Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Cisco Certification Training Organization


You may have known some information about the new Cisco certification system in 2020. In the new system, CCNA certification is no longer divided into multiple directions and all directions are uniformly called CCNA. CCDA certification has been renamed CCNA Devnet. Passing CCNA certification is no longer required for applying for CCNP certification. CCNP certification exam has changed from the previous three exams to the 1 + 1 mode, that is, one core exam (300-401, which is also the written exam of CCIE EI certification) + one optional exam. CCIE RS certification becomes CCIE enterprise infrastructure certification. CCIE wireless certification is changed to CCIE enterprise wireless certification. The mode of CCIE exam is changed into written exam (300-401, which is also the CCNP core exam) + design (3 hours) + deployment optimization (5 hours). CCIE re-certification goes once every three years.The above is the main content of the new Cisco certification system in 2020. The new CCIE certificate will be more than valuable. It requires engineers to achieve professional level in one direction and become proficient in multiple directions at the same time. This requires the network engineer to have the traditional technical ability to conduct after-sales implementation as well as certain network programming and script language ability, which also brings some enlightenment to the industry practitioners.

First of all, only learning traditional routing and switching knowledge is far from enough to make one competitive. Network engineers need to learn more new technologies to improve their competitiveness. In addition, CCIE engineers in the future have more comprehensive knowledge. They can not only master the traditional network and SDN, but also carry out automatic operation and maintenance as well as network programming as auxiliary means to help engineers deal with the increasingly complex network environment. Finally, because the content upgrade rate is as high as 40%, engineers who have studied the network in a complete system will not be limited to after-sales and pre-sales, but be able to carry out R & D and design in the future.

No matter how much emphasis is put on learning, if you only get a paper by rote, it will take a long time of practical engineering experience to completely understand what you have learned and reflect the value of the certificate. Certificate is a stepping stone to play a supporting role. Only through flexible use and more study can you become successful.

Of course, in your learning process of SPOTO Cisco certification courses, what you can learn is not only knowledge, but also how to apply it to practice. In addition, there are some notes of transition around February 24, 2020. For more details, please contact us directly. Everyone's situation is different and SPOTO can give you a specific answer.

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