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Raycop brings cleaner air for everyone

At the Raycop presscon are (from left) Bukang Sems Co., Ltd. President Dr. Sung Jin Lee, Zinven International Corp. General Manager Catherine Dy and Allergologist Dr. Manuel Po of Fe Del Mundo Hospital

The threat to the health and well-being of Filipino families’ and homes’ brought by various bacteria, allergens and those dangerous dust mites now has a new nemesis: the Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy Cleaner.

Launched today in Pasig City, the Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy Cleaner is a compact, easy and totally convenient smart vacuum cleaner that uses “UVC,” a type of germicidal ultraviolet ray that has been safely and effectively used for disinfection in hospitals, clinics and laboratories for decades.

Using “UVC,” the Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy Cleaner has been proven to effectively eliminate 99% of bacteria and almost 94% of dust mites, and even shown to deactivate the perilous H1N1 Influenza A virus, according to studies done by the Tokyo Allergy Research Center and the Japan Food Research Laboratories.

The Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy Cleaner uses a patented 3-step vibrating, sterilizing and double-filtering cleaning process to remove the bacteria. The vibrating pad first shakes the bacteria and dust mites from the fabric. Then, a powerful UVC sterilization lamp takes over by killing these dangerous bacteria, dust mites and virus. Lastly, the Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy Cleaner’s powerful vacuum sucks the dead dust mites and bacteria and then traps them using a Micro Allergy Filtration system to make sure they don’t re-enter the room and land again on any fabric.

This cleaning device is designed for use in homes, offices, hotels, lodges, or just about any structure where there are beds, linens, sofas, curtains, futons, cribs, beddings, pillows and other types of furnishings that use fabrics. These are where microscopic allergens, bacteria and the dreaded dust mites that attack both adults and children usually stay deep beneath the fabric, and cannot be removed by mere shaking. 
Magnus series
The traditional practice of Filipino families, particularly with family members who are susceptible to air-borne allergens, is to take out the beddings or fabrics and place them under direct sunlight to remove allergens, bacteria and dust mites. Studies made by the Tokyo Allergy Research Center, however, revealed that direct exposure to sunlight even for up to 6 hours only manages to remove dust mite population by only 3.8%. But now that the Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy Cleaner is available in the Philippines, this practice of putting beddings under the sun will now be a thing of the past.

“We know that dust mites, allergens and other types of bacteria are common problems in Filipino homes that affect family members with respiratory ailments. However, through the Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy Cleaner, they can now eliminate these bacteria faster, safer and more effectively so they won’t have to take their beddings out into the sun,” explains Catherine Dy, General Manager of Zinven International Corp., the exclusive distributor of Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy cleaner in the Philippines.

“Our goal as a company is to provide homes all over the world with a cleaner and healthier environment with the use of the Raycop vacuum cleaner. We believe that Filipino homes deserve the best products they can have to clean their homes, and we know that Raycop is the product they can truly trust,” says Sung Jin Lee, President of the Health and Home Appliances Division of Bukang Sems Co., Ltd., makers of Raycop.

Available in the Philippines will be two models: the “Smart” and “Hera” product lines.  Raycop “Smart” is the original model and best-selling Raycop product, with more than 1,000,000 units sold in more than 30 countries. This lightweight model kills 99% of E.Coli, Staphylococcusand Candida bacteria, and kills almost 94% of dust mites. It has a replaceable Micro Allergy Filtration filter that filters more than 99.97% of dust remnants and keeps cleaning with utmost efficiency. 
Smart series
 On the other hand, the Raycop “Hera” is the latest model in the Raycop line, boasting of an ergonomic design and comes with a removable handle. Its double vibrating pad removes allergens more effectively and has the same bacteria- and allergen-killing efficiency as that of the Raycop “Smart.” Both products come with a transparent window that tells the user when it is time to empty the dust bin of particles.

Hera series
The Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy cleaner is the first anti-allergy vacuum cleaner with the Seal of Approval of the prestigious British Allergy Foundation, the Trophée de la Maison from the French Consumers’ Union and the LOHAS Seal of Approval from the Korea Standards Association. Sold in more than 30 countries around the world including the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Japan and South Korea, Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy cleaner is manufactured by the Health and Home Appliances Division of Bukang Sems Co., Ltd., the global and award-winning Incheon, Korea-based company whose aim is to help people live healthier and create a better home environment.

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