Tuesday, September 20, 2011

3 Simple Tips to Drive Instant Traffic to Your Website or Blog

1) Article Writing: This is one of the best methods of pulling large amount of traffic to your website. You have to make the article interesting to the readers. This will make the readers wanting to get more from you alone. There are many article directories you can submit your articles to. You can Google “article directories” and you will be surprised by the large numbers of article directories you can submit to. You have to writing new articles on regular bases and continue submitting them to article directories. Most people find it hard to write new articles. But that should not be an excuse for not writing. There many sources online where you can pick ideas from. You can pick an idea from online forums, magazines, newspapers and so on. After picking these ideas, you must be able to come out with your own articles. Many people always want to play smart by copy other person’s articles and using them as their own, that is a big mistake which can affect their ranking in search engines.

2) Pay per Click Advertisement: You can set up an Adword campaign for example with Google. You will set the amount of money you want to pay per click. It can ranges from $0.01 to as high as $70 per click. It depends on how competitive your niche is. After setting up the campaign, you can start seeing traffic within 24hours of setting it. But let me quickly inform you that it is also one of the easiest ways to quickly lose your money. The reasons may be as a result of some lapses like bad landing page, high cost of product(s) you are promoting, highly competitive niche and so on. For you to see any significant results from your campaign, you have to make amendment to the above lapses. Without doing this, you can lose all your money set for the campaign within some minutes. That is why it is advisable to always consult those people that know how to set the campaign and let them teach you.

3) Social Networking Sites: Most people have not tap into the use of social networking sites as a source of traffic. Social networking sites can generate hundreds of thousands of traffic to your sites if you know how to go about it. Let us take facebook for example; facebook has millions of users on its platform. You can take advantage of this by setting up a fan page or group for the website you are promoting. But you should not make it glaring that you are promoting you website. If you make it glaring, people will consider it as spamming which may lead to the blockage of your account. You can also buy an advert space on facebook. This will make your website gets to large audience as you can easily set the geographical location you want your advertisement to be viewed.

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