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Mapúa University Enhances the Student Experience via Global Classrooms


Manila, Philippines – It has been said that knowledge is power. In this modern digital-driven world, the access to information to fuel this knowledge has been greater than ever. Joining the workforce armed with the tools and global perspective needed to navigate this space is the golden ticket. This was the impetus for Mapúa University to create a more holistic campus experience to prepare its students for a fast-paced future. Their collaboration with Arizona State University enhances these program offerings through its Global Classrooms, where the world is, literally at their students’ fingertips.  

School work, especially for college students, can be quite challenging. Trying to find that balance between attending classes, passing tests, doing extra-curricular work, setting goals, and spending time with family and friends can be overwhelming. Not to mention growing up and navigating the greater space beyond the four walls of the classroom. Psychology major Jade Vincent Raymundo describes the student experience as “Keeping informed as it will be our sword and shield in a world full of uncertainties. There are lots of opportunities everywhere, and those who know about them will be able to utilize and grab each opportunity.” 

Mapúa University, being among the top educational institutions in the country, used these markers as the foundation for the business and health science courses they crafted with Arizona University. The students also have the chance to benefit even more from key pillars - Global Immersion, Real-Experiential Learning, Digital Mastery and Advanced and Immersive Facilities. “One of the good things about studying business at Mapúa is the abundance of resources and endless learning opportunities. It allows us to continuously absorb and apply our knowledge, making our learning journey seamless and dynamic,” points out Business Administration student Angelique France Santiago. “Moreover, Mapúa provides various free resources that greatly benefit business students, further enriching our education.” 


The students also have the chance to benefit even more from key pillars - Global Immersion, Real-Experiential Learning, Digital Mastery and Advanced and Immersive Facilities.

One of the most important innovations brought about by the partnership are the Global Classrooms, driving an internationalized education for its students. They now have the opportunity to share a synchronous learning experience with peers from all over the world, with classes being led by professors from the ASU-Cintana Alliance,while maintaining affordability. “If our students can’t afford to go to the US, then the US can come to their classroom.” shares Dr. Jagdeep Jassel, Dean of Mapua’s business school. “We have Global classroom initiatives and global signature courses which will be taught by an international faculty.” Business Administration student Janna Fel Mari A. Lucea echoes how valuable this resource has been to her as a student.  “The presence of ASU faculty brought a fresh perspective and an international dimension to the classroom, enriching the overall educational environment,” adding positive impact on my learning experience.” She also found the active learning techniques like group discussions, case studies, and collaborative projects as critical in encouraging student participation, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Alongside the professors of ASU are special sessions by industry leaders and subject matter experts, helping them gain valuable global perspectives on various fields of study.  

The Global Classrooms have become a cost-effective way to connect students with ASU’s renowned faculty, given that Mapúa also has campuses in Laguna and in Mindanao. Access to the best resource speakers is made possible with minimal impact on tuition and fees. This platform also provides students with access to over 600 online courses offered by ASU's network – enabling them to develop a worldview mindset and prepare themselves for a thriving career. To this, Lucea adds, “The collaboration between local and international professors provided a globalized educational experience and expanded our horizons, enhancing our academic growth and preparing us for a global workforce.” 

Mapúa University takes pride in being able to offer students with a unique experience during their time on campus. Access to globalized and internationalized learning sessions via the Global Classrooms, in collaboration with the ASU-Cintana Alliance, has been a game changer in business and health science education. “Mapúa University provided me with a nurturing and stimulating learning environment that had not only helped me grow academically but has also shaped me into being versatile,” explains accountancy major Aliyah Jem Evangelista. “Meeting people from different programs and departments not only expanded my knowledge beyond my field but it has also exposed me to how our respective fields intersect.” As they approach graduation, these students are guaranteed one thing – a firm foundation driven by Mapúa’s key learning pillars, enhanced by ASU’s worldview, that will set them up for future success.  “Growing up can have many other different meanings,” is how Dr. Jag presents it. “How do we embrace digital? How do we embrace international components? How do we embrace real life work experience? We need to volunteer for this. We want to encourage our students and teachers to opt for this challenge.” 




About iPeople. iPeople, inc. (PSE:IPO) is one of the leading education groups in the country, with approximately 60,000 students. It owns 7 educational institutions which together offer quality education to students across all income segments, with campuses in Metro Manila, Calabarzon, Bicol, the Visayas and Mindanao. Its schools include Malayan Education System, Inc. (operating under the name of Mapúa University), one of the country’s leading engineering and technical universities, and its subsidiaries, Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna, Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao in Davao, and Malayan High School of Science in Manila. Its schools also include the University of Nueva Caceres, the oldest and largest private university in Bicol, National Teachers College, the country’s pioneer private teacher training tertiary education institution, and APEC Schools, the country’s largest chain of private stand-alone high schools in the country. Learn more about iPeople at 

About Mapúa University. Mapúa University is a top-ranked higher education institution in the world, among the top 6% of all the world’s higher educational institutions, and one of only 4 Philippine universities in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings (WUR) 2023. It is also ranked #2 in research in the Philippines by THE.  It is a Quacquarelli Symonds-rated 4 Star institution and among the top 100 universities in Southeast Asia. It also won the Gold Award for Digital Readiness from the prestigious Wharton-QS Reimagine Education Awards 2022. Mapua is a comprehensive university, with almost a century of cutting-edge education, offering academically excellent programs in Engineering and Sciences, Architecture and Design, Information Technology, Business and Management, Communication and Media Studies, Liberal Arts, Health Sciences and Senior High School. Learn more about Mapua University at 

About Arizona State University.  Arizona State University has developed a new model for the American Research University, creating an institution that is committed to access, excellence, and impact. ASU has been ranked as #1 in the US for innovation for 8 consecutive years by US News and Report, the leading U.S. universities ranking system. ASU is also ranked in the Top 100 in the world for academic reputation by Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings 2021, and #1 Public University in the U.S. chosen by international students, according to the Institute of International Education Open Doors Report 2022. Learn more about Arizona State University at  

About Cintana Education Cintana Education enables universities around the world to increase quality and scale in order to provide more students with the education they need and deserve. Cintana provides world-class expertise and access to its own proprietary resources, as well as those of ASU, a top ranked university that shares its vision of expanding access through growth and innovation. Cintana is also building the ASU-Cintana Alliance, an international network of universities that will work together to meet the rising global demand for high quality post-secondary education. Learn more about Cintana Education at 

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