Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Zoomanity Parks For Nocturnals!

Zoomanity Parks now have something for Nocturnal Zootizens this season, reliving the famous Night Safari which they started early October of this year and will last til January of next year.

Although most of us are having our own Halloween craze right now I think this will be another scare of a different level, not dealing with zombies or vampires but with wild animals and in my experience I can say that its pretty exciting.

Night Safari features their Animal Parade, Poi Dance, Aetas' tribal fire show and the unique Recycle Recital Show. They also have other attractions to add in the thrill like the Zoobic Cave, Serpentarium, Croco Loco and the Tiger Safari Ride.

In Residence Inn Tagaytay they have Black Magic Show which showcases magic spell, charms, voodoo and witchcraft perform their mystifying tricks which runs since October 25 and every 5:00  pm of each saturday til November 29. Of course they have day tour zoo adventure, zip line, wall climbing and animal shows on weekends.

For a side trip from Residence Inn you can go to Paradizoo where relaxing ambiance of nature awaits you. This 10 hectare farm land have beautiful sets of flowers, fresh vegetables and farm animals which is also an ideal place for family bonding. for this holloween season they also have something which they call 'Spookable Month, also ran since October 25 til November 29th, featuring 10,001 Pumpkins Vs. Zombies and Animal Parade. Thousands of pumpkins are expected to be harvested as well for the pumpkin carving activity for kids.

Going down south in Loboc, Bohol they have their newly opened park, Zoocolate Thrills and they have their own guns loaded for this holloween that they call "Halooween Ex-Fear-ience. You can get close to the biggest Burmese Python in Captivity Zooco and see the Chocolate Hills replicas that serves as animal enclosure.

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