Saturday, April 5, 2014

Publish your own E-Books through Vibe Bookstore

Are you someone that not only likes reading books but also loves to write? Or probably someone that already have something in mind like a story or something you wrote for a subject. Then at this time and age technology can pretty much help someone like you(and me) to share your works via e-book, well it also has been my dream to publish a book of my own, be a well known author like what you see in popular bookstore stands. And honestly up until now, I still don't know what topic will best suite me, my personality my interests etc. I thought of something before that I think was a pretty good topic..its all about "Alak" and the benefits of 'Drinking'. Well, its kind of funny but its okay because that is one of the things that I would like to write about and share stories of me being drunk, things I do, like sleeping on where I sit and my friends taking pictures of me to capture that moment(also doing it to them if they got knocked out earlier than me) and the likes. Unfortunately someone already published a book after that topic so I have to think of another one...and it will be my hundredth time to do so if I remember it correctly, Good luck to me.

Anyway, I was able to check Vibe Bookstore and got some of their reading materials when I attended the iblog event in Malcom Hall UP Diliman yesterday. And this was the one that got stuck in my mind. That I can get a chance of publishing my own e-book via Vibe Bookstore service. Before I go further, lets take a look at Vibe Bookstore first.

What is Vibe Bookstore?
Lunch in 2011, Vibe is the first Philippine e-bookstore designed with the needs of the Philippine readers and publishers in mind. Their goal is to remove the barriers between authors and their readers, giving publishers access to a safe and secure platform that taps into the growing local and international e-book market.

Vibe uses the electronic publication or ePub format which is supported by a wide variety of e-book readers. In ePub format, the text is reflowable, which means that the layout of the text automatically adapts to the size and orientation of the window or screen. This makes it much easier to read on various mobile devices.

If you want to sell you books as an independent publisher you can sell those books to Vibe Bookstore which will convert your manuscript or pdf files into ePubs. You can also have the option of converting your e-books into interactive format adding engaging elements like audio, video, hyperlinks, or self-scoring exercises for a richer reading experience.

Files that you will send are secured because it will be stored on a central file server that acts as a vault and is only accessible to the individuals who need to work on the files. Vibe e-books are stored on a production server linked to a cloud server and can only be encrypted by using a unique digital certificate assigned to each Vibe store buyer. The server tracks these requests, allowing them to pinpoint anomalous activity and flag suspected pirates. The e-book file cannot be opened by a device without the assigned ID, and attempting to extract the contents of the file will produce only gibberish characters.

Aside from the security features that they have, they also have a way of tracking your e-book sales by accessing the sales reports upon logging into their account. Sales reports are updated and payments remitted on a scheduled basis. Vibe deducts only a 30 percent agency commission for retail sales

Now lets put ourselves in a readers perspective, when you log in to their website, you'll see a good variety of books. Most of the them that I noticed were children's book(Now that's probably one of the good things I haven't published a book about drinkers, not a good combination with children's book) and text books. In the website you can sign up for a free account and you can also download their app whether be android, ios or windows platform. At this time payment can be made though paypal and soon will use Smart Money and GCash.

I guess these are just the things I can share for now about Vibe Bookstore.

You can also check:

twitter: @vibebookstore
facebook: vibebookstore and vibalgroup

For wholesale book transactions, please contact your Vibe account executive at 988-5800 local 359,
text: 09175049397 or send them an email at

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