Thursday, October 26, 2023

Devant Continues 20th Anniversary Celebration with 2023 Appreciation Sale

Manila, Philippines - October 30, 2022 - As part of its 20th anniversary celebration, Devant will hold a month-long 2023 Appreciation Sale from November 1st to 30th. 

Customers who will purchase a Devant 50, 55, or 65UHD204 SMART 4K TV, during the month will get a free SB-50 Soundbar worth P5,450. The purchase can be made at any leading appliance store nationwide and on the brand’s flagship stores in Shopee and Lazada.  

TV Babad Bonding Moments with family, friends and loved ones during the Thanksgiving season will be made more memorable with this complete and upgraded entertainment set. Customers can also start festive and cheerful early Christmas celebrations while binge watching on the Devant UHD204 SMART 4K TV and using the SB-50 Soundbar.

During the promo period, customers can purchase a Devant UHD204 SMART 4K TV for as low as PhP18,850 and get the SB-50 Soundbar for free. With Devant’s Thanksgiving offering for customers, family members – from the young ones to the elderly – will be able to create more vivid and colorful memories of holidays spent at home. 

The Devant UHD204 SMART 4K TV has four times the resolution of Full HD with around 8.3 million pixels and produces over 1 billion true-to-life colors with smooth gradients. Images are sharper and dramatically real life, and details are shown in a wide palette of colors.

The Devant SB-50 Soundbar, meanwhile, has 2.0Ch Soundbar Speaker System, a built-in amplifier and has both USB and Bluetooth connectivities. The soundbar also features magnetically shielded speakers.

Elevate TV Babad Bonding moments with VIDAA 

The Devant 50, 55 and 65 UHD204 SMART 4K TVs are powered by the latest version of the VIDAA U Operating System. Primary features include Dolby Vision, VIDAA Voice, VIDAA Smart TV Remote App, Screen Sharing, Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR). 

Enjoy pre-installed apps such as Netflix, Youtube, Viu, Prime Video, iQIYI, NBA TV, UEFA TV, FIFA+, WeTV, iflix, iWantTFC and many more.

With an Ultra high-definition (UHD) 3840x2160 image resolution feature that is equivalent to 8.3 megapixels, users will enjoy better viewing with clear and crisp visuals. 

Powered by VIDAA, the Devant UHD204 SMART 4K TV is likewise very user friendly. It is fast, easy to set-up, and has a simplified interface for easier use and navigation. Users can share family members’ life's greatest moments on the TV screen, access favorite movies from favorite content providers, download fun apps, or simply watch live TV.

The Devant UHD204 SMART 4K TV is also customizable. One of its features is Parental Control, where parents can limit kids’ access to certain TV channels and gaming devices at certain times such as school days. 

Dolby Vision provides users with unsurpassed image quality for their Dolby Vision-supported content choices across genres including movies, episodic series, sports, games, and documentaries. 

With the VIDAA Store, users can automatically access an extensive array of music, video, social networking, gaming and news apps. VIDAA Store is the HTML5-based storefront of web apps optimized for TV.

VIDAA Voice lets users access apps and content with less hassle, using their voice. Simply press and hold the voice button to speak to the Devant TV and get the content and programs you want to watch.

VIDAA Smart TV Remote lets users use their mobile phones as the TV remote. Change channel or content, control the volume and other TV settings, and even use VIDAA Voice to access content. Just download the “VIDAA” app on the mobile phone.

Use the Devant UHD204 SMART 4K TV as a speaker with its power-saving Audio Only feature that lets users turn off the TV display if they prefer to simply listen to music or the audio while reading a book, relaxing, or doing chores. 

Game mode +, ALLM and VRR 

Game Mode + refers to the Instant Game Response Mode, the TV game mode while supporting ALLM and VRR. The Devant UHD204 SMART 4K TV will deactivate certain picture enhancement and processing features to minimize possible latency. 

ALLM will detect when the user is playing a game on the console, and will intelligently adjust by switching to game mode from standard mode. This will enable smoother gaming and reduce input lag or delay. 

VRR will help synchronize the refresh rate between the gaming console and TV. This will reduce screen tearing and stuttering.

Larger than life – amplify audio, view on bigger screens

With the Bluetooth function, amplify your audio by wirelessly sending the TV audio to the speaker. Feel more alive with the music by sending your mobile phone tunes to the TV.  

Turn your Devant UHD204 SMART 4K TV screen into an art display with VIDAA Art or place a wallpaper while the TV is on standby. Choose from 370 million artworks or use your own photos. 

Watch movies on a big screen from your Android mobile phone without using any cables with Devant UHD204 SMART 4K TV’s Screen Sharing feature. Reconnect with loved ones inside the comfort and safety of your home by sharing or projecting the video call on your TV. Play your favorite video games on a bigger screen. 

Screen Sharing allows users to easily sync their Android mobile phone, tablet, and other gadgets wirelessly to the Devant UHD204 SMART 4K TV. With screen mirroring, view anything on your gadgets on a bigger screen. Best of all, with or without internet connection, Screen Sharing will still work.

For more information about Devant's 20th anniversary celebrations, promotions, and events, visit Devant products are also available in leading appliance stores nationwide. Follow Devant on Facebook, Instagram , TikTok, Shopee and Lazada for the latest updates.

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