Saturday, July 19, 2014

Chef Lau's Pugon Roasters - How about trying Pugon Roasted Chicken?

I've never thought that Fast Food can be made into something better. They call it, Fast Good! And that's definitely better. Most of use(not unless if you're vegan) are probably dining in a Fast Food Chain for several times in a week specially if that is the best option from where you work or where you're school is at, its not really that bad, but on a personal note my body's reaction after eating to fast food chains for more than  three times a week gains me more pounds as compared to bringing up my own food or even eating from the company pantry.

Good thing that there is such a Food Chain in the Metro that was introduced to me which gave me a different experience on dishes that I would love to eat and the best part of it, Its affordable!

Let me give you some shots of what I've tasted:

And the desserts:

And if you're someone that likes to have some chill out time with your friends specially after office work then this is also a good place to hang out. Simple: They also serve Beer!

Overall, what I can say is everything is okay in Chef Lau's Pugon Roaster(Beer Factor garnering the biggest point).

They have branches in Ayala Triangle Makati City,  Venice Piazza, McKinley HIll, Taguig City, and SM SUn Mall, Welcom Rotonda, Q.C.

You can also check their facebook: and their website

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