Friday, March 29, 2019

POSIBLE Expands Offerings to Benefit End-Users and Aspiring Entrepreneur

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – 29 March 2019 – POSIBLE, the country’s leading community digital transactions provider, announced its expanded partner providers as part of its on-going vision to empower the unbanked and underserved Filipinos. The fintech company formalized partnerships in the health, banking and telco sector through – Maxicare, RCBC, and Social Light Inc. (POSIBLE WIFI).

To date, POSIBLE’s portfolio of comprehensive services include utility bills payment, select government fees, money services, micro-insurance, mobile loading, online gaming credits, and ticketing.

The company also announced the POSIBLE SHOPBOX feature which offers access to a variety of online and traditional retailers and instantly converts a business location into an online shopping hub for the community.

For establishments that want to build customer loyalty, the POSIBLE WIFI is now also available. In partnership with Social Light, Inc., customers can avail of instant connectivity with an affordable, pre-paid WiFi connection. For Ka-POSIBLE retailers, this can bring additional revenue through WiFi vouchers sold.

POSIBLE offers more than 300 digital services to over a million Filipino consumers and has already generated close to P5 billion worth of transactions. With almost 4,000 retailers nationwide, POSIBLE is on-track to achieve its goal of connecting every Philippine town and city to the digital economy within the next five years.

“We are pleased with the rate of growth that we see among the Ka-POSIBLE community of retailers. The same can be said to the end-users who are enjoying the convenience and benefit of having a one-stop, full access to the various services found in the POSIBLE device,” JG Puzon, POSIBLE CEO, said. “And with the POSIBLE ShopBox, both kanto-preneurs and micro-syantes as well as their local patrons can enjoy the benefits of ordering online.”

One-stop. More choices. Utmost convenience.

The Filipino consumer experience in using digital technology, particularly fintech solutions, is evolving. More and more brands recognize this growing level of engagement in providing various types of service, including bills payment and gaining customer loyalty.

Given today’s challenges getting from point-to-point, dealing with daily traffic issues, long queues at various traditional payment centers and the heat with the onset of the Summer season, end-users are slowly gaining the “I-POSIBLE” habit for their payment needs.

“The convenience feature afforded by POSIBLE to the general public is unprecedented because we use an open platform. Because of our business model, customers find our offering highly beneficial because of our one-stop, all-in-one device in providing digital payment. While most payment solution providers offer the most popular service like remittance, mobile re-loading and utilities, POSIBLE has more ”, adds Puzon.



POSIBLE is a fintech and digital services provider based in Makati City that offers bills payment, money services, and mobile loading among others. It is one of the biggest Business-to-business-to-Consumer (B2b2C) networks in the country. To learn more about POSIBLE, visit their website at

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