Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bambike say's "Biking - More Fun in the Philippines"

A new and unique way of touring Intramuros, and this time, you can do it with style. You might be used to 'karitela'or'kalesa' on touring around Intramuros our Walled City rich on Historical Value starting from the Spanish Colonial Period up to the present, one of the so many reasons why 'It's more Fun in the Philippines'.

Looks like a normal bike but really isn't, its lighter and more durable and for me it can be considered a high end type of land transportation in a form of a bike.

Nowadays more and more people are going green which is a good thing because it means that more individuals are becoming environment conscious which is up for almost everything that is environment friendly.

Bambike which is constructed out of specially selected, precision-cut and dried bamboo poles and wrapped with Manila hemp fibres to give the frame added durability and toughness as well as giving the bike a very distinct and unique look and finish. Bamboo, according to Mclelland is “one of the greenest building materials on earth, so bicycles built out of bamboo are, more or less, the greenest way to get around.”

These were the shots I got while touring around Intramuros, the 'Bambike Way'

What even sold me out to Bambike was the advocacy behind it. The local craftsmen all come from a background of hardships and severe poverty, with most barely eking out enough to be able to feed their families three square meals a day. Because of Mclelland’s efforts at establishing the Bambike Workshop, the workers and their local community are elated to see their efforts slowly bearing fruit and a significant improvement can already be seen in their daily lives. Parts of the proceeds of each Bambike sold will be funneled to fund similar sustainability and livelihood programs across the country, meaning that money spent on each Bambike will go a long way towards reducing acute poverty and improving the lives of many Filipinos who will benefit from similar projects to this unique business model.

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Bambike Ecotours Intramuros
Call them at +63 (2) 525 8289 or email at ecotours@bambike.com for bookings

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