights three key benefits: Hygiene as seen through various technologies such as the Aqua Ceramic Technology to prevent hard water stains and dirt build-up. The super hydrophilic technology is applied on the inner bowl and rim to effectively repel dirt and also makes it easy to clean. The Antimicrobial technology where the toilet seat, seat cover and control panel are made with anti-bacterial resin to inhibit bacteria from breeding on them. Meanwhile, the wand with self-cleaning nozzle tip is rinsed with water before and after every use.

Another benefit is Comfort which is showcased in the SmartLink spalet features. This includes the heated seat and dryer with adjustable temperature. The Massage Spray alternates between strong and mild spray pressures, creating an indulging massage effect for the user while the built-in deodorizer feature is activated as soon as the user is seated, thereby eliminating unpleasant odors for cleaner, fresher air during and after use. 

Lastly, in Convenience, the SmartLink features One Touch Cleansing, which allows users of all ages to simply push a one-touch button to activate both cleansing and dryer functions consecutively. Its Quick-Detach Seat Cover is designed to be easily detached for convenient and thorough cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. SmartLink also comes with a Soft-Close Seat & Cover for quieter and gentler use. 

Turn the bathroom into a zone of luxury and comfort with INAX’s SmartLink spalet. To know more about INAX and its products, visit and follow @INAXPhilippines on Facebook and @inax.philippines on Instagram.


About INAX

INAX is a Japanese brand that manufactures innovative sanitary ware and artistic ceramic tiles. The history of INAX can be traced back over 100 years when our forefathers worked on producing the tiles for the second main building of the Imperial Hotel designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. By determining the properties of clay and the impact of fire, through numerous trials, we succeeded in the large-scale production of decorative tiles, which became the foundation of INAX. Since then, we have continuously pursued to deliver products for new and better living, engaging in challenging innovations including the first made in-Japan shower toilet, self-powered hands-free faucet, and interior tiles that freshen the air in the room. Meanwhile, we cultivated our skills to produce tiles that offer sophisticated expressions through delicate coloring and texture, gaining inspirations from Japanese tradition, culture, and the seasonal changes of nature. Our expressive and technical ability became visible through the tiles of the restored exterior tiles of St. Francesco’s church (built in 1963), designed by Italian architect, Gio Ponti. The installation was completed in 2008.

INAX creates beautiful, innovative bathrooms from Japan that make everyday life easier, healthier and more enjoyable, enabling everyone to live well.

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