Monday, October 4, 2021


DTI Quezon

On September 10, 2021, DTI Shared Service Facility (SSF) Quezon met with Cong. David Suarez Team for a new SSF Project to be established in Quezon Province facilitated by Provincial Director Julieta L. Tadiosa and SSF Support Staff Dara Jannes C. Obmerga. Political Affairs Assistants III, Christine Bernadette C. Aro and Ker Nell S. Deliva represented Cong. Suarez in the said meeting.

Provincial Director Tadiosa gave an overview of the said meeting and the details of the initial coordination of DTI Quezon with Cong. Suarez Team in order to give a brief introduction. Also Political Affairs Assistants III Aro shared some initial details of the requested SSF project.

Provincial Director Tadiosa added that there were already three SSF projects lined-up for 2021 such as the Coco Sap Sweetener Production, Quezon Food and Herbal Food Processing Center and the Cacao Processing.

Afterward, SSF Support Staff Obmerga presented the DTI SSF Project process starting from the submission of documents, presentation of cooperator to Provincial Technical Working Group, revisions, presentation of cooperator to Regional Technical Working Group, RTWG approval, signing of MOA and Usufruct Agreement, pre-procurement conference, pre-bid conference, notice of award to delivery of machines and equipment. She also shared the possible timeline of the process and the list of documentary requirements.

Political Affairs Assistants III Ker Nell S. Deliva clarified some information and requested that the presentation be sent to them together with the list of the three 2021 SSF projects.

After the presentation of SSF Support Staff Obmerga, PD Tadiosa recommended that Cong. David Suarez Team could form a technical team specifically for the SSF Project they are requesting that specializes in financial, marketing, operation/production and specifications of the machines and equipment in order to fast track the submission of the documentary requirements.

Continuous coordination will be made by both parties to pursue the new SSF project.

The Shared Service Facilities (SSF) Project is a flagship program of the Department of Trade and Industry aimed at improving productivity and efficiency of small enterprises through access to better technology.

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