Thursday, January 4, 2024

Globe-owned IT Solutions Company Yondu Highlights Importance of Cybersecurity Tools and Services

MANILA, Philippines — With the recent slew of cyber attacks on various government and private entities’ websites in the country, the importance of cybersecurity has once again been put under the spotlight, with calls to further bolster the country’s defenses. Yondu, the top IT solutions company wholly owned by Globe, believes that while progress has been apparent in recent years, there’s still a lot of work to be done to improve cybersecurity in the country.

Dennis Paul Sanchez, Chief Information Security Officer of Yondu, noted that both big and small businesses are at risk of cyber threats and attacks, reiterating the need for cybersecurity measures.

Cybersecurity ensures the protection of a business through up-to-date software, well-informed employees, and safe practices. When a business’ website gets cyber-attacked, it could potentially lose data, profit, and credibility.

Hence, Yondu has developed solutions that help prevent cyber attacks and tools that quickly respond to threats to lessen the impact on companies and organizations. Yondu aims to ensure its partners are well-equipped to protect sensitive data and proprietary information.

Sanchez explained that Yondu has different approaches. There is the proactive and reactive approach wherein a team of Yondu experts would monitor and assess the company’s state of cybersecurity first and respond accordingly. Another is the predictive approach - threat intelligence in which the Yondu team uses data analytics to predict threats based on dark web criminal behavior, previous cyber attacks, and keeping up with current trends.

Whatever the approach, Yondu assesses the needs of a business and analyzes the risks it may encounter before recommending tailored solutions. Yondu then works closely with the company or organization to meet the suggested standards. 

While Yondu is pushing for tighter cybersecurity measures across different industries, it acknowledges that not every business can afford to avail the best solutions. Thus, it is offering tools and procedures that are cost-efficient and cost-effective based on the needs of the business, preventing them from overspending. 

With increasingly meticulous phishing scams and simultaneous cyber-attacks becoming more common, Yondu urges businesses to start investing in cybersecurity solutions to prevent attacks that could also target customers.

“There's no single-bullet approach. Only having one or two layers of protection is not enough anymore. You need a lot of measures in place to be protected, so a third-party service provider is needed to enforce these solutions and prevent the risk of customer loss, data breach, loss of profit, and damage to business reputation,” Sanchez said.

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