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Apply NBI Clearance Online

NBI Clearance has become an important part of our lives. Few years ago, we had only one way to obtain a copy of the Clearance but everything changes for the better. Our Government, through the National Bureau of Investigation opened the opportunity to its applicants to for an online application which makes the entire process more efficient.

The big problem with the manual processing of NBI Clearance is that it is too slow (a perfect venue for Red Tape). Majority of the applicants are ranting about the long queue lines and it’s driving them crazy!

NBI Clearance can be easily done online and skip a few steps of the manual old way. It also eliminates the manual filling out of application forms since it can be done online. No more long queue lines. No more wasted time waiting for your turn. NBI clearance online application eliminates 3 steps of the process namely: Data Verification, Payment to the Cashier and Filling out the Application Form!

The only disadvantage or draw back from the new system is it delays you for a day because of the Scheduling Task as to when to visit your selected NBI Clearance Outlet where you process your online application.

NBI Clearance for Abroad Purposes
For Deportation115.00
Immigration Requirement115.00
Passport Renewal115.00
School Visa115.00
Self Deportation115.00
Travel Abroad115.00
Travel Africa115.00
Travel Asia115.00
Travel Australia115.00
Travel Canada115.00
Travel Central America115.00
Travel Diego Garcia115.00
Travel Dubai115.00
Travel Europe115.00
Travel Hong Kong115.00
Travel Libya115.00
Travel Micronesia115.00
Travel Middle East115.00
Travel New Zealand115.00
Travel North America115.00
Travel Palau115.00
Travel Papua New Guinea115.00
Travel Qatar115.00
Travel Saipan115.00
Travel Singapore115.00
Travel South America115.00
Travel Taiwan115.00
Travel USA115.00
VISA Australia115.00
VISA Canada115.00
VISA China115.00
VISA New Zealand115.00
VISA Seaman115.00
VISA Seawoman115.00
VISA USA115.00
NBI Clearance for Local Purposes
ACR Requirement415.00
BID Requirement115.00
Business Requirement165.00
CA Requirement115.00
Cancellation of ACR415.00
Change of Gender115.00
Change of Name165.00
Correction of Birthdate115.00
DOT Requirement115.00
Enlistment AFP115.00
Enlistment PNP115.00
Firearms License165.00
For Probation115.00
For Promotion115.00
ID Purposes115.00
Lateral Entry115.00
Local Employment115.00
LTO Requirement115.00
Marriage Requirement115.00
NFA Requirement165.00
NSO Requirement115.00
NTC Requirement165.00
Other Requirement115.00
Permit to Carry Firearms165.00
PNP Requirement115.00
POEA Requirement165.00
PRA Requirement165.00
PRC Requirement115.00
Seman’s Book115.00
Seawoman’s Book115.00
SEC Requirement165.00
Special Investor Residence Visa165.00
SSS Requirement415.00
Student VISA415.00

The first step to do in NBI Clearance Online Application is to register in the official NBI Clearance Online Application website here.

The website is simple, you need to fill up your personal information.

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Fill up the NBI Clearance application form online by supplying your correct personal information. Make sure that whatever you’ve written in the NBI Clearance Online Application form is what will be reflected in your NBI Clearance.
After you filled up the required field on the image above, click the SUBMIT button below. It will load the second part of the NBI Application form.

nbi clearance, nbi clearance online, nbi clearance fee, nbi clearance purpose, how to apply nbi clearance,Again, fill this up correctly and accurately. Click the SUBMIT button to submit your NBI Clearance Application Online.

The image below will appear.
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The pop up window will show a confirmation that your Online application is successful. Take note of the Registration Code. This will be your reference. In the pop up window, click the “PRINT Application” button to see the final copy of your NBI Clearance application form.

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It is very important to print your NBI Clearance application and bring it when you go to the NBI Clearance branch.  Sign it and present it during your NBI Clearance application.

The last step would be the issuance of your NBI Clearance. This is where you go to the printing facilities of NBI Clearance and receive your fresh-from-the-printer NBI Clearance!

The above information are also available in NBI Clearance website

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