Monday, February 20, 2023

Join McDonald’s Happy Meal O’Clock Livestream for a Brain Power-up Play Date featuring Kryz Uy and Scottie!

McDonald’s Happy Meal O’Clock

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – February 20, 2023 – Every child has different potentials, that’s why it’s important to strive for their holistic development as they grow up. Through the newest Happy Meal O’ Clock livestream, McDonald’s encourages parents to hone not only their children’s imagination and creativity but also their logical and analytical skills. 

Get to spend the afternoon with celebrity moms Say Alonzo and Melissa Ricks who will exchange insights on how kids can further develop the right side of the brain which is responsible for logic and analytics. The livestream will also feature lifestyle content creator Kryz Uy and her son Scottie who will be assembling the newest Warner Bros. Happy Meal collection to show how puzzles and construction games can help nurture children’s logical and analytical skills. 

Create more fun bonding moments with your kids by integrating learning with play time. Catch the upcoming Happy Meal O’Clock this February 20, 5 PM via the McDonald’s Facebook page to not only learn parenting tips from Say Alonzo, Melissa Ricks, and Kryz Uy; but also get exciting prizes and surprises! For more information about the livestream event, follow McDonald’s Philippines on Facebook.

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