Thursday, July 17, 2014

Go Loco with Comedy Cartel in Relik Tapas Bar & Lounge

Two Reasons to why people visit the corner of 31st and 4th Street in just next to St. Luke's Hospital in Taguig especially if you need that I prefer, "Laughter" of course! the best medicine there is. Letting you forget about everything else whether that be physical or emotional distress.

Lets check out the food being served in this fine Bar. We went then on a night time which was the usual operation hours of that bar, but after knowing more about Relik I found out that they also operate in the mornings as well to cater to the needs of Lunch Diner's in the area.

Take a look at the delicious food that was served in our table, all of it was with a Spanish twist.

"Relik Olla Mia"
-Spicy Chicken Empanada-Garlic Mushroom-Patatas Bravas-Baked Mussels-Friend Curry Chicken Skewers
-Pepper Pizza Rolls

Relik's Nachos, Chorizig

Well that is just few of the good stuff in the menu, and to make it even better we were able to watch the line up rising star stand-up comedians which as well as the professionals.

These guys are not the ordinary bar comedians that we were used to in bars which most of the time uses their audience as the subject for their punchlines. Yes it may be funny but I just prefer "observational point of view" kind of stand-up comedy. First thing is you wont need to be uneasy when your just next to the stage another thing is it is more challenging(for the comedian of course) simply because it is more difficult. Just like what they say..."It is  easier to make a person cry than to make them laugh!"

These are just some of the shots I got from the open mic showdown of the apprentice's and the professionals.

Concluding the weekend night. I had a great time..full tummy with the awesome food and laughter!

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