Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sparks - Is it a Club or a Sports Bar?!

Pioneer in 24/7 entertainment. A Club and Sports Bar in one

SPARKS’ Offerings

•Dance Club
•Sports Bar
•VIP Rooms (Malate)
•Recreational Sports (Beer Pong, Foosball, Air Hockey, Darts) (Malate)
•Spa Rooms (Malate)
•World Class Food Menu
•Premium Drinks
•International Sporting Events
•Excellent Customer Service

Sparks is connected to Guilly's in Tomas Morato and will be opening this May. Malate Branch will be opening this June


•Azhar “Bill” Khan (Chairman and CEO) –Trade, Finance, Sales and Marketing, BPO, Entertainment
•GuillyAlquiros(President Bi-Centennial) –Food & Beverage, Trade
•Ian Atienza (President Thumbs Up) –Information Technology, Trade, Marketing, BPO, Advertising
•CrisSanchez (VP Operations) –Food and Beverage, BPO, Trade
•Gerome Garcia (VP Marketing) –Entertainment, Food and Beverage, Trade, Banking

Over 90 years cumulative experience in multiple industries

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