Sunday, January 21, 2018 Pre-Awarding Activities: Where and How to Make Your Vote Counts

Catch the latest in the Awards happening in February at the Century City Mall!  With Black Arrow Express as official logictics partner, Philippine Airlines as official carrier, The Big Difference Communications -partner PR and Marketing, Tourism Promotional Board and the Department of Tourism, is all set for its annual award's night.

The whole awarding started with the nomination stage. Now on its voting phase, community members and friends are placing in their voice by choosing who they think should be the one by going to

How not to get your vote(s) counted at the 5th Annual Award?

Please double check your email as the voting is automated. You won't be able to confirm your vote if you entered the wrong email.

Voting Procedures :


2. Make sure to enter your CORRECT email as you will be sent a CONFIRMATION EMAIL.

3. You will need to reply with the keyword to validate your vote.

4. As an extra measure to prevent double votes and fake accounts, everyone is required to answer the simple question in the confirmation email.

5. Double check your email address as the confirmation email will only be sent once.

6. If we see you voted more than once, your vote will automatically be deleted along with your original vote. Your invalidated votes will then be deducted to the current count of the nominee(s) who you voted for.

Cast now your votes and be counted in the winning moment of your nominee!

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