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Are you a Mommy's Boy/Girl?
The world will be celebrating the most important person on everyone’s lives on May 11!  - Our Moms and all the Moms in our lives!
Mothers’ Day made it formally to the US calendar as an annual celebration in the early 1900s, however, the celebration of mothers and mothering has always been part of the traditions of many people all over the world thousands of years before that.

It is said that the greatest validation that moms will ever receive will always come from their loved ones, especially from their kids and their husbands. Whether it involves the grandest gestures of love or the simplest ones, as long as it’s from the people who matter most to them, it will always be special.

This year, NIDO FORTIFIED makes the celebration more meaningful and ‘personalized’ with the launching of the ‘first-in-the-world’ WEAR YOUR LOVE CAMPAIGN which allows kids to take part in a simple yet most meaningful movement to recognize the #1MOM in their lives.
Discussion on what Wear You Love Campaign is All About by Nido

NIDO FORTIFIED created a special website for this campaign which they launched last Tuesday (April 8) at the Chef Jessy .  The idea of the campaign is to let kids to publicly show their appreciation for their #1MOM by declaring their heart-warming messages through customized shirts.
The first 2,000 statements submitted to the NIDO FORTIFIED campaign website will be transformed into one-of-a-kind shirts produced by local clothing brand Bench Lifestyle and delivered straight to moms as surprise packages on Mother’s Day.

Having a fun filled chat with the staff while trying the Nido App

So how can you let your mom WEAR YOUR LOVE. Follow the steps below:
Log on first to the and follow the three easy steps below.
Nido Wear Your Love
Step 1: Confirm age. To start creating a shirt, click “Create a Shirt” or simply scroll down. The user must confirm his or her age first before proceeding. If he or she is younger or older than the age groups specified, he or she would need the help of an adult to join.
Nido Wear Your Love0
Step 2: Create a shirt. To continue, users may select a pre-filled message or customize the statement along with the kid’s (entrant) name or nickname.
Nido Wear Your Love2
Step 3: Register. To proceed, users must provide basic details for the free delivery of the shirt and determine the size of the shirt of their mom. A confirmation prompt will appear once all fields and items are filled-out.
Nido Wear Your Love3
Nido Wear Your Love4
Nido Wear Your Love5
Upon completion of the basic steps, users will be led to the shirt gallery where the different statements shirts submitted by kids will be displayed.
Kids can submit their messages for mom until April 27 or until supplies last.  For more information on the NIDO FORTIFIED “Wear Your Love” Mother’s Day campaign or to submit your messages for mom, visit
You can also check NIDOFORTIFIED.PH

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