Sunday, February 9, 2020

Teacher Kim Tries Gin Mixes!

It’s a great time to start the year 2020 with good vibes as we welcome you
 to the world of Teacher Kim— a hip, bubbly, and playful professor.
Will she approve the submitted seat work? What happens when the teacher becomes a student for a day?  Let’s discover and join Teacher Kim's journey to social media stardom and watch how she cluelessly explores tasks set by Shang-High Syndicate.

Class is now open for episode 1
In this video, watch her as she tries these popular Filipino gin mixes:

•RPG = Red Horse Beer + Pineapple Juice + Gin


•RED ALERT = Red Sting energy drink + Orange Juice + Gin

•GINYAKOLAIT= Gin + Yakult + Chokolait

•SHEMBOT = Gin + Melon Juice + 3 in 1 Coffee

•ALIEN URINE = Gin + Mountain Dew + Calamansi Juice

at the top of this list, there’s a surprise!
What will happen to her?
Will she like it or skip the class?
Find out here in the full episode below.


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