Friday, April 4, 2014

Blossom Floral Spa - "Ginhawa" in Maginhawa Street

This Spa seems to live up with what Maginhawa street in Teacher's Village is which is well known for variety of restaurants and businesses that sprung up from the garage of home owners.

Let me start with the time I went there which was a hot noon. Which is some sort of preference at that time due to the fact that the spa is fully booked every after 5pm of every day which gave me an idea that I'm in the right place because people loved the spa so will I in a few minutes. After my group completed the attendance that is required of us, we then went ahead and tour the spa. Honestly I'm not too much of a spaholic kind of person, but I must say that the first thing that I've noticed was the design of each room which is Thai inspired with huge 3 bed capacity in each room, not sure how many though but It I think should be enough to cater a spa party of 15 with 2 to 3 person in each room. The place and the smell was really nice, made me relax just by being around the rooms. Each bed has its own lockers where you can place your stuff.
One of the eye catching piece that you'll see when you enter the spa

Although some of the residence mistakenly identifies the spa as a flowershop like what one of the staff mentioned, for me it still looks like a spa most specially upon entering the their glass door. There is a waiting area where it has a nice view of the outside.

To give you an idea of the inside here are some pictures I personally took to satisfy my angles in taking pictures on this :-)

And I will continue my story as soon as I got an update that on the list of services that they offer aside from the massage, facials, manicure, pedicure body scrub that me and my mates experienced.

You can also visit their facebook should you want to know more, its


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