Friday, October 24, 2014

"A Boni-Fide Urban Fiesta" Celebration of BGC Passionfest 2014

The Annual 3 day event tradition dubbed BGC Passionfest will be set again in Bonifacio Global City and this will have various activities focused on culture, fitness, lifestyle, and art and I'm sure it will be a lot of Fun!

The Theme for this year is A Boni-Fide Urban Fiesta, that features Filipino fusion from Nov 28 to 30 2014, everything will be outlined with outdoors, games, shopping, food, fitness and entertainment. "What a city celebration!"

Check out these dates:

Nov 28 - "A Boni-Fide Urban Fiesta" starts with Kick-Off Street Party in Bonifacio High Street, bright parades at night which is also a signal to start the much-awaited Supremo Sale to the doors of BGC participating stores.

Nov 29 - 'Urban Adventure' will be the theme for Run BGC where participants in groups of 10 will have to explore the city and its key features with obstacles/challenges.

Aside from Run BGC they will also have your favourite street food such as kwek-kwek, fish balls, inihaw goodies served on 9th Avenue, also be ready for a throwback on games because local games like chinese garter, patintero and pabitin will be a part of it as well

Musicals and an all-Pinoy BGC Art Mart, DIY Saranggola, Jeepney Sign Art, Chalk the Walk, Musical performances, Science Show by The Mind Museum where they will exhibit Liquid Nitrogen Sorbetes, Science Behind Fireworks, Apoy na Bahaghari, Sunugin ang Cedula! At ang Sweldo!

Nov 30 - Will have 2nd Annual Parada de Kalesa that showcases dressed up kalesas and will take guests around BGC. The Parade will also be accentuated by big bands with majorettes and street performers which amplifies the Boni-Fide Fiesta feel.

For more information about BGC Passionfest 2014 you can check or, you can also contact 8183601 loc 3104 or Magbitang)

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