Thursday, October 9, 2014

Super Weekend with Superbikes of ATAT Racing Team!

This will be my first time of seeing a Superbike race in live action and boy I can really say that even if you're not in the race, you can feel the intensity is really super! I tried standing next to the race track and here's how it looks like:

Even if you're just sitting somewhere near the track or on the 3rd floor of the watch pods in Clark International Speedway adrenaline will sure be pumping and will drive you nuts at some point especially if you have someone in the racetrack to cheer for, in my case it will be the ATAT Racing Team for the Superbike category. Why? Well..who wouldn't? Since this is my first time to watch something like this which made me a fan instantly by the way, allow me to show some of the pictures.

ATAT Racing Team dominates the Philippine Superbikes Championship
All Italian Bikes(Ducati Philippines, Aprilia Philippines)
Sponsors: Technomarine, Megaworld, Assurant, Brickfire,
ATAT Racing garnered 9 trophies and won in 3 classes. Thanks to all partners who supported us throughout the season of the 2014 Philippine Superbike Championship.
TechnoMarine, IPM-CDC, Fila, Foil A Car, Megaworld & Brickfire.
Congratulations to the winners
ATAT Lawrence Macalinao - Nationals SBK Novice Champion, Pirelli Cup Open Division 1st runner up overall, Ducati Cup novice 1st runner up
ATAT Jvs Aguila - Pirelli Cup Open Division overall Champion
ATAT Jay Carrion Red Rider - Ducati Cup Champion Intermediate
ATAT Myke Torres - Pirelli Cup Class B Champion
ATAT Vince Mercado Jvp Mercs - Ducati Cup Open Division 1st runner up
ATAT JC Villanueva - Pirelli Cup Class A, 1st runner up
ATAT Richard Guevara Panlilio- Ducati Cup Intermediate - 2nd runner up
The will to win... passion, hard work and determination! During the Firelli cup
Jvs Aguila won race 1 by 6 seconds and race 2 was declared a wet race. He crashed on the 2nd lap of race 2 and willed to carry on. Race was red flagged and it was restarted. He finally crossed the finished line on 2nd place making him the overall champion!

"Thank you for a great racing season. Winning races is just a bonus but the camaraderie and brotherhood is what keeps us winning. Looking forward to the 2015 racing season!
If everyday you live with the idea of getting better, then the result would be something beautiful.."
--Lawrence Macalinao #‎LAWMAC26‬

It was supposed to be just for fun, thank you to ATAT MC brothers for convincing me to race this season. This is for ATAT!"
-LawMac added

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