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5 Ways to Beat Talent Crunch


A good employee engagement program is vital to minimize the risk of talent crunch when employees leave the company. This was one of the key points discussed during the CPO (Chief People Officer) Club online workshop titled, "Beating the Talent Crunch," organized by Ant International’s Post Investment Team and Human Resource Team.

GCash Chief People Officer Robert Gonzales, one of the panelists during the workshop, points out that talents leave their jobs because they get poached or get better offers from other companies, which is why it is important for workplaces to continually nurture their employees throughout their employment journey. 

“Whenever we talk about work-life balance, we recognize that work and life are not really separate -- there's just life.  Inside life would be work, family, community and all other things that are part of your life as an employee,” said Gonzales. 

Holistic Wellbeing

At GCash, they have a strategic program called “Alagang GCash” designed to develop the holistic wellbeing and personal growth of the employees beyond work. The program also extends to their families, fondly called the PamilyaG. Events, webinars, online activities are offered daily, covering themes from health and wellness, family and home, and lifestyle.

Sharing good news

Communication and celebrations are big with GCash as they drive the “Win Together” mindset. One of the activities driving this is the "Good News Day," where they talk about business achievements and organization programs. They celebrate these milestones as one G Nation.

Stress free Monday mornings

They also implement “Me-Time Monday Morning” which discourages meetings during Monday mornings so that employees can ease into the week more comfortably. 

Pursuing passions 

GCash also organizes “Passion Hubs” to cover the interests of its employees so that they can still have fun and meet co-workers with whom they share a common interest.

Competitive salary and development programs

Gonzales added that aside from offering flexible benefits programs and competitive salary rates, GCash is also committed to developing its talents. 

“We value learning and development. We have interviewed a lot of talents who we classify as ‘near-hire,’ meaning, they are almost there. Our role now is to bring them in and provide the necessary training. That way, we can fill up the number of talents we need. Developing these talents is a great way to retain and engage them,” said Gonzales.

Intensive management program

To strengthen the talents' leadership development and innovation, GCash provides intensive training programs. GCash’s Management Development Program (MDP) is a two-year program for fresh graduates and young professionals that provides hands-on immersion in the different functions of the company, leadership training, and opportunities to execute high-impact business projects. In addition, GCash’s Fintech Engineering Cadetship Program, a 7-month training program, offers technical training and professional development for aspiring tech professionals in the financial technology industry. Some of GCash’s 393 newly-hired employees in 2021 were trainees of these programs. 

“At GCash, we look for talents who resonate with our purpose, which is making Filipinos’ everyday lives better and also driving our vision of financial inclusion for all,” said Gonzales. 

To encourage talents who can help them achieve their mission and vision, GCash strives to continue to nurture its employees and provide a supportive, collaborative, and innovative workplace. This is the organization culture and identity that they build as a G Nation.

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