Friday, June 17, 2022

Tatay Treats this Father’s Day


Thoughtful. Hardworking. Selfless. Filipino fathers are among the best kinds of dads. He provides without expecting anything in return. He braves through any turbulence for the sake of his family. And, like a candle, he consumes himself to illuminate his children's paths.

Indeed, fathers play a pivotal role in making a family whole. He might not say much, but his love is clearly felt at home. He might not be perfect, but his actions show he is trying. He might be too strict, but he is also the reason you are whole.

What can we say? Dads are great! They taught you everything you know from how to ride a bike to how to change a tire and everything in between. They offer a steady hand to hold and a supportive shoulder to cry on. Sometimes, he might even throw in a little joke so bad, that it’s good. But that is why we love them, not because they know how to land a joke or they sing Air Supply songs a little too much. They are our dads.

For starters, you can buy him a gift with Robinsons Appliances’ Father’s Day Special. With a minimum purchase of Php 20,000.00 on our website, you’ll get a FREE Robinsons Supermarket eGift Certificate worth P1000.

Below are some gift ideas to make your dad feel special on his day, including more information on Robinsons Appliances’ Father’s Day Special:

1.   A separate refrigerator for all his beverages.


As they age, they’ve probably tried every bit of diet regimens to keep their bodies healthy. And in the process, they’ve developed a liking for juices and… sodas. It’s okay, we get it. After binging on healthy foods, they might miss the sugar every now and then, even if it means hiding cans and bottles of it from their wives. Aren’t dads so silly?


Of course, refrigerators store more than beverages. You can even keep your leftover Max’s Chicken from your family dinner. How about a bunch of fruits to keep them fresh? Best believe, your dad will love all the refrigerator storage for his workout fuel and/or midnight snack. Click here for some refrigerator options.

2.   A new laptop to make his WFH set-up easier.


As the breadwinner, our dads deserve equipment to make his work easier at home. The shift to digital must’ve been jarring so after buying him a new laptop, maybe show him the ropes to get started. Just make sure to get a warranty on it, in case something unlikely happens. Checkout laptops, desktops and tablet options here.

3.   A new TV to watch in front of his favorite couch.


Raise your hands if your dad spends his weekends on the couch! Did everyone raise their hands? Thought so. We’re not sure why but dads and TV’s have an unspoken love affair. They do everything together—even sleep. But if your dad prefers to eat chicken or drink his cold-pressed juice while watching the NBA Playoff Finals, buying a new TV would be the best gift ever to him. Good luck getting that remote control from him! Here are some options for TV to browse from.

4.   A set of speakers to jam to his favorite tunes.


We might not share the same music taste as our dads, but nothing would make him happier than hearing songs from his heydays. Give him a much-needed throwback from the ’80s and play tunes out loud by Lionel Richie, Wham!, and more. The latest speaker set would do just the job to transport him back! Check them our here.

5.   An air conditioner for a cool slumber.


Because dad works so hard to provide for his family’s necessities, he needs a comfortable sleep so he can do it all again with love, strength, and care the next day. What better device to give him that than an air conditioner? An air conditioning unit will get him the Zzzs he needs. He’ll wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed after his cool slumber. We can’t promise he won’t snore, though! Click here to view air cooling options.


With Robinsons Appliances’ Father’s Day Special, you can get a FREE Robinsons Supermarket eGift Certificate worth P1000 with a minimum purchase of Php 20,000.00 on Robinsons Appliances’ website. You won’t only receive your ordered appliances, but you’ll also get an eGift Certificate to use on Father’s Day!

The promo runs from June 18 to 20 on the Robinson Appliances’ website only. No more last-minute runs to the shopping mall to avail this offer because, with just a click of a button on our website, you can easily carry out your shopping!


Upon receiving your orders, you will also get the eGift Certificate/voucher code. Remember, you won’t be able to claim it unless you’ve already received your orders.


Shop online to give the men of your lives a treat this Father’s Day! Join now! 

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