Monday, April 23, 2012

Unique Finds at Tutuban Night Market


With almost everything getting expensive these days, it's just wise to find better shopping alternatives.  Looking for new establishments to buy our family's need is a practical thing to do to save money.  And you'll be surprise that some quality products can be found cheaper in tiaange or thrift stores.  One great place to visit is the Tutuban Center in Manila.

Even with similar bazaars sprouting all over the metropolis, the Tutuban Night Market is still the most visited and the one with the widest array of goods on display.

The Tutuban Night Market is conveniently positioned around the clustered malls of the Tutuban Center, which was formerly the Philippine National Railways station. A leisurely stroll around the restored heritage building gives you a glimpse of historical pride.

As the Tutuban Center closes for the day, shoppers need not worry.  Stalls selling your favourite things---and more---are ripe for the browsing. From clothes to decor, from toys to furniture, from food to novelty items, a collection of brightly-lit stalls are ready for the night shopper.

Like the famous markets in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taipei and Kuala Lumpur, the Tutuban Night Market is dedicated to the discount hunter. Haggling and negotiating over prices is the standard practice, and goods all come at cheaper and reasonable rates.

But Tutuban Center has an added advantage. Because the Philippines is a melting pot of foreign influences, there are merchandise that are gathered at the night market from all over Asia and the world. You don’t need to travel to these places to shop. The items you want may just be at Tutuban!

Fancy a set of delicate dishes? There are ceramic plates from China. Feel a little love of Siam? Wear shirts from Bangkok with interesting details. Want to feel like royalty?  Grab those bejeweled bangles from South Korea.

Or, are you imagining yourself like Kate Middleton? Get those charming straw hats with ribbons and bows and pretend that you’re at Ascot watching a celebrity horse race.

What’s more, because we have a wealth of artisans in the countryside, there are handicrafts, souvenirs and indigenous products that are uniquely and distinctly Pinoy.

Colourful lamp shades made of grass can enliven your home and garden. Wood and stone carvings can take pride of place in your bookshelf or side tables. Purses and wallets created from knits and crochets can be nice gifts.

After a thoroughly enjoyable turn around the stalls, there is Food Bazaar located at parking D that offers a wide variety of snacks quick snacks like burgers, takoyaki, pansit, batchoy, fish balls, squid balls, kikiam paired with sago’t gulaman, buko juice and sodas.

Over at the back and at the parking lot is the Food Street to satisfy your cravings for good, old comfort food. Take a sip of hot soup, a bite of pork barbecue or grilled squid. With extra rice, of course!

All these and more only at Tutuban Center Night Market!

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