Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Alaxan By Unilab - Knocks Out Muscle Pain Like Manny Pacquiao Does

After Manny Pacquiao's fight, I think it is also timely that I give a share of review on one of the products that the Filipino Pride endorse and uses.

For years, we’ve been using Alaxan at home for relief of body and muscle pains. But doctors said that Alaxan is a muscle relaxant, and should not be used to treat headaches because the pain will not subside. So that’s why it never helped with my migraines in the past, oh well silly me for not reading the labels. I was glad that Alaxan FR came out because it was in capsule form. The old Alaxan came in tablet, which made it hard for me to swallow. It also tasted bitter, and would take forever to take effect. As we know capsules dissolves faster in stomach than tablets, thus absorbed by the body faster. I don’t see any difference in the formulation of the two medicines, but according to a doctor friend, Alaxan FR has more Paracetamol in it which helps to relieve pain faster. So, there’s really no doubt that Alaxan FR works, and it works fast. I would take it with during a meal for shoulder or back pains, and within minutes the pain would subside though the parts would still be a little tender. The drawback is that you can't take this with an empty stomach.

I guess that's all for now and of course don't take my word for it if you haven't tested it yet. Try it and see for yourself.

You can also check the other products made by Unilab, you can visit their facebook, twitter, and website

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