Friday, September 3, 2021

Innovative Solutions for a Stress-Free Home


From washing the dishes to mopping the floor, these chores fallen on your shoulders are most probably taking up your work time. So, how can you make this easier? Well, certain home appliances can go a long way in easing your daily duties. Taking into account the convenience that customers need in running their households, home appliance leader Toshiba Lifestyle Solutions integrates innovation in the products they develop to bring home appliances that take convenience to the next level.

As a world leader in this department, Toshiba Lifestyle Solutions has set itself apart with its wide range of innovative appliances and equipment that make any household chore a breeze, while meeting the lifestyle needs of today’s customers.   

Takumi Spirit

Real craftsmanship sets the tone for how a product can be viewed as durable or functional, which is why at the heart of every Toshiba Lifestyle Philippines’ home solution is the promise of true Japanese craftsmanship, precision, and perfection. 

With meticulous attention to detail, every Toshiba home appliance boasts of using the best materials crafted with superior techniques that reflect true Japanese craftsmanship honed for years. Precision technologies are applied expertly to ensure that every product delivers accuracy, durability, and dependability in every use. In pursuit of perfection, Toshiba home appliances constantly rise above mediocrity with enhanced functionalities and excellent product design to ensure that every household experience true comfort and convenience.     

Details that matter

The lifestyle needs of today’s consumers drive Toshiba Lifestyle Philippines to bring products that cater to every detail that is important to every consumer. Each product is engineered with the end-user in mind, reflecting evolving design and functionality that is patterned after human behavior itself.

Home solutions that defy convention 

The key ingredients of innovation+lifestyle can be seen in the breakthrough home solutions that Toshiba Lifestyle Philippines has brought to its discerning customers. From fresh storage, kitchen, and laundry essentials, each product mirrors true Japanese craftsmanship designed to meet specific lifestyle needs.


As health is a top priority for consumers these days, products with health-boosting features have been introduced by Toshiba Lifestyle Philippines in its line of kitchen and air-purifying solutions. The 1.0L Low Sugar Multi-Cooker is equipped with Starch Removal Technology that reduces the sugar content of rice by up to 35 %, allowing consumers to eat healthier.


For healthier food preservation, there’s the Toshiba’s Multi-Door T Type 22 CU Ft. Refrigerator, which comes with 3 independent cooling systems that preserve food flavors while eliminating cross-contamination of stored food items. Plus, it features a Plasma+Pure technology that inhibits bacterial growth and ensures the removal of unwanted odors in your refrigerator. 

TOSHIBA Mini Dishwasher

This product is the dream of every mom and her kids: Toshiba’s 5L Mini Dishwasher features the 360 Wash technology that ensures thorough and hygienic cleaning of tableware and food items through pressurized water. Its Hot Water Wash function ensures well-sanitized dinnerware and produce, keeping the family healthy and protected against germs, while its Fruit and Vegetable Wash function gently cleans a variety of fresh produce without damage.

TOSHIBA Washing Machine

From efficient dishwashing, Toshiba ensures high-performance washing with its new Twin Tub Washing Machine   that comes with the Multi Spoke Pulsator with high impeller blade design to thoroughly yet meticulously washes clothes. This twin tub washer also comes in three types, the 7kg washer with SRP PHP 9,195, 11kg washer with SRP PHP 13, 295, and the 13 kg with SRP PHP,995 so you can choose the right kind of washer depending on your laundry size.


For a unique way to cool off after doing house chores, Toshiba’s   Remote Control Digital Stand Fan features customizable airflow options to provide the home with the utmost cool and comfort that suits every mood. 

TOSHIBA Air Purifier

Finally, family members can breathe easily. Toshiba Air Purifier ensures cleaner air for the home as it comes with UV light technology to filter indoor air against bacteria and viruses. It is also complemented with True HEPA Filtration to remove up to 99.9% of harmful airborne particles.

All these home lifestyle solutions are a testament to how Toshiba Lifestyle Philippines puts a premium on every detail of a product to meet what Filipino customers value most in their lives - whether it’s their health, comfort, or convenience. 

About Toshiba

Toshiba is the world’s leading manufacturer of artisanal home appliance solutions that cater to the lifestyle needs of today’s discerning customers. Boasting superior Japanese quality with uncompromising attention to detail, Toshiba’s diverse portfolio of products includes innovative solutions for kitchen, laundry, fresh storage, small appliances, and air care. To know more about Toshiba’s world-class home appliance solutions or avail of exclusive promos, visit You can also check out our official store on Shopee (  

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