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Smart Savings, Stellar Performance - The OPPO A18 is Available at a Reduced Price for only Php 5,499!

The OPPO A18, the most affordable out of the durable A Series, revolutionizes smartphone use with immersive, and practical design ideal for daily life that's made to last. The OPPO A18 is designed with durability and made to last that ensures long battery life and flawless performance which caters the needs of young professionals seeking a reliable and a quality device. 

We’ve laid out the details of why the OPPO A18 is a worthy choice as your next budget-friendly smartphone!

1. Chic and Visually-Pleasing OPPO Glow Design

With the unique OPPO Glow process, the OPPO A18 is available in two stunning color finishes: Glowing Blue and Glowing Black which gives the phone a delicate and elegant appearance. 

Clouds and mists emerging from a wide, hazy sea resemble the Glowing Blue model's diamond-like effect on the phone's back, achieved by the distinctive OPPO Glow Design. Light reflection gives it subtle and multicolored flashes that add to its distinctive look. 

The Glowing Black model showcases an enchanting style that calls to mind the cosmos, thanks to the use of the same OPPO Glow technology. Along with these eye-catching accents, the OPPO A18 follows the trend of ultra-slim retro designs, which are lightweight and defined by a flat-edged central frame and smooth edges.

2. Mesmerizing Audio and Display Experience

The OPPO A18 delivers an immersive viewing experience with an impressive 89.8% screen-to-body ratio and a 6.56-inch 90Hz sunlight display. Even in harsh sunlight, its 720 nits brightness and 96% NTSC color gamut offer clear, vivid images without jagged edges. Prioritizing user well-being, the All-Day AI Eye Comfort minimizes eye strain during prolonged screen sessions.

For enhanced audio, the OPPO A18 features the Ultra Volume Mode, amplifying sound for those with hearing difficulties or in noisy environments. With a volume increase of up to 300%, distortion-free listening at a maximum of 81 decibels ensures an unparalleled auditory experience, surpassing the norm by 4.7 dB, whether you're riding a motorcycle or in a crowded place.

3. Trendy Portrait Camera Features to Level Up Your Photo Gaming

The OPPO A18's Portrait Mode takes photography to a new level with captivating bokeh light spots, adding a creative touch to your shots. The 8MP main camera and 2MP bokeh camera collaborate seamlessly, capturing images and providing depth detection for a subtle, layered bokeh effect. This enhances your portrait photographs with an elegant edge. 

The front and rear cameras also offer intelligent portrait retouching, allowing users to personalize enhancements to match their tastes. This feature ensures that every portrait reflects individual style, transforming each shot into a unique work of art, capturing fleeting moments with sophistication.

4. Smooth and Outstanding Performance Every Time

Fluid performance, better power efficiency, and high-quality music, streaming, and photography are guaranteed by the OPPO A18's MediaTek Helio G85 Platform, built on a cutting-edge 12nm process. After three years of consistent use, the OPPO lab's rigorous 36-month Fluency Protection testing confirmed an aging rate of less than 10%. 

The A18 provides plenty of memory possibilities with 128GB storage and 4GB of RAM, which can be expanded up to 1TB using the SD card slot. A revolutionary RAM expansion that optimizes speed can transform up to 4GB of underutilized ROM storage into temporary RAM. With its improved resource allocation and scheduling, the Dynamic Computing Engine keeps everything running smoothly, even when apps are running at full load. It means you can multitask without any heat issues and use your computer to the fullest. 

5. Reliable Battery Health and Durability That Lasts 

Enjoy limitless everyday enjoyment on the go with the OPPO A18, thanks to its powerful 5000mAh large battery that keeps going strong even after 12 hours of work and activities. The All-day Charging Protection uses artificial intelligence to learn how users charge their devices, so it can automatically schedule charging intervals for overnight or long sessions, ensuring that devices are safe and using power efficiently. 

With the All-Day AI Power Saving feature, you can stay connected even when your battery life is at its lowest. With just 5% energy remaining, you may enjoy 25 hours of standby time. The OPPO A18 is built to last, thanks to extensive testing at the OPPO Lab that ensures it will withstand everyday use in all kinds of conditions, from water resistance to high temperatures and humidity.

Buy Your OPPO A18 Today!

Originally priced at Php 5,999, the OPPO A18 drops its price to Php 5,499 and is now available at any OPPO store nationwide and OPPO’s official e-commerce channels.

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