Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Function Meets Design: 3 Ways the New Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator is a Great Fit for the Modern Kitchen of Your Dreams

Side by Side Refrigerator

Food has long been an extension of love and is a way for families to strengthen their bond. It’s through meal times that they get to share stories, make plans, and build memories. Food’s role in the home is so strong that it’s no surprise that many have dream kitchens.

Ideally, kitchens should be bright to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It’s not just for aesthetics: a well-lit kitchen promotes safety and cleanliness.

It goes without saying, beyond the atmosphere, it  is also so important to consider how space will be used. The ideal kitchen layout should be easy to move around in so it eliminates problems when cooking and cleaning. A simple design to follow is the kitchen triangle. This means putting the refrigerator, stove, and sink in a triangular shape to make tasks more efficient.

The refrigerator plays a key role in the kitchen but often is bulky and takes up too much space. Many also have straightforward designs that may not go well with the kitchen’s design. The Samsung RS3000BM Side By Side Refrigerator with All Around Cooling is an appliance that combines both function and design, making it a great fit for the modern kitchen of your dreams.

Stylish design, new sleek exterior

The Samsung RS3000BM  Side by Side Refrigerator has a strikingly beautiful and sophisticated look that enhances the kitchen interior. Its minimalist stainless steel finish is versatile and complements modern households and designs. The recessed handle is clean and contemporary. Inside, the refrigerator and freezer are bigger to store more food and groceries.

Keep it cool all around

Samsung uses a proprietary technology to cool the fridge evenly from corner to corner. The All-Around Cooling system blows cold air through multiple vents on every shelf level, so the entire refrigerator has an equal temperature. This guarantees that food stays fresh for longer.

Energy saving

Samsung’s cutting-edge technologies won’t break the bank as the RS3000BM  Side by Side Refrigerator is equipped with energy saving features. The Digital Inverter Compressor uses nine sensors that track internal and external temperature and humidity levels, as well as usage patterns. This keeps electricity bills lower while preserving food longer. The refrigerator’s reasonable price, along with its ten year warranty and 4-star Energy Rating, promise more savings. 

Upgrade the kitchen with the functional and design features of the Samsung RS3000BM Side by Side Refrigerator. For more information, please visit samsung.com/ph.



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