Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Pop may reign supreme today but nothing beats classical music when it comes to longevity. And with The Angelos, an all-Filipino tenor group, this age-old genre gets a refreshing twist that even younger generations can enjoy.
The classical pop trio is composed of George Sison-Tagle (the group’s founder), John Louie Abaigar and Rei Paolo Libiran. George formed the group with their mentor, Director Freddie Santos, back in 2007. The name of the group, was also emerging , making the “voice of angels” a popular phrase to describe the group.

 Truly like being in clouds, mesmerized by these angels.
 Would there be another?
I think there is "No Other"

Atmosphere is nice, matched with pretty good food.

And here were some of the bloggers
enjoying the night

Thank you for being generous on granting requests
from us. We really don't need to look international
because we have these guys with us.

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