Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ZipMatch Real Estate Made Easy

ZipMatch.com is the first comprehensive online community of sellers, developers, brokers, and buyers in the Philippines. ZipMatch offers everything to make your home purchase easy, from finding the right property and broker to tips on how to make money from real estate investment. For more information, visit www.zipmatch.com.

Now Finding a Property in the Philippines Is as Easy as 1-2-3

Introducing ZipMatch.com, the only site that will help you find and buy the best property anywhere in the Philippines with ease. With the goal of streamlining the tedious process of acquiring real estate in the country, you are assured of fast, convenient, and efficient service all the time with ZipMatch.com.

“We provide a sophisticated matching system to help licensed real estate brokers connect directly with homebuyers and sellers, or with other brokers they’d like to do business with. This works quite differently from traditional classified ads, as our matching is based on a potential homebuyer’s specific preferences and requirements,” says John Dang, ZipMatch.com’s president and CEO.

“This efficient process sets us apart from other real estate listing websites as we can ensure that the homebuyer is connected only to the right properties that fall within his or her requirements.”

ZipMatch.com also recognizes the value of property buyers’ time. This is why the website ensures that all its listings are carefully verified to eliminate the risk of potential buyers inquiring for the same property twice, making transaction more efficient and less time consuming.

“Through our web-based marketing and sales solution, ZipMatch.com, aims to become the Philippines’ foremost online community of real estate brokers, developers, and homebuyers,” ends Chow Paredes, ZipMatch’s Head of Sales.

Here are some of the best features of ZipMatch.com:

Map ViewYou can now check out our listings in Google Earth, giving you a bird’s eye view on the properties available out there and where they are located. It also shows the nearby shopping and dining establishments, schools, churches, hospitals, and banks.

News PageUsers can stay on top of Philippine real estate with our better and more comprehensive News & Advice section. Read everything, from smart how-to guides to expert insights and opinions.

Great Listings LayoutWe offer a listings site with better layout. This means better user experience, ensuring that homebuyers are assured a pleasant search.

Address AutosuggestionNo need to type in everything. Our smart Address Autosuggestion predicts your preferences based on a just a few characters.

Great Search ResultsAs we always strive hard to making house hunting fast and easy, our improved Search Results ensure that you get every property that falls within your preferences.

Now, with great convenience brought by ZipMatch.com, you don’t need to sift through hundreds or even thousands of listings, much of them duplicated. This smart website ensures that your home search will be fast, convenient, and, most importantly, risk-free.

These are some of the map features that you will like from ZipMatch

1. It Shows You the Areas Served by Good Transport Links
2. It Shows You the Places Where You Work and Play
3. It Shows You the Area Where You Can Be Safe

For more details, you can check out their site or contact thru http://www.zipmatch.com/contact

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