Sunday, January 28, 2018 opens This Season with a Bang

January 26 marks the opening of ( 2018 activities.  Held at the activity center of the Century City Mall, the event was well attended by traditional and digital media practitioners and invited guests.

Gracing the event from the Department of Tourism is Mr. Frederick M. Alegre – Assistant Secretary for Office of Public Affairs, Communications and Special Projects, from Black Arrow Express – logistic partner, Century City Mall – venue host and The Big Difference communications (TBDC) – PR & Marketing partner.  This year,   finds its new home in one of Century Properties venue, the Century City Mall – located along Kalayaan Avenue corner Salamanca St, Poblacion, Makati City. Black Arrow Express (BAE) is the e-commerce arm of AAI Worldwide Logistics (formerly known as Airlift Asia Inc.).  Their leadership is also into the triathlon scene which explains why they support this kind and similar athletic event and activities. Century City Mall believes in the concept of fun sports which the TRI-series projects and carries which explain as to why they decided to become the venue host for some of the events   of

 The recognition given to by the Department of Tourism is no small matter for both parties.  For the DOT, they are recognized as a local group responsible in making the sports scene of the country more dynamic and noteworthy for the sports-tourism actions of the department.  For, the recognition is equivalent to all the efforts that they have placed in making things happen for the sport and the formed community.

Welcome talk was given by Carlos De Guzman himself and was followed by a warm message coming from the Department of Tourism.  From there the whole calendar activities of for 2018 was presented to the media giving highlight to the results of the online nominations and the ongoing online voting which shall end on February 3,2018;  to the SBR Award’s Night on February 10 and the Expo on February 10 and 11 respectively.

  Awards to be given in February are the following:

-              Elite Tri-Athlete of the Year (Men and Women Division)
-              Duathlete of the Year (Men and Women Division)
-              Age Group Tri-athlete of the Year (Men and Women Division)
-              Youth Tri-athlete of the Year (Men and Women Division)
-              Race of the Year (Below 800)
-              Race of the Year (Above 800)
-              Team of the Year
-              Shoe of the Year
-              Shop of  the Year
-              Tri-Gear of the Year
-              Bike of the Year
-              Coach of the Year

-     Hall of Fame Class of 2017

Happening to a near side-by-side with the Award’s Night is the SBR EXPO, a retailers event showcasing items all geared to the needs of a tri-athlete.  New retailers will join in the event showing their wares that are health related in nature that both athletes and non-sport minded individuals may be interested in. This is an open to all event, regulars of the mall can also enjoy the items offered on those days.
The first of all the races will take place in April which is the AQUAMAN (Aquathlon), followed by the DUAMAN (Duathlon) in May and capping it all off with the TRIMAN (Triathlon) in June; registration for all SBR events is now open to all interested individual and enjoy an early bird discount. 
Part of SBR’s plan for this year is to launch a race event for kids and PWD’s – a group that shows promise in terms of growth, recognition and possible fair market locally and abroad.  Mr. De Guzman believes that the sport should be made open to all ages, sex and physical condition and still maintains the element of simple enjoyment without the normal pressure of a very dynamic and demanding sport.  He aims to bring the sport nationwide and have it set on the natural terrain of the province that he goes to.


What started as a simply desire by a tri-athlete is now a growing e-commerce and triathlon event group serving the growing local fans and enthusiasts of the sports, thus is born in 2011. ( is the brainchild of a Carlos de Guzman, a tri-athlete with a passion for the sports.  With the fire burning strong, a community is now formed that is continuously growing and inspiring lives. is an online store that caters to the gear needs of tri-athletes and/or those that are simply into running, swimming and cycling.  He has shirts, socks, caps, drinking bottles, monitor watches, goggles, support straps and such made available on his site.  He can also give support to some cyclist needs such as wheels. 

Carlos de Guzman  conceptualized a whole tri-series event designed for beginners and come-backers.  This locally produced event is set to have the participants beat their own time in their own pace, letting them enjoy the whole experience of being part of this sport.  The logic behind this is to help the participant develop their own confidence and needed strength without the pressure of an outside time meter.  They build their strength and stamina and when they are ready, then they can fully try-out the other triathlon events in the country.  That is why he developed the whole sports event in a segmented pattern – the Aquaman (Aquathlon), the Duaman (Duathlon) and the Triman (Triathlon).  These allowed interested individuals to try out a segment first, build his confidence and strength, move to the next, and rebuild his strength again, till he is ready for the whole thing.  It also became a retraining ground for those who were out of the circuit for a time, making it a place for beginners and elites to meet and know one another and have their stories shared – flowing freely within the growing community.
After cultivating the soil for interaction, what better way to make it prosper by having a recognition activity and an expo thus the Award’s Night and SBR Expo was born.  This became a much attended event by the growing community of  Enthusiast of the sports gets to be truly interactive by nominating their favorites and voting for those who qualified the nomination stage.  Winner gets to get the accolade that they deserve from the community that they are part of.  With the expo, runners, cyclist and swimmers get to see, choose and purchase sport’s items in one location.  It also became a meet and greeting ground for tri-athletes, community member or enthusiast they may be.  Expo retailers get to show their latest ware and enjoy a day or two of greeting, friendly haggling and seeing familiar and new faces in the sports.
From e-commerce to events maker to recognition and a growing home grown community, is truly making it strong and will push the envelope, opening new venues this 2018.

*This is Press Release

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