Saturday, September 24, 2011

7 Tips of Making Your Blog Entertaining

1. Headlines

This is a visual thing that basically just makes your blog easier to read. By using headlines effectively, things like H1 or H2 tags, you can break up your blog post and make it more readable. The easier blog post is to read, the more retweets and comments you will get.

2. Images

This is the same as #1, I almost have images with ALL of my blog posts. Very few don’t have any. Another reason for this is that most of my images if the reader clicks on them will take them somewhere that I want them to go to. Also if anyone shares my actual blog post, say over facebook, it will have a nice image associated with it.

3. Tone of Voice

Blogging is an innately personal thing, even if you are building it for your business. I mean it could be a blog on fitness gloves for all I care, it still needs a personal tone to it. Without the personal tone you lose one of the greatest powers of the blog, which is binding people to you closer and building relationships with these people. The relationship is what leads to people coming back to your blog over and over again.
Which builds your audience and as well as your marketing power (From the retweets and facebook shares etc.)

4. Stop focusing just on keywords

A lot of people, including me, when they first start blogging are obsessed with keywords. They all want free traffic from the search engines after all. Which is great, but it is not going to happen just overnight especially when your blog is new. A lot of people blogging today try to make their keywords feel natural, creating a blog post that sounds really weird.
Instead of focusing just on keywords, write what also comes to your mind. After all, my post on Why Orcs are Better than Elves definitely had no real keyword value. Though it had the entertainment factor there for sure!

5. Being Totally Transparent

This is something that has grown on me over the weeks of learning more about blogging and getting this blog more noticed. That is, your audience loves it when you’re being real with them. When you’re not just telling them a story, but a TRUE story. They also love it when you share with them not only your successes so they may applaud, but your failures so they may also relate with you.
It is something I want to do a lot with my facebook marketing reality show that I mentioned in my New Years Resolutions post.
The more real you can be, the more entertainment value your blog will truly have.

6. Switching It Up

Most blogs, this one included, almost every post is just written in words. Very few blogs do audio posts or video posts despite the huge demand for them. This is something I plan on doing more, as I love doing audios personally – though not so much video – and it will diversify my blog up more. Allowing people who aren’t into reading 600-1,000 word long blog posts into still devouring my content.
Keep it different having mixed posts between audios, to videos to text. Or combine all 3 in a single post to see what the effect is.

7. The Most Entertaining Value…

The biggest form of adding entertainment with your blog is if you think about every post before you actually begin to write it, and ask yourself how is this going to help the audience I am trying to reach out to? How is this going to help build that relationship with my readers that I need?
If you make sure every blog post you give adds value to someone’s life, then typically you’re on the right track. There is so much garbage out there people are always reading, it is like this huge breath of fresh air when they get to read something that is actually good. Or something they can implement RIGHT away with.
So go for the goal… the goal of value.

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