Friday, October 20, 2017

1Go Loadr Delivers Logistics Innovation

In1Go Technologies, a 100% Filipino-owned IT Services and BPO Company offering a suite of value enterprise solutions in project and sales force management, logistics, distribution and supply chain systems, introduces 1Go Loadr, a web and mobile enabled collaborative platform – an online marketplace – where both logistic outsourcees and services providers – haulers and shippers – converge to address the numerous delivery requirements of customers.

Through a revolutionary mobile app that’s downloadable from the Google Play Store, or on the web at, haulers of varying scales – whether operating just one truck or an entire fleet – can gain access to a wide variety of goods and items available for shipment, resulting in increased productivity and convenience for both haulers and shippers.

“We realized the existence of a gap, a sweet spot, that fleet managers couldn’t fill,” said Manny Miranda, Operations Head of 1Go Tech. “Through 1Go Loadr, we are creating a marketplace among our users. Our business to consumer model allows them to open their fleets of trucks to a larger community.”

Small-scale operators, can benefit from expanded business. Larger fleet operators will enjoy reduced truck downtimes and better operational efficiency as well as the ability to manage and deploy their fleets with ease. Shippers will find it is so much easier to find a reliable hauler and the right vehicle that fit their exact shipping requirements, as the service has over 2000 enrolled trucks to take a load on-demand!

Peace of mind is assured as the exact truck location can be tracked in real time including the updated estimated time of arrival through GPS. A photo of the driver and the truck is provided for increased security, together with full transaction details.

By downloading the 1Go Loadr app on a smart phone and enrolling, a secured log-in enables shippers to post their requirements and to find from an extensive directory of enrolled haulers, with complete vehicle specs, the ones capable of matching their needs. Eligible haulers will then be notified. Posted shipping requirements will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once a hauler accepts, the shipper can then monitor the whole delivery process from pick-up to final unloading.

1Go Loadr harnesses the power of technology to revolutionize logistics, resulting for cheaper, faster, and highly efficient delivery for utmost customer satisfaction and better business backed by 1Go’s solid experience, impressive roster of world-renowned clients, and robust end-to-end technology solutions.

To experience the future of logistics collaboration, download the 1Go Loader app at the Google Play Store or visit

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