Wednesday, May 9, 2012

No Warping and Discolation with Portal East windows

Summer in the Philippines is definitely here. Why so? Temperatures ranging from 33 to almost 35 degrees Celsius have already been recorded—and even hotter days forecasted in the next few weeks.

The sun’s ultra-violet (UV) rays have many effects on our bodies, the most common include “sunburn” or redness of the skin due to prolonged exposure, “tanning” or delayed pigmentation of the skin, or even “premature skin aging,” which often results to dryness, formation of wrinkles, sagging or loss of elasticity. Others include “eye damage,” especially if you’re a regular beach habituĂ©, where UV rays reflect on the sand that causes UV rays exposure to increase. Of course, there is also “skin cancer,” where UV rays will help form damaging cells that will eat the healthy ones, and wherein a “cancerous” condition arises.

But did you know that UV rays have damaging effects not only on our bodies but also on our homes, particularly our windows? Our windows allow us to see the world outside and therefore should also be protected from the harmful rays of the sun. They form part of our line of defense to protect our families from UV rays and therefore, should also be able to withstand it. The best way is to choose a window product that offers better UV protection for itself than anything else.

This is where uPVC windows from Portal East come to the fore.

Aside from its unique and innovative “Multi-point locking system” that makes the house secure and virtually burglar-proof and durable with its high-quality reinforced steel core, especially since most of us are out on our annual summer vacation, Portal East’s windows are manufactured to protect itself from warping or discoloration. They are really durable and do not warp in soaring temperatures, and doesn’t absorb the heat so the heat won’t be transferred into the house.

 “We’ve known for a fact that the Philippines, being a tropical country, is naturally exposed to the sun many times of the year. Our windows bear the brunt of absorbing UV rays to allow us to see outside our houses and should be protected also to make them last longer,” explains Ralph Tanco, Marketing Manager of Portal East, Inc., a leading manufacturer of uPVC doors and windows in the Philippines.

Portal East, Inc. is a pioneering creator, designer, tester, manufacturer and installer of quality uPVC windows and doors for new construction, remodeling and placement applications for both residential and even commercial edifices in the Philippines.

An affiliate of the multi-billion dollar global chemical building materials corporation Shide Group of China, Portal East is renowned for its history of innovation, outstanding products, and impeccable quality customer service that delivers full customer satisfaction.

To know more about Portal East products and how it can help protect your family and your home from harmful UV rays, call 242-2821/242-2721/245-5132, or 242-6906 (fax), email or visit Portal East main office is at 805-807 State Centre Building, 333 Juan Luna Street, Binondo, Manila, while the main plant is at NY Compound, 76 Bisalao Street, Bagbaguin, Caloocan City.

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