Friday, August 18, 2023



Dedicated to introducing renowned brands and enhanced shopping experiences, SM City Grand Central, SM City Valenzuela, and SM Center Sangandaan introduce top-tier fashion and beauty labels. These establishments are poised to serve the expanding consumer base within the Camanava area. From first international fashion sensation to brands that celebrate local heritage, these exciting tenants bring a wave of energy, style, and individuality to the fashion scene, catering to diverse tastes and empowering every shopper to express themselves confidently through their unique fashion choices.

Hailing from the heart of fashion innovation, 6IXTY 8IGHT opened its first 168-square-meter brick-and-mortar store in the Philippines at SM City Grand Central. Founded by visionary entrepreneur Erik Ryd, this brand has redefined youthful and energetic lingerie for young women. With over 200 stores across Asia, including Greater China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and more, 6IXTY 8IGHT offers a seamless blend of contemporary trends and casual-cool attitudes. Their collections are a reflection of the brand's ethos: embrace contemporary trends, mix-and-match, and express yourself with joyous authenticity. The store's signature pink hue welcomes shoppers to explore a world of self-expression and fashionable fun. Whether you're looking for lingerie or sleepwear, 6IXTY 8IGHT has got you covered.


SM City Grand Central not only embraces international fashion brands but also takes pride in promoting brands that honor local heritages, like Unica. Embodying the essence of contemporary Filipina style, Unica seamlessly blends comfort and trendiness, addressing the dynamic lifestyle of the modern ‘Pinay’. With a keen understanding of the dynamic lifestyles of Filipino women, Unica offers a range of contemporary casual wear that effortlessly combines comfort and trendiness. Each piece is a testament to impeccable tailoring and current fashion trends, celebrating the strength, grace, and individuality of the modern Filipina.

SM Center Sangandaan introduces Indio Filipino, a brand that pays homage to the Philippines' rich heritage through clothing. Each garment from Indio Filipino is a tribute to Filipino craftsmanship and identity that beautifully blends traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics. With an unwavering commitment to preserving local artistry, Indio Filipino invites wearers to connect with their roots and wear their heritage with pride.


Bringing fresh and exhilarating styles to Valenzuela City, SM elevates the shopping experience with ForMe and Penshoppe Accessories. Celebrating women's individuality and confidence, ForMe introduces a collection that effortlessly bridges contemporary style with timeless elegance. From casual wear to sophisticated ensembles, ForMe offers a diverse range of chic and versatile pieces that seamlessly transition from day to night. Beyond clothing, ForMe fosters a community where women find inspiration, encouragement, and belonging — a celebration of modern femininity and empowerment through fashion. Shoppers may also visit ForMe stores at SM Center Sangandaan. 


Penshoppe Accessories is also your destination for adding a touch of sophistication and flair to any outfit. Discover an exquisite collection of accessories that range from statement jewelry to chic bags and sleek belts. Whether you're aiming for a polished look or an expression of your unique personality, Penshoppe Accessories at SM City Valenzuela offers the perfect finishing touch. Vibrant, dynamic, and fashion-forward, these accessories resonate with the youthful spirit within you, allowing you to craft looks that are authentically yours.

With its vibrant urban atmosphere, SM becomes a thriving city adorned with fresh entertainment destinations and high-end shopping malls. These innovative concept stores are set to contribute to the already varied array of tenants in the Camanava area.

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